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					Determining Requirements:
ToyStory deals with lending toys
Toys are organized in categories:
            a. Baby, activity learning and entertainment
            b. Trikes and ride-ons
            c. Dolls and Accessories
            d. Educational/Science Toys
            e. Board Games
            f. Jigsaws
            g. Toy Musical instruments
            h. Sports and Outdoor Equipment

            a.   Lost toys
            b.   Late returns
            c.   Inability to track which client has borrowed what
            d.   Inefficient retail processing
        Database that summates clients, toys, transactions
           a. Stores client contact details, history
           b. Toys have identifying number/barcode, due dates
           c. Stores transaction dates, costs

       Presented via a web page accessible by staff and customers
           a. Customers can see what toys they have rented and when they are due back, and
              register themselves
           b. Staff can update the particulars of new customers, process payments, monitor the
              lending of toys
           c. Customers are given swipe cards in place of laminated wallet, and paper receipts.

         Solution provided will reduce possibility of human error by drastic margin, decrease time to
process transactions, eliminate need for clunky wallets/folders. Payment of membership fees will also
be easier with online services and this might lead to an increase in membership. (Members can also be
notified of their billing details by faster and more efficient means)
(Background of firm)

        - determine potential gain of system
                -Customer satisfaction
        - Determine worst parts of system
                - Staff
                - Customers
        - Determine potential flaws in proposed system
                - Staff
                - Customers
        - Further elicit new system functionality

        Owners: Zabawkis
        In what ways of the current system cause you to lose money or customers due to

- How much do you expect to save with a new system?
       - What parts of the system you have take too long?
               “Registering customers requires us to manually create and print out 10 cards to give to
       them, plus their wallet. The wallet needs to be filed manually. When a customer borrows a toy,
       their wallet needs to be found and the toy’s card added to it. If they want to know when a toy is
       due back, they have to call us and we have to retrieve the wallet. Finding which toy s are
       overdue is also manual and involves retrieving all records from a month back.”
               -How difficult is it to maintain all records/wallets/toys in check?

       -If the system could be replaced with a wholly computer-driven one, would you be
inconvenienced in any way?
       -How user-friendly do you find the current system?
Analysing Requirements
In this section:

    ●    Context Diagram
    ●    Level 0 Data Flow diagrams (level 1 too as needed)
    ●    Data Model of the required data
    ●    Details of final tables for data storage
    ●    Data dictionary containing types, names, ranges etc of each attribute

      - checkoutToy
      - ListToys
      - checkoutToy
      - addToyToInventory

   ●     PKs are in bold
   ●     FKs are in italics and are followed by (ReferencedTable:attribute)
   ●     Attributes which must not be null are underlined
   ●     All names camel cased: tables start with uppercase, attributes with lowercase.

         - username
         - password
         - fullName
         - phone
         - address
         - isStaff
      - toyID
      - category
      - price
      - checkoutID
      - customer (User:username)
      - staffMember (User:username)
      - totalDue
       - checkoutID (Checkout:checkoutID)
       - toyID (Toy:toyID)

       History of transactions
       Monthly business report

to do:
   1. Context Diagram
         a. List actors
               i.List actor’s interactions
         b. Draw
   2. Data model of required data

   3. Tables of above data
   4. Data dictionary of above data

   5. Sample user reports:
        a. List reports above
        b. Draw each

     6. Finish / polish section 1
     7. Feasibility study
     8. Screens of UI
A note about doing diagrams: they do not need to be done in EA. You can use Visual Paradigm
or Word or whatever, just put a screenshot on here. Try to be consistent, as we’ll probably need
to transfer each one to the final doc, and we’ll pick whichever type looks the nicest.
Data Dictionary
Attribute      Type      Notes


username       String    Unique username

password       String    Password for secure account access

fullName       String    Full name of the user

phone          int       Phone number to contact the user

address        String    Address for the user

isStaff        boolean If ‘true’, this user is a staff member; if false, they are a customer.


toyID          int       A toy’s unique ID for all instances of toys in inventory: this should be
                         reflected in the store’s barcode (not the barcode attached to the

toyName        String    A toy’s name, e.g. “Stuffed chicken”

category       String    The type of toy, e.g “Plush toys”

price          int       The price of this toy


checkoutID     int       A unique ID to identify this transaction

customer       String    A foreign key, referring the username field of the Customer in this

staffMember    String    A foreign key, referring the username field of the staff member
                         performing this transaction (the person at the point of sale machine)

totalDue       int       The sum of prices due


checkoutID     int       The transaction this toy belongs to

toyId          int       The ID of the toy checked out

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