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Time management


   LOGO             Time management

指导老师:唐路一 武海波
班   级:应英0831
学   号:0827013110 0827013109 0827013111
答 辩 人:肖俊卿        罗志敏         黄龙
                 Time is treasure and life
Company name

    Time management is a very important issue.
    ★ determines the work efficiency and quality of
    ★ the biggest and the most valuable assets for
    everyone of us.
    ★More and more entrepreneurs managers and
    senior executives fall into the work of physical
    and mental stress maelstrom.
    Though they work hard, still feel have not
    enough time to use.
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               1.Time is treasure and life

                    2. Distinguish urgency and delay,
                    to raise work efficiency

                     3. Meeting time management

                    4.Rest time management

                Tips: How to relax
                        Time measure
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                                        Every hour
        Annual income     Daily value                minute

               15000         62.0         7.75        0.13

               75000        309.9         38.7        0.65

               85000        351.2         43.9        0.73

           100000           413.2         51.7        0.86
                         2.Distinguish urgency and delay,
                         to raise work efficiency
Company name

      Set a time use priorities

      Finish the task in time

                                            Distinguish urgency
   Face time pressure absolutely            and delay, to raise
        cannot compromise                   work efficiency

       To control the time and
        not be time to control

     Do things well, but finished
                3.Meeting Time Management
Company name

       1               2                3                4

 Cancel the    Try to shorten the    Eliminate    Select the most
 meeting and   time                 unnecessary   appropriate
 committee                           attendees    meeting location
               Can this be called meeting?
Company name
                       4.Rest Time Management
Company name

           one            two            three           four

         Beneficial                     Recreation      Recreation
         to physical   Give priority
                        to collective   activities      activities
         and mental                     should not      should be
         health,       entertainment,
                       It can improve   take too much   suitable for
         also can                       time, do not
         relax         friendship                       your need,
                       among your       affect your
         yourself                                       and avoid
                       colleagues       work and
         completely                     health
                              Ten wrong ways of time
Company name

                                  Ten ways of invalid time consuming

  ①Always do others like you do                           ⑥Do things others are not interested in

  ②Always use the same way to finish
                                                          ⑦Do things twice time

                                                          ⑧Partners can't be trusted or no quality
  ③Do what you are not good at

  ⑤Always do the things to be interrupted                 ⑨What cannot be expected the process

  ④Do something boring                                    ⑩Have a marathon telephone
                             How to relax?
Company name

       Packing annoyance                            Everyday phrases

       Deep breathing                               Find a favorite items

         Shrugging                                  Scene transform

                           Six ways of relaxation

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