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Mobile App Marketing Basics


Successful mobile app marketing includes pre-launch and post-launch work using organic and paid app marketing strategies. FunGuy Studio is here to share the basics of mobile application marketing.

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									Mobile App Marketing Basics

Mobile game development is full of exciting possibilities that is why many people are investing in it right
now. If you think creating an app is hard, then making it stand out in the app store is even harder. Mobile
app marketing will help your app rise above thousands of other apps released each day. It will help your
app reach your target market and generate more downloads. Successful mobile app marketing includes
pre-launch and post-launch work using organic and paid app marketing strategies.

Even before your app becomes available on the app store, you need to lay the foundation on how you
can best market your app:

       Create a striking app icon – The app icon is the first interaction your users will have with your
        app. It has to catch their attention as well as communicate your app's purpose and style. The app
        icon is your first tool to make your app stand out from the search results.
       Select competitive keywords – Keywords are terms that a customer will associate with the
        purpose of your app. These are the words they will put in the search box to look for apps that they
        need. For example, if you are creating a mobile racing game, then “racing game” can be one of
        your keywords. You need to select strong keywords that will put your app on the top of the search
        page. You also need to check the keywords your competitors use and the most popular keywords
        that users search for in your category.
       Build a splash page – The splash page can feature a teaser for your app, the progress of app
        development and more information that will make your audience anticipate your app's launching.
        You can turn it into a full website once you have launched your app.

When your app is finally launched, you have to be in full gear to increase the awareness for your app to
generate more downloads. Here are some organic mobile app marketing strategies you can use:

       Get an app store analytics- An app store analytics can track the performance of your app and
        your competitors in terms of downloads and search results. It will give you a clear idea on the
        performance of your marketing campaign.
       Get your app reviewed – Just like any product, users will more likely buy your app if they learned
        about it from a trusted source. Pitch your app to tech blogs, review sites and other media outlets.
       Social sharing within your app easy – Social sharing is the mobile's equivalent of “word of mouth.”
        Make it easy and simple for your users to tell their friends about your app through social sharing
       Encourage your users to rate and review your app – User's rating and review has the power to
        propel you through the App Store Top Charts. Encourage your users to give their opinion about
        your app and you can make it easy for them by integrating it into the app itself.

You can also employ paid marketing strategies like placing advertisements.

Marketing your mobile app is vital so you can reap the fruits of the hard work you have put into making an
app. Game app development companies also offer marketing services to make it easy for you to integrate
your marketing plans in the development for your app.

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