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									10 Unique Free Ways To Get Traffic To a New Blog

  In early days of search engines getting traffic was not a difficult thing to do and now after almost 12 years people think that the only way to
  get blog visitors is just by doing SEO. This is the biggest misconception we have now a days specially in a newbie bloggers. There are
  countless number of ways through which you can generate free traffic to a new blog.

  1. Create Awesome Content:
  First of all your need awesome content to attract people otherwise in this era of competition you will not survive. Now you may be thinking
  that we are here to discuss traffic sources not content but let me tell you one thing that if some how you bring some traffic to your blog than
  its necessary to convince people with attractive content otherwise they will not come again and you lose precious visitor. So the idea is that
  not only bring new visitors but try to attract these visitors which are already coming so that they come to your website again and again.
  Now many people think that writing a post of more than 1000 words is a quality post. That concept is absolutely wrong, In this busy life no
  one has time to read your lengthy articles so only write to the point but remember don’t leave any important points.
  The moral of the story is that Traffic is useless without great content.

  2. Leave comments on other blogs
  This is the first thing you need to do when you start your new blog. Its obvious that when a new website is born you have almost zero blog
  traffic, no one knows it until you tell the world that it exists. The best way to do that is to leave comments on other blogs and create friends
  and build community so that they can also visit your website and leave comments too.

  3. Guest Posting
  Its the perhaps biggest way to get free and quality traffic towards your blog. Guest posting is very popular among bloggers because you not
  only get visitors but also get two dofollow backlinks from the site which means more authority for your website. Almost all blogs allows you to
  submit guest post but not all of them have same rules and regulations. Normally they require you to submit unique content related to their

  4. Join Forums
  Many people neglect this option as they thought that this is not going to work for them but the thing is that you might get very low traffic
  from forums but the traffic will be very high quality and targeted visitors. The benefit of targeted visitors is that not only like your blog and
  visit again but they also share your website on social media websites with their friends and family members which results in huge traffic flow.
  So the questions arises here that from where we find forums related to our blog niche. Well there is one website names as Big-
  boards.com which provides the largest Message Boards and Forums on the web.
  But if you want to search forums in Google search engine than use this query.

  5. Get traffic from YouTube
  More than 4 billion videos are viewed a day and 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month so you can imagine the amount of traffic
  this site has. The idea is that create a video related to your blog niche and in the description box leave a linkback towards your site so that
  people visit your site after they watch the video and you earn free blog traffic.
Now its the fact that most of the bloggers looks average like me so they hesitate to create videos as they don’t want to come in-front of the
camera. But you don’t have to come in-front of the camera as lots of software’s available on internet which let you create stunning videos
without capturing you.

6. Join Facebook Groups
This is my favorite one and brings lots of free traffic instantly. Sign-up for Facebook account if you don’t have account yet and start searching
for groups related to your site niche. Some of the groups which i recommend you are given below.

7. Join Add me Fast
AddmeFast is a website where you can get free traffic and also Facebook fan pages likes, twitter followers, Google Plus likes, Facebook
subscribers, YouTube video likes and YouTube channel subscribers. All you have to do is to earn some points via some activity and than use
those points to earn some visitors for your blog. The traffic quality will not be great but some thing is better than nothing.

8. Email Marketing
I am sure you are already sending many emails to your friends and family members but haven’t try to send your blog link into it. You can start
of with your friends and ask them to forward your email to their friends. Make sure that your blog has feed subscribers option so that when a
visitor like your website he or she can subscribe to your blog and it will automatically added into your email list.

9. Submit posts to Stumble Upon
You may be saying that i am already using stumble upon but its useless. Let me tell you
that you will not going to get traffic from stumble upon but its the timing that really
matters. If you are posting some thing that is fresh and in the headlines than
surly stumble upon will send some traffic towards your blog.

10. Link Referral
If you are not using link referral than you are losing lots of visitors. Links referral is a website where people submit their websites and after
account approval they visit other blogs based on their interest. This way you make some points and later on you use these points to divert
some traffic towards your website. The traffic quality is generally good because people are not bound to visit ant particular websites and they
visit based on their interest.
Bonus Tip: Post Regularly
When people visit your website and if they like your blog than surly they will return and if they found that your website is not updating
regularly than they will not come back again. So to grab your blog visitors post regularly and atleast one post daily.

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