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					Individual website enhances the current capacity five big key methods
1st, website content not in many, but in fine! Often key words can give your website to bring the huge current capacity. 2nd, gathers the content, could not bring how many current capacities. Test experience: Once manual issued one named "Scenery Template" the article and the gathering similar title similar content's article, puts to the identical column under. 15 days later, discovered that manual that already had 800PV, but gathers that only then 10PV, big difference, is really the huge difference. Therefore, advises politely fellow stationmasters in this, as far as possible little gathers, because it could not bring how many current capacities. 3rd, pays great attention SEO, made some effective SEO has the necessity to the small website. Since mine new website clear, I have understood that some about the SEO aspect's article, have simultaneously consulted many SEO masters, has studied many. My experience: First time made the website is in last year, at that time, was only amusing, has used a set of website procedure casually, started to take care, finally GOOGLE two months, also has only then included my article, I have thought was very strange. This time looked many after the SEO aspect article, had discovered the question is, therefore, this time designs the website time, I have considered SEO, result 3 days later GOOGLE has included my 45 pages, lets me be wild with joy! I want to explain again a spot is, joins the baidu alliance, with joins GOOGLE the advertisement, can increase the key words the place as well as the homepage including quantity! But, everybody makes SEO time, certainly cannot go too far, cannot do is too excessive, ha-ha, the consequence is proud. 4th, many analyzes others' website, exchanges mutually, becomes friends, will bring the unexpected harvest to you (for instance my website space, will be my on-line understanding friend supports, will also have, if understanding major stop's stationmaster, will exchange friendship connection with them, to the GG PR value, but very useful), simultaneously, can also study in the exchange are more. 5th, individual website future is quite uncertain, although I very like playing individual website. We have spent the massive time, massive energy, what obtains is what? Incautiously by baidu K, the website basically has been abandoned. Therefore, individual website

development, but also needs everybody joint effort, goes out one, the good path comes out!
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