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Legal Support in Taxation
Our firm
BEITEN BURKHARDT is a major international law firm. It has
12 offices in 6 countries. The firm currently employs more
than 300 lawyers and tax advisors, who provide comprehen-
sive legal and tax support to large, industry leading compa-
nies and medium-sized enterprises engaged in the produc-
tion, real estate and service sectors, as well as to financial
institutions and public organizations.

The Russian practice is represented by offices in Moscow
(since 1992) and in St. Petersburg (since 1996), where more
than 30 lawyers work, rendering services to international
and Russian companies on all legal aspects of activities in

Moreover, our firm is deeply integrated into the field of Russian-
German relations and is a member of many organizations,
including the Association of European Businesses, German-
Russian Chamber of Commerce, ICC Russia International
Chamber of Commerce – The World Business Organization,
and the Russian Managers Association. In this regard, our
firm has actively participated in the lawmaking process in the
Russian Federation.

Russian Tax Practice/Key Areas
Issues of tax legislation garner increasing importance for
organizations operating in the Russian Federation. Therefore,
during recent years BEITEN BURKHARDT’s Russian Tax
Practice has significantly extended its activities. The close
cooperation between our tax lawyers and colleagues special-
izing in other fields of law allows for reducing tax risks of the
firm’s clients at each stage of project implementation.

The consultations we provide are based on a thorough know-
ledge of the nuances of Russian tax legislation and the features
of their implementation in the law enforcement practice of
Russian tax and court authorities. Precisely analyzing planned
amendments to tax legislation and trends in tax reform
developments in Russia constitute an integral component of
our work.

Our lawyers have substantial experience working both in
the real economy sector as well as with the tax authorities.
Furthermore, we are well-versed in the mindsets of western
tax experts and can implement their ideas in view of Russian
legal realities.

Our tax law services include, in particular:

n   consulting companies and individuals on tax issues;

n   advice on issues related to tax planning and tax structuring
    of investment projects, including in connection with acqui-
    sition or construction of plants;

n   advice on tax aspects of mergers and acquisitions;

n   analysis of agreements, recommendations on reducing the
    possible tax risks;

n   advice on financing issues;

n   advice on taxation of foreign specialists‘ income, in particular
    those employed at construction and installation facilities;

n   advice on application of international tax treaties;

n   legal analysis of non-regulatory acts, resolutions and
    actions of the Russian tax authorities and their officials;

n   assistance during tax audits, developing approaches con-
    cerning requests of tax authorities, preparing objections to
    tax audit reports;
n   drafting inquiries to relevant authorities on issues relating
    to clarification of tax legislation;

n   representing interests in relations with state authorities,
    primarily the tax authorities, including advice within the
    framework of out-of-court settlement procedures;

n   representing interests in legal proceedings on tax dis-

For many years, the tax experts of BEITEN BURKHARDT
have supported Russian and foreign companies in projects
implemented in Russia.

Our clients in Russia include:

n   A Russian-German producer of construction chemicals
    that is one of the five largest Russian producers of dry
    building mixtures;

n   A Russian subsidiary of a large international supplier of
    equipment for implementing ecological projects, that is
    conducting a leasing project in Russia in cooperation with
    the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development;

n   One of the leading manufacturers of engines and motor
    electronics supplying their products to the Russian

n   A Finnish construction concern constructing commer-
    cial and residential real estate in Russia;

n   A Japanese automotive concern planning to set up pro-
    duction in St. Petersburg;

n   One of the world‘s largest manufacturers of contract
n   A major European company providing engineering ser-
    vices in Russia;

n   A British company rendering services for installing tech-
    nological equipment;

n   A major Russian bank implementing projects in the
    field of financing the development of Russian trade

n   A Russian subsidiary of a Swiss company that orga-
    nizes and conducts clinical research in Russia;

n   A large international chain of supermarkets represented
    in Russia and in a number of European countries;

n   A world supplier of equipment for laying engineer-
    ing communications and constructing transportation

n   A Scandinavian investment company investing in com-
    mercial real estate in Russia;

n   A large Russian software developer;

n   A German automotive group manufacturing automobile
    equipment in Russia;

n   One of the leading companies specializing in design and
    construction of complex facilities;

n   A manufacturer of household appliances supplying the
    Russian market;

n   A leading western air carrier specializing in the Russian

n   The largest Japanese manufacturer and supplier of
    household appliances to Russia.
Your legal consultants in Russia

Falk Tischendorf
Partner, Head of Office

Alexey Abramov
Senior Associate

Elena Orlovskaya

Turchaninov per. 6/2
119034 Moscow, Russia
Tel.: +7 495 2329635
Fax: +7 495 2329633


Natalia Wilke
Partner, Head of Office

Anna Afanasyeva
Senior Associate

Marata str. 47-49 lit. A, office 402
191002 St. Petersburg, Russia
Tel.: +7 812 4496000
Fax: +7 812 4496001
Our Publications
We regularly publish reviews of legal issues regarding carrying
out activities in Russia as well as reviews of current trends in
the development of legislation.

The following brochures are presented for your attention:

n   Investments in Russia

n   Investments in Real Estate in Russia

n   Labor Law in Russia

n   Investment Climate of St. Petersburg

n   Investments in Kaluga Oblast

n   Investments in Penza Oblast

Additionally, the specialists of BEITEN BURKHARDT‘s tax
practice regularly prepare reviews and news bulletins on
current issues in the field of tax law and accounting (including
amendments to legislation and important court decisions).
Materials and news bulletins can be found at:


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