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									Global warming is a serious problem that requires immediate action must
be solved. We can not afford to delay when it comes to global warming,
because the more we do for the next day, the greater the effect will be
on our planet.

Each individual was ordered to hand-in-hand work to stop global warming.
We need not wait for the government to come up with drastic policies to
this problem. Each of us can do something to stop it. You do not do great
things for the little things done with great love can make a big impact.

Everything started from very little effort and here is mine. I have a
list of alternatives that can help stop global warming.

1. Compact fluorescent bulbs are great alternatives   to the incandescent
light bulbs. CFL bulbs can be as much as 60% of the   energy saving than
usual bulbs without sacrificing the amount of light   you receive. You need
not worry because CFL bulbs are not very expensive.   They are relatively
cheaper than their incandescent counterparts.

2. Instead of your fridge or freezer next to the boiler or stove, they
move to another place. A refrigerator standing next to a stove that
consumers have more energy than not. It is practical common sense.
Freezers and refrigerators using cold air to maintain food, while stoves
are "hot appliances." If you let them sit side by side, the fridge a long
time to cool.

3. Subscribe online fax instead of using traditional fax machines. Online
fax you a lot of savings. First, it saves paper because everything via e-
mail that gives you the option to only fax messages to be printed to
print. If you regularly receive junk fax, then you need not worry about
too much paper on them. Second, online faxing saves you a lot of money
because you do not have to pay for an additional telephone line
maintenance and other things like fax paper and toner. Finally, you save
a lot on your electricity because you do not have a separate fax machine.

4. Bring your own water bottle and bottled water junkie. If you go out on
a picnic or a trip, instead of bottled water for sale, bring your own.
Fill this night and put it in the refrigerator a day before your actual
trip, so you'll be assured of a cold water supply. On the other hand, if
you prefer cold water, put your bottled water in the freezer. Just make
sure you leave it for more than a day or else, your bottle will be ugly.

5. If you buy groceries, bring your own bag. Instead of putting your
groceries in paper or plastic bags, why not bring your own bag? You are
not only reducing your carbon footprint, but you are grocery-ing in

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