Blemishcontrol by Frank475Anderson


									         Helpful Advice on Blemish Control
There are many people who have problems with acne. When these people experience
acne flare-ups it can make them very self conscious about their appearance.
Fortunately, there are a number of blemish control products which can help reduce
the frequency of these breakouts. Most of the over-the-counter products contain an
ingredient known as benzoyl peroxide. This is a drying agent designed to remove the
oil often found under the surface layer of skin. Some astringents work in removing
the oil as well and also remove the dirt which can clog skin pores, making them more
susceptible to breakouts.

   Blemishes can also occur when the skin is exposed to harsh pollutants. People who
spend a lot of time in smoke filled areas can experience bouts of acne. The pollutants
in the air can clog the skin pores the same as any other type of dirt. The solution to
reducing outbreaks in this case would be to thoroughly cleanse the skin after exposure
to smoke. A good cleansing agent should remove oil and dirt without drying out the skin.
When skin becomes too dry, it can result in other conditions such as eczema.

   Another contributor to acne is stress. When people feel stressed they tend to let it
affect their diet and sleep. These are two very important components in maintaining
healthy skin cells. Tissues and cells can break down when they do not receive the
right amounts of nutrients or when they do not have an adequate amount of time for
repair. Young women often experience blemishes when they have their menstrual
periods. This is because the process is more taxing on the body causing stress related
outbreaks of acne. Drinking plenty of water, eating foods high in vitamins and minerals
and getting a full eight hours of sleep every night can significantly reduce outbreaks
caused by stress.

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