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Circular Memo

To:                   All Principals
From:                 Andrew Finch, Director (Facilities & Capital Planning)
Date:                 7 April 2009
Subject:              Building the Education Revolution (BER) – Update No. 4

National School Pride – Round 1 Announcements
This is to advise that 107 Tasmanian Government schools have been successful under round one of
the National School Pride (NSP) program of BER.
A total of $14.650M will be provided to the Tasmanian Department of Education to undertake
construction of small scale infrastructure and minor refurbishment projects in Tasmanian primary and
secondary schools and at the same time provide immediate support for jobs. A variety of projects
have been funded under this round, including refurbishment of playing fields, construction of outdoor
shaded areas, repairs to roofs, downpipes and gutters, replacement of blackboards with interactive
whiteboards, painting, installation of water tanks and insulation, replacement of demountable
classrooms, and upgrading of canteens and kitchens.
A list of schools approved for funding is attached.
What happens next?
Projects approved under round one will commence very shortly in order to meet the completion
deadline of 20 December 2009. This will provide immediate benefits to schools, and will have a
positive impact on local economies.
If you are included in the list of round one schools you will be contacted immediately after Easter by a
project officer from the BER team who has been assigned to work with schools to ensure the
completion deadline for Round One of 20 December 2009 is met.
Schools should not engage architects or contractors at this stage. If you receive enquiries from
people interested in undertaking work associated with the BER Program, you should suggest that they
register their interest through the website especially set up for this purpose at:

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What if my school isn’t on the list for Round 1?
It wasn’t possible to include all schools in round one as numbers were limited. However, the second
and final round of the National School Pride program is still to be announced by the Commonwealth
Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) with an announcement
expected around 22 May 2009. Schools which have applied for funding but weren’t included in the
round one list will be considered for funding in round two.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the time and effort you and your staff and
school communities have put into developing these projects. We now have to work together to
ensure a high quality result within very tight timeframes.
For enquiries on this program, please use the email address For telephone
enquiries and assistance, please phone Christina May on 6233 6094.

Andrew Finch
Director (Facilities & Capital Planning)

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