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					                                                                 Maths/ICT IWB Project 2008
Year Group: 5                          Block and Unit: C2 – Handling data and measures

                                       Lesson: 1
Context:                                                   Learning Objectives:
Planning a class party - first lesson, introducing topic   To plan a line of enquiry and pose questions.
and what Maths concepts will be covered.
Mathematical Vocabulary:                                   Resources (including ICT):
Plan, enquiry, question                                     IWB – Promethean flipchart: C2Year5_lesson1
Measure, collect, data, probability                         C2Year5_lesson1MMap (Scanned)
Favourite, choice, amount                                   Paper and colours – mind maps
                                                            Display space - enquiry boxes
                                                            Post-it notes / small cards and blu tac.
Oral Mental Starter: To plan a line of enquiry and pose questions.
Have Promethean IWB flipchart: C2Year5_lesson1 open at the title page (1).
First lesson of new block, introduce main idea: We are planning a class party.
What might we need to know? What will we need to find out?
Move onto page 2 of flipchart. Read and discuss.
Talking partners to discuss questions. Sentence starter: “I think we will need to find out…”
Model to pupils how to formulate questions: “What is the favourite sandwich filling in the class?” “How many
sandwiches will we need to make?”
Begin discussing the MATHS you would need to find answers to these questions.

Main teaching and differentiated activities:
Page 3 of flipchart.
Thinking about the 3 areas of maths: measuring, data handling and probability, model with pupils how to mind map
all the maths they will be using to plan their party.
On the main branch of ‘measuring’, have smaller branches for ideas like reading scales, converting units and
standard metric units.
(See scanned ‘sample mind map’ for further support – in teacher’s resources).

Activity: In mixed ability groups of 2s / 3s / 4s – pupils create own mind maps of the main ideas and the maths that
they think they will need to use in order to plan their party. Use C2Year5_lesson1MMap either A4 or A3 size.
Children then write some of their key mathematical ideas e.g. ‘reading scales’ ‘probability of winning a game’ onto
post-it notes or small cards.
Pre-prepared started mind maps ready for groups if needed.
TAs / CT to support collecting of ideas and questions, model writing on post-it notes if needed.

Pupils bring their post-it notes back together as a class – discuss some of the ideas.
Page 4 of flipchart.
Introduce the ‘enquiry boxes’ model. Read through the headings for the different boxes. Have display space on
classroom wall ready prepared with the same ‘enquiry boxes’.
(There are example photographs in an attached file called ‘Photos of enquiry boxes display’)
Begin by putting all the post-it in the ‘What I need to know…’
Talking partners to discuss which maths ideas from the post-its they are already quite confident with, and which
require further teaching or practice.
Use this pupil self-assessment information as basis for direct skills teaching over the topic.

What areas of maths have the children identified as key target areas for this topic?
Are there any areas pupils that have self-assessed themselves as being confident with?

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