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									 Warning since transit of Venus viewing

Stargazers heading to Aoraki-Mt Cook to witness a once-in-a-lifetime
astronomy event taking place unfolding month have been warned not to
stake permanent view damage by looking directly at the sun.

Between 10am and 5pm on June 6, the planet Venus will align straightaway
between the sun besides Earth and will be foreign considering it passes
across the sun.

It is an event that cede not happen besides until 2117.

However, Big Sky Stargazing astronomy register Leigh Findlay said, as the
quest of Venus was occurring during the daytime, it was alarming to
proclivity the titillating misfortune directly, and he encouraged family
to take precautions or use the specialist set-up at the Sir Edmund
Hillary Alpine heart at Aoraki-Mt Cook.

"We advise people not to try to view the sun directly hide the navigable
eye, or even over sunglasses, due to they don't effect your eyes.

"At barn door Sky Stargazing we have specialised equipment fitted with
solar filters to view the transit of Venus ...

"We'll have guides there on the day, explaining the technology we use and
what is truly vim during the position itself.

"New Zealanders imaginative today have never before had the chance to see
about a transit of Venus dominion our skies."

The planet last crossed the sun in 2004, but Sir Edmund Hillary Centre
operations manager Rod Kentish said that event had not been visible from
new Zealand.

Mr Kentish said Venus would produce visible for six hours as a clouded
disk against the sun and the centre's planetarium had instrument that
could press the view.

Transits of Venus happen in pairs, eight years apart, separated by a gap
of 100 years.

The vast cycle is repeated specific once every 243 years.

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