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				 Becomes Scarves Dot Net
One Click Ventures rebrands and moves their online scarf retail store to a new domain.

INDIANAPOLIS, IND. (Feb. 8, 2012): One Click Ventures is proud to announce the successful
rebranding of Scarves Dot Net, formerly known as Affordable Scarves. From organic search to customer
service, the transition from to was a collaborative team effort. Along
with a new domain, brand name, and logo, the online retail store now has a fresh, interactive feel.

One Click Ventures is hopeful that the rebrand will offer a personalized experience for the consumer with
the help of feminine elements, hand-drawn graphics, and innovative resources. SEO Specialists Stacie
Grissom, Sarah Heckle, and Sarah Thaman executed the new brand onto all social media platforms, such
as the Scarves Dot Net blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts. Team members also launched a
number of resources building up to the switch, including an e-book titled All Tied Up: A Lookbook of
Ideas, as well as Savvy Scarves, a collection of scarf news, inspiration, and advice from around the web.

The domain was acquired over a year and a half ago, becoming the first extensive SEO-
related project for According to Director of Organic Search Haley Drummond,
“The domain was such a success for SEO that we decided to switch
to the new domain.”

Until now, acted as a video-based guide featuring a series of tutorials on how to wear scarves,
shawls, and wraps. The online retail store’s domain move, design update, and social increase will
expectantly establish a distinguished and memorable brand and pave the way for future One Click

About One Click Ventures:

Based in Greenwood, Indiana, One Click Ventures is an Internet media company that successfully
operates a network of nine profitable ecommerce brands. One Click's growth originates from acquiring
and enhancing websites with untapped growth potential, and employing a robust, cutting-edge marketing
effort to drive significantly more traffic to these websites and maximize revenue per visit. The foundation
for this growth is One Click's integrated, scalable, 100 percent in-house operational team, with expertise
in technology, fulfillment, marketing, purchasing, and customer service.

One Click's current brands include,,,,,,, and



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