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					                                                               Using descriptive phrases, this book explores several types
                                                               of hats.

                                            by B. A. Shaver

                                                               BEFORE READING
                                                               Invite children to describe their favorite hat. Have them tell when and where
                                                               they like to wear it. Then display the cover of Hats, Hats, Hats. Read aloud
                                                               the title and author’s name. Invite children to describe the hats the dogs are
          Reading Standard                                     wearing. Have children predict what the book might be about.
          Connect to life experiences the                          Give each child a copy of the book. To help children understand the text
          information and events in texts                      structure, have them turn to pages 2 and 3. Point out the patterned structure
                                                               of the descriptive word followed by hat. Page through the book, helping
          Social Studies Standard
          Culture                                              children to connect their own experiences to the information in the text. You
                                                               may want to use the following questions and prompts.
          Literacy Focus
          Genre: Descriptive text                              P p. 2            Ask children to tell how the girl is feeling and why they
                                                                                 think the way they do.
          Phonemic Awareness Focus
          Initial phoneme substitution                         P p. 3            Ask children why they think this hat is called a sun hat.
                                                               P p. 4            Point to the word floppy. Ask children if they think this is
          Vocabulary Focus
          Describing words                                                       a good way to describe the hat in the photo. Ask what
                                                                                 other words they might use.
          Shared Writing                                                         Ask children how they think a furry hat feels. Then have
                                                               P p. 5
          Write a descriptive phrase
                                                                                 them tell when they might wear this kind of hat.
          Vocabulary Words                                     P p. 6            Ask children who might wear a hard hat and why.
          cowboy, floppy, furry, hard, hat(s),
          lizard, rain, sun, wear                              P p. 7            Ask children where they have seen someone wearing a
                                                                                 cowboy hat.
          High-Frequency Words
          do, what, you                                        P p. 8            Read the word lizard aloud. Ask children why the photo
                                                                                 is funny.
                 Tape-Assisted Reading
                 Audio cassette 07                             DURING READING
                                                               As children read the book softly to themselves, monitor their fluency and
                                                               problem-solving strategies. Offer individual guidance as needed.

          Steck-Vaughn Shutterbug Books                               Fluency
           My Hero!                                            As children read, assess their ability to read the phrase on page 8 with
          Steck-Vaughn Pair-It Books                           proper expression. For children who need extra support, model fluent
           Weather Wear for Teddy Bear                         reading. Ask them to listen to how your voice changes when you read:
                                                               lizard hat! Ask children to practice reading the line as if they are very

                      d their hats w
         Cowboys fille           r horses whe
                         for thei
         drinking water
                       t on the trail.
         they were ou                  ms stick
                        ve brims. Bri                         ESL Gather hats similar to those identified in Hats, Hats, Hats. Invite
          Many hats ha                 ect the
                        hat and prot
          out from the                                        children to choose a hat, match it to the photo in the book, and say the phrase.
                          from the sun.
          face and neck                                       Visual Invite children to choose a favorite hat in the book. Challenge them
                                                              to brainstorm a list of additional words to describe the hat.

Shutterbug Level A–D                                          Hats, Hats, Hats                                                         9994108611
                                                                                        Hats Off to Helpers
                                                                                        Materials: Red, White, and Blue,
                                                                                        My Hero!, drawing paper, crayons
                                                                                        Turn to page 2 in the big book Red,
                                                                                        White, and Blue. Lead children in
                                                                                        a discussion of the firefighter as a
                                                                                        community helper. Have children
                                                                                        describe the hat a firefighter wears.
                                                                                        Then page through My Hero! Have
      AFTER READING                                                                     children describe the hats they see.
      Invite children to share their personal responses to Hats, Hats, Hats. Ask        Invite children to draw a picture of
      questions to help children connect their own experiences to the information       their favorite community-helper hat
      in the text, such as: What kinds of hats did you learn about in the               and help them label it with a
      book? Which of these hats have you worn? Display the back cover of                descriptive phrase
      the book. Invite children to look at the photo and share responses to the
      question: What hats do you wear?

                Tape-Assisted Reading
      Ask children to read along with audio cassette 07 during subsequent
                                                                                      Art: Funny Hats
      readings for additional support.
                                                                                      Materials: newspaper; construction
      Literacy Focus                                                                  paper; scissors; markers; paste; tape;
      Genre: Descriptive Text Explain to children that describing words can tell      stapler; decorative items, such as pipe
      what something looks and feels like. Then tell children that Hats, Hats,        cleaners, streamers, feathers, buttons
      Hats is the type of book that describes something. Ask: What does Hats,         Help children fold and staple newspapers
      Hats, Hats describe? (It describes different kinds of hats.) Ask children       to make a large, triangle-shaped hat.
      to pretend they are the author of this book. Invite them to name and describe   Invite them to decorate their hat. Then
      other hats they could include in this descriptive book about hats.              ask children to think of a descriptive
                                                                                      phrase for their hat to share with
      Phonemic Awareness Focus                                                        the class.
      Initial Phoneme Substitution Invite children to play a rhyming game with
                                                                                      Math: Sorting Hats
      the word hat. Ask: What rhymes with hat and begins with /b/? (bat)
      What rhymes with hat and begins with /k/? (cat) Repeat the activity             Materials: a variety of hats
      with the beginning sounds /f/, /m/, /p/, /r/, and /s/.                          Invite children to bring a favorite hat to
                                                                                      school. If children forget, provide a
      Vocabulary Focus                                                                selection for them to choose from. After
      Describing Words Have children turn to page 2. Remind them that hat is a        children share their hats, challenge them
      naming word. Tell children that rain is a describing word because it tells      to find ways to sort them. For example,
      about the hat. Then have children review each page and find the describing      children can sort the hats by color, by
      word in the text that tells about the hat in the photo.                         kind of hat, or by the material from
                                                                                      which they are made. Help children write
                                                                                      a label for each grouping.

                                                                                      Distribute Comprehension Master 2 on
      Write a Descriptive Phrase                                                      page 97 and crayons. Be sure children
      Draw the outline of a suitcase on chart paper. Tell children to pretend they    understand they are to draw a hat that
      are packing hats in the suitcase for a trip. Have them draw or cut out of       corresponds with each phrase. If children
      magazines pictures of hats to paste to the suitcase. Work with children to      need extra support, refer them to Hats,
      label the hats with descriptive phrases following the pattern of the text in    Hats, Hats.
      Hats, Hats, Hats.

Shutterbug Level A–D                                        Hats, Hats, Hats                                                    9994108611
Hats, Hats, Hats        Hats, Hats, Hats
 Shutterbug Level A–D    Shutterbug Level A–D
        F/P: A                  F/P: A
        DRA: 1                  DRA: 1

     9994108611              9994108611

Hats, Hats, Hats        Hats, Hats, Hats
 Shutterbug Level A–D    Shutterbug Level A–D
        F/P: A                  F/P: A
        DRA: 1                  DRA: 1

     9994108611              9994108611

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