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					Accounts Payable
  Vendor Information
  Voucher Preparation
        Vendor Information
   Before you purchase anything from a vendor you
    must make sure they are set-up in FAMIS, have a W-9
    on file with us and are not on state hold. This is done
    on FAMIS Screen 103.
If a vendor has a W-9 on file with
Accounts Payable there will be a date
listed in the W-9 field of screen 103.
The W-9 Form is listed on the Accounts Payable homepage under
Accounts Payable Forms.
Vendor Information
   If the vendor is not set-up in FAMIS you will need
    the following information (located on the W-9
       Vendor name
       Vendor address
       Vendor phone and fax numbers
   If you have any questions about any of the
    information you need to get about a vendor,
    please do not hesitate to call Shaena Cannon at
    ext 5787.
   Once you receive all of this information please
    list it on your voucher prep form.
-When do I use this form?
•The Requisition Form is Available on the
Purchasing web page under Forms
Requesting to Purchase
   Food Purchases
   Registration Fees
   Award Items
   Clothing
   Memberships
   Flowers, Floral Arrangements, and Plants
   Computer Equipment
Food Purchases
   Food purchases are required on a Food
    Purchase Justification form
   Must have an alcohol statement checked off
    (alcohol was or was not purchased)
   Reimbursement for business lunches
       Maximum reimbursement for a gratuity is 20%
Registration Fees
   Advanced payment of fee
       6 weeks in advance only
   The following items must be included with
    the Requisition
       Invoice &/or registration form
       Copy of the Travel Request
       Voucher Prep Form
Award Items
   All award items must have an Requisition
   No more than $100.00 per item when using state
   Local funds may be used to grant employee service
       All cash awards must go through payroll and are subject
        to taxes. (including gift cards)
   Requires the following information:
       Who received award
       Why
       When
       What award is it
Clothing Purchases
   All clothing purchases (not on P-card)
    require a Requisition
   This needs to explain who will be receiving
    the clothing
   Why the clothing is being purchased
   This is considered a personal item and must
    be explained for auditing purposes.
   All memberships must be approved by the President (even if it is a
   Must be under the name “Texas A&M University- Central Texas” not
    an individual.
       Some memberships are required for an individual to perform
        his or her specific job.
           If this is the case than a Request for Individual Membership form is
   Benefit Statement and Beginning and Ending date must be included on
    the request.
   6 weeks in advance
   Please route through Presidents office located in the nursing building.
    Once the Requisition is signed the President’s office will forward the
    paperwork to Accounts Payable for processing.
Flowers, Floral
Arrangements, and Plants
   Can not use state funds for these purchases
   May use local funds for purchase of floral
    arrangements for a common office space (waiting
    room) and landscaping plants
   President’s office will send flowers from the
    University in case of illness or death.
   Please contact Donna Dobson in the President’s
    office at 5720.
Purchase Orders (PO`s)
   A purchase order is considered anything
    $10,000 or more
   Any requisition can request a purchase
    order no matter the dollar amount
       Please note “Requesting PO” on requisition form
   A contract with vendor
       Rental agreements would be an example of a
PO`s Continued
   A purchase order is created from a requisition form. Attached to the
    requisition should be the contract, estimate or paperwork from vendor
    stating a break down of costs.
   An invoice should never be received before a PO is created. This would show
    that we are receiving goods before the Purchase order is made. This is a
    major audit finding.
   A W9 from the department will be required if they are not set up in FAMIS
   The requisition and all attached paperwork is given to the AP department.
    The AP department will obtain all signatures and will deliver to Purchasing
    for a PO creation. Purchasing will create a PO and keep all original
    paperwork. The PO paperwork created will be given to the department.
   It is the departments responsibility to keep track of all PO`s requested and
    make sure all payments are made to the vendor. Screen that can be utilized
    to help look up PO and insure accuracy as requested are 27,164,220,278 and
Preparation Form
Voucher Preparation Form
Voucher Preparation Form
   Must be attached to EACH invoice submitted for
   All information is important on the voucher prep
   Payments will be made using the information
    provided by each department on the voucher
    prep form.
   Please completely fill out each voucher prep
   Left side of form is for the department to fill out,
    and the right side is for payment processing.
Basic Voucher Prep Form
   Department is
    responsible for the                                                        INVOICE APPROVAL
                                                                           VOUCHER PREPARATION FORM

    following information.
                              DEPARTMENTAL SECTION INVOICE APPROVA L
                                                                                                             BUSINESS AFFAIRS USE ONLY
                                (Requi red Informa ti on by Depa rtment)
                             Account Number_________________________________________________Number___________________________________

     Account #
                             PO #( If needed) ____________________________
                             Date Invoice Received (on campus)_____________________________________________
                             Date Goods/ Service Received (on campus)_______________________________________
                             * Attach Packing Slip*                                         OBJ____________________AMT___________________

     Purchase Order #
                             Amount approved to pay___________________________________________________________________
                             W9 on File? Y___ or N____                                      OBJ______________________AMT________________
                             Vendor contact info if not on file:                            Doc Date ______________________________________

     Date invoice
                                                                                    Enc obj
                             Name:_________________________________________________________ ________________________________________
                                                                                    Liquidation: P
                             Number:_______________________________________________________                      F       N
                             Address:_______________________________________________________Allowed ___________ YES __________________NO

        received                                                                                Date________________________ Initials ___________

                             Comments (Explanation required for Vendor Dispute)             Voucher # _____________________Initials__________

     Date goods/services                                                                   Notes:

                             Agency Certification-Departmental Approval

     Amount approved        I certify that the above services were rendered or goods
                             received; that they correspond in every particular with

        to pay
                             the contract under which they were procured: that the
                             invoice is true and unpaid: and that claim was presented
                             to the State within the acceptable limitation period.

     W9 Info
                             Date Approved For Payment by Department :                      Date Approved for Payment by Business Affairs:
                             Name & Date:                                                   Name & Date:
                                                                                                                                            Acctg. Asst.

     Comments
                             Name & Date:                                                   Name & Date:
                                                                                                                                            Mang. Of Acctg.

        TO ATTACH
Invoice Requirements
   We can only accept invoices not statements
   Remit to address
   Charged to TAMUCT
   PO# referenced (if applicable)
   Valid description of purchase
   Correct prices
       Make sure to take advantage of all discounts
   Check to make sure NO tax was charged
   Does the invoice match what is in FAMIS if a PO?
   If the invoice is correct then attach a
    completed voucher prep form and send to
    Accounts Payable
   If the invoice is not correct then contact the
    vendor to make changes.
       Credits
       New invoice
   Prompt Payment Law
       Must pay invoice within 30 days of:
           The day you receive the goods or service
           The day you received a correct invoice
       Do not send invoices to us for payment if there is
        a dispute with the vendor.
               Must keep a daily log of communication with vendor to
                turn in with late invoice.
Partial Payments
   Several invoice for 1 order
       Invoice should be paid if all items are received on
        that invoice
       Do not hold the completed invoices until the
        whole order is completed
       Holding these could cause interest to build
Multiple Deliveries on One
   Do not send invoice for payment until all
    items or service is received in proper
    working condition.
   This is if the vendor is shipping your order in
    several shipments.
   We should take advantage of these discounts
    that vendors offer.
       Examples
           2/10 (2% discount if paid within 10 days)
           2% by 10th (2% discount if paid by the 10th of the next
           Cash discount
   These can be found in the terms section of an
Advanced Payments
   Subscriptions (6 weeks)
   Rental Fees (6 weeks)
   Maintenance Agreements (6 weeks)
   Rent (14 days)
   If payment is required by the vendor before
    the item will be delivered.
   Cost Savings involved
Accounts Payable
  FAMIS Screens
On this Screen, Where the cursor is Blinking:
Type TPX and then press ENTER.
You have been given a temporary password. The first time
you use FAMIS, you will need to change your password.

   USERID: Enter the USER ID
    assigned to you.

   Hit the TAB key.

   PASSWORD: Enter the
    temporary password assigned to

   Hit the TAB key.

   NEW PASSWORD: Enter a new
    Password using 5 to 7 alpha-
    numeric characters.

   Hit ENTER

    You will be asked to re-enter your password, enter your NEW PASSWORD again
                                       and hit ENTER.
Once you get to this screen,
where the cursor is blinking: press ENTER
   Once you get to this screen, where the cursor is
    blinking: press F2 key on your keyboard
   Once you get to this screen, where the cursor is
    USERID: Type your user ID and hit the TAB key
    PASSWORD: Type your password (the new password
    you selected in the previous step) and press ENTER.

    DO NOT type anything on the New Password line unless you want to change your password.
   Once you get to this Screen:
         Click on the “clear” button on your screen
         Then type FAMI and hit ENTER

    If you forget to clear the screen before typing FAMI, you may get a “transaction is unrecognized” message. If you get this
    message, clear the screen, retype FAMI and then press ENTER.
For first time users, you will see a screen for FAMIS
security requesting you to read and accept the Statement
of Responsibility.
To proceed you must enter a “Y” to accept the agreement. If you
do not enter a “Y” you will not be allowed to continue.
     On this screen you need to provide or
    update the appropriate information.
    Enter your legal name.

    Hit the TAB key.

    Enter your business phone

    Hit the TAB key.

    Enter your email address

    Hit the TAB Key

    Enter your office name and
     T-Box number.

    Then hit ENTER.
     (you may have to hit Enter

    On the next screen hit
                   now entering the screen number in the Screen
  You are screen by at the Main Menu field.
You can access any
Start with screen 103. Type 103 in the Screen field and press ENTER.
      Vendor Information
   Screen 103-Let’s search for the vendor Austin Ribbon &
   With cursor at Vendor line type as much of the name as
    you can & hit enter
This screen lists what matches to the search name-the Search line
is longer now so if need be you can enter more of the name and hit
enter to narrow down the list.
F10 will allow you to see the Remit to address of the
Vendor. To select the Vendor place an X by the name
and press enter.
On this screen we see the Vendor info. for Austin
Ribbon & Computer and also that they do have a W-9 on
Vendor on State Hold
Screen 103 will show you if a Vendor is on
Hold with the State of Texas.
    Vendor Payments in FAMIS
   Screen 162 Allows you to see all payments to vendor for
    fiscal year.
   Enter Vendor number and press enter-or search by name,
    choose the vendor and press enter
See Vendor Payment by Invoice
   Screen 160 allows you to search by invoice-enter vendor number or name,
    invoice number and press enter (if you entered name you will have to select
    one of the names with a X and then press enter)
   Let’s search for Invoice SI-164696 for Austin Ribbon and Computer—After
    invoice number is entered press enter.
•This screen shows that it was paid with voucher
number 0100707. The check number was 579496. For
more detail you can look up the voucher on screen 168.
Screen 168
   Enter the voucher number (0100787) and press enter.
   This shows check number, description, Invoice number, etc.
    Screen 169
•   This screen shows more information for each line item on the voucher.
Screen 26-Balance of Purchase order &
Account number(s) tied to Order
      Screen 278
   This screen allows you to see the purchase order line items
Screen 278 – F5
   By pressing F5 on screen 278 you are able to see the invoices that
    have been paid on a particular purchase order.
    Screen 220
   This screen allows you to see who your buyer is in Purchasing.
   It also allows you to review the freight terms on your purchase
Screen 220-F9
   This screen allows you to review the dates your
    goods were received in Central Receiving.
    Screen 224
   Type in your PO#
   Allows you to look at how each line item of your purchase order is
    set up to pay.
   Things to note: Quantity, unit price, and extended price
          Phone Numbers for
           Accounts Payable
   Rachel Borego 5415        Shaena Cannon 5787
       Monday- Thursday          Monday- Thursday
        7:30-5pm                   7:30-5:30
       Friday 8-2pm              Friday 8-12pm

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