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Student Handbook Oldham County Schools


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									Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome back to school! My desire is to make this a great year for the students and staff of Oldham County High
School. We designed the student handbook with this purpose in mind. By reading the student code of conduct, students
and parents will know the expectations of the school. After reading this booklet, students and parents should sign the
acknowledgment form located on the last page. The students are required to give this form to their first period
teacher on Wednesday, August 10, 2011. Many of the questions that you have about OCHS will be answered by
reading the material. Topics such as bell schedules, grading policies, severe weather procedures, and college visits are
addressed in this booklet. I ask particularly that you read the policies on dress code, attendance, and student behavior.
If there are any questions please call me or one of the other administrators. Finally, I want to encourage the students to
make the 2011/2012 school year their best.

                                                      Have a great year,
                                                      Brent L. Deaves

                                OLDHAM COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL – (502) 222-9461

         ADMINISTRATION                               SUPPORT SERVICES

Principal                    Brent L. Deaves          Plant Operator             Mike Cole
Assistant Principal          Joy Kinney               Cafeteria Manager          Becky Williams
Associate Principal          Richard Graviss
Assistant Principal          Dr. Pam Jett
Assistant Principal          Stan Torzewski
Associate Principal          Matt Watkins
Athletic Director            Kevin Combs              LEAD TEACHERS
Office Manager               Carol L. Jones           Arts and Humanities        Melanie Kidwell
Receptionist                 Amber Waller             English                    Joan Thompson
Bookkeeper                   Betsy Gallup             Math                       Debbie Thompson
                                                      Practical Living           Tony Simpson
GUIDANCE/STUDENT SERVICES                             Science                    Andrea Neikirk
                                                      Social Studies             Lynnette McGiffen-Newkirk
Director                     Matt Steedly
Counselor                    Tara Steedly             INSTRUCTIONAL SUPPORT
Counselor                    Kim Fitzgerald           Literacy Coach      Rebecca Haynes
Registrar                    Jay Jones                Instructional Coach Dr. Deborah Thompson
                                                      ECS Coordinator     Sharon Redmon
Librarian                    Sue McHargue
Librarian                    Christi Unker

                                                   ATHLETIC POLICY
Oldham County High School follows and abides by all rules and regulations set forth by the Kentucky
High School Athletic Association (KHSAA). In addition to these rules, Oldham County High School
is subject to any additional rules established by the Board of Education and the school’s Site Based Decision Making
Requirements for Participation:
Each extra-curricular sport varies in the specific requirements that the coach has for members of the
team. However, there are certain basic requirements that each individual must complete before tryouts:
1) An updated sport physical (good for one calendar year)
2) Fill out all paperwork in the athletic release packet.
3) Sign the student code of conduct.
4) Pay a one- time per year $20.00 insurance fee.
5) All athletes are subject to an annual OCHS athletic fee.
All paperwork is available in the front office.

Athletic Academic Probation:
A student athlete is placed on academic probation if a student’s weighted cumulative grade point average is
below 2.0. A student on probation must attend Extended School Services (ESS) a minimum of three (3)
hours per week. During probation, the student may continue to participate in extra-curricular activities.
Once a student has been placed on probation, they must maintain a weighted GPA of 2.0 in order to retain
eligibility and continue participation. If a student has been placed on probation, they will remain on
probation until a cumulative GPA average of 2.0 or greater has been achieved.
Weekly Grade Checks:
According to KHSAA Bylaw 5 Section 3 each school is required to complete weekly grade checks to
ensure student progress. Grade checks will be conducted every Monday or the first day of the school
week. If a student is failing two or more classes they are immediately ineligible for the remainder of the
week. This includes participation in any practice, scrimmage, or team activity. The student will only regain
his/her eligibility the following week if he/she is passing five (5) of seven (7) classes on the new
grade check.
Change of Seasons:
Once a student has made a certain team it is the expectation of the coaching staff, the team and the school
that the student has made a commitment to that team for the entire season. Should a student decide to quit a
team before the season is officially over, the student will not be allowed to begin participation or activities
with another team until the previous team’s season has ended.

                                                ATTENDANCE POLICY
It is the goal of OCHS to help students develop skills, habits and knowledge necessary to be responsible
citizens and productive life-long learners. Most of our students will find themselves in a work environment
where regular attendance, punctuality and responsible behavior are required. It is the school’s function to
prepare students for this environment by fostering these habits. Attendance at school is also necessary for
academic success. Therefore, students are expected to attend school daily and to be on time for all classes
and other school functions. The following guidelines are to be followed:
1. Students should be absent from school only for the following reasons:
                    A. Illness of the student. This normally means that the student has a fever, is contagious, or is
                        otherwise disabled to an extent that the student cannot function properly in the school
                    B. Death in the immediate family.
                    C. Physician or dental appointment for which a doctor’s note is provided to the school.
                    D. Religious observations of which the school attendance principal is informed in advance.
                    E. Academic enrichment approved by the school.
                    F. Driver testing.
                    G. College visits by SENIORS, APPROVED BY GUIDANCE, and limited to two days.
                    H. Vacation policy granted specifically by the principal. (See “Vacation Policy” )
                    I. 4 – H
                    J. Honor Guard for Military/Veteran’s burial
2. All exceptions to the above must be approved, in advance, by the principal or attendance principal.
3. If a student will be absent from school because of illness or other unforeseen reason, the parent or guardian must
notify the school between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m.
4. If a parent wishes a student to be absent due to a medical appointment or funeral of a family member or close friend,
that parent must notify the school at least one day in advance.
5. The school reserves the right to verify any absence and to call the parent/guardian at home or work if the
parent/guardian has not notified the school of the absence or if there is a question concerning the absence.
6. Students who are absent from school for reasons other than the above or who leave school without proper
authorization are considered to have cut school and will be subject to the consequences described below.
7. Students who have been absent or tardy, upon return to school, ARE TO BRING A PARENT OR PHYSICIAN
NOTE indicating the cause of the absence. This should be brought immediately to the attendance office.
8. See district attendance policy for number of absences allowed in a semester. OCBE Policy 9010.01
9. Any absence, including college visits, which extends a holiday or any school break, will be unexcused
without a doctor note.

1. Whenever a student misses a class the student should attend ESS in order to make up the work and get the help
needed. Such attendance is encouraged but is not required if the absence is excused.
2. Students who have an unexcused absence may make up work for up to 70% credit.
3. A student who cuts a class/school or leaves school without permission will be assigned Saturday School.
4. Unassigned Areas: Upon arrival on campus, students must be in the building and may not leave campus. Going
beyond these areas without permission from a principal is strictly prohibited. It is essential that school staff can account
for the whereabouts of a student at all times. This is expected by parents and by the State Department of Education.
Students who go into an unassigned area will receive a day in ISS or Saturday School. If a student is not in his/her
assigned class or other area designated by the teachers of that class, it could be assumed that the student is in an
unassigned area and may have left the property. Therefore, the student will be assigned ISS or Saturday School.
Tardies: Since there will be a minimum of five minutes between classes, there should be no reason for a student to be
tardy to class. Students will be allowed one tardy to each class without consequence other than this being noted in the
teacher’s grade book. Any additional tardy to the same class will result in a detention assigned by the teacher. If
detention is not served the student be assigned ISS.
Tardy to school: Any tardy or absence must be accompanied by a parent note to avoid consequences. A detention will
be assigned if student does not bring in a note.
Detention: Detention will be held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:40 – 4:40 p.m. A student may choose
to serve either day within a week of being assigned the detention based upon family circumstances. Failure to serve
detention will result in one (1) hour of Saturday school for that student for each failed detention. After school activities
are not an excuse to miss an assigned detention.
Saturday School: Saturday school will be held from 8am to 11am on designated Saturdays. If a student is assigned a
Saturday session and fails to attend, the student will be suspended one day.

                                              BEHAVIOR ON THE BUS DOCK
    1.   When exiting the bus in the morning, go immediately into the building. Do not wait for friends or otherwise
         linger in the bus lot. Students are not permitted to leave campus.
    2.   Do not walk in the parking lot during bus arrival time in the morning.
    3.   When dismissed in the afternoon, report immediately to your bus. Do not loiter in the bus lot or in the vicinity
         of the buses.
    4.   Use caution when in between parked buses.
    5.   If you are assigned to ride the bus by a judge, the bus driver must initial your schedule and sign the validation
         before you ask the principal to sign. The bus driver’s record is the official record.
    6.   Bus Notes: Students who wish to ride a bus other than the one they are assigned must bring a parent note to
         the office at the beginning of the school day. A bus note will be written by the school for the student to give to
         the bus driver. Bus drivers cannot accept a note from anyone other than office personnel.

                                                 BELL SCHEDULE
1st Period: 8:30-9:20
Announcements: 9:20-9:24
2nd Period: 9:30-10:20
3rd Period: 10:26-11:16
4th Period: 11:22-12:44 (Lunches: 1st 11:22-12:47/2nd 11:50-12:15/3rd 12:19-12:44)
5th Period: 12:50-1:40
6th Period: 1:45-2:35
7th Period: 2:40-3:30
                                             CAFETERIA AND LUNCH
Students are provided a 25 minute lunch period daily. Lunch menus are posted at

A zero will be given to the student or students for the assignment and a disciplinary referral is written.

                                               COLLEGE VISIT POLICY
Seniors are encouraged to schedule college visits on days that OCHS is not in session.
However, if this is not possible, seniors will be allowed up to two (2) days during the school year to visit
college campuses. These days will not be counted as absences provided the following procedure is

     1. Students will provide written verification to the OCHS guidance office from the college to be visited at least
         one day prior to the visit. A fax from the college will suffice (Fax # 222-3732).
     2. A college visit form (pink sheet) must be picked up by the student in the guidance office, completed and
         returned to the guidance office at least one day prior to the college visit.
     3. Student will submit written verification from the college to the guidance office upon return to school.
     4. College visits must be scheduled prior to May 1.
College visits will be denied in the following circumstances and the day will be counted as an absence: If the student
does not qualify to attend the institution to which he/she is requesting a visit; if proper procedure (as outlined above) is
not followed; the visit is scheduled to extend a holiday or break (i.e. the Friday before fall break).

                                                  DISASTER DRILLS
Disaster drills will be conducted throughout the year. Every person in the building must follow the prescribed
procedure. Emergency routes and instructions are posted in each classroom.

                                                       DRESS CODE
Shirts - Polo shirts, Full button-down shirts, Crew neck shirts are permitted.
 -All shirts must have sleeves – no exceptions
-All shirts must be long enough to pass the straight arm test/NO SKIN (belly or back).
-No shirt should show cleavage
-No “see through” material
Sweatshirts/Sweaters - Sweatshirts and “Hoodies,” Waffle Weave, Pullover crew neck, Quarter Zip and or
turtleneck sweaters are permitted.
- Collarbone must be covered.
Pants - Jeans, Khakis, Dress pants and sweatpants are all permitted.
 -Pants must be worn at the waist.
-No pajamas, unless designated a spirit day
-No “see-through” material
-No holes, tears, rips or frays are permitted and must be hemmed and off the floor.
Shorts and Skirts- Jeans, Khaki, Athletic or dress shorts/skirts are permitted.
 -Must be to the length of the Flamingo Test
-Any skirt with a slit—the top of slit must pass the Flamingo guidelines.
-Shorts/skirts must be worn at the waist
-No Sagging
-No “see-through” material
Head Cover
-All heads are to be uncovered in the building except for medical or religious reasons
-Medical reasons require a physician note
-No baseball caps, hoods, bandanas, head scarves, head bands, “do rags,” etc. are permitted
Jewelry: No chains, leather collars/wristbands, or dog collars may be worn. Students must remove any jewelry deemed
dangerous or inappropriate. This includes body piercing that the administration deem unsafe for the educational setting.
Shoes must be worn at all times. Some classrooms will have additional footwear requirements that are designed for
-No coats are to be worn in the classroom or hallways. Students may store their coat in their locker.
-Clothing made of Spandex, sheer fabric, or fishnet is not allowed.

Clothing or accessories displaying messages deemed inappropriate by administration are not permitted. Examples
would be, but not limited to, profanity, sexual innuendo, drug references, alcohol, tobacco, weapons or any gang
related reference.

Corrective action for dress code violations:
            1. Minor Offenses: Are generally easy to correct and no new clothing item is needed. After
                 Three minor offenses have tallied up; the student receives the first major offense consequence.

             2.   Major Offenses: Occur when a new article of clothing is needed to correct the violation. Student is
                  sent to office. Must call home and have parent bring new clothing item. No student will be sent back
                  to class while out of dress code. First major offense will result in change of clothes and being sent
                  back to class. Second major offense will result in change of clothes and day of ISS.

                                                ELECTRONIC DEVICES
Refer to Oldham County Board of Education policy 9076. All I-pods, CD players, headphones, cell phones, MP3
players and similar devices are subject to this rule.

                                         EXTENDED SCHOOL SERVICES
ESS will be offered on a schedule to be determined at the beginning of school. Contact the students’ guidance
counselor for additional information.

                                                  FINAL EXAMS
Final exams are to count 10% of the cumulative grade.

A gang is two or more individuals who conspire to engage in illegal activity. Gangs and gang activity will not be
tolerated at Oldham County High School. Nor will gang dress, signs or signals be tolerated. Therefore, any clothing
style, color, or manner of wearing clothing, which is intended to identify persons as
members of a group, other than for those groups which are school sponsored, are not allowed. Since gangs
invent hand and other signals to communicate and self-identify, hand signals, with the exception of the traditional wave,
are not allowed. Also prohibited are any apparel, jewelry, accessory, tattoo, notebook, book decoration, hair style or
marking, or manner of grooming which, by the virtue of its color, arrangement, trademark or any other attribute denotes
membership in a gang or advocates drug use. Welcoming persons onto campus who are gang members or who enter for
disruptive or illegal reasons is contrary to the well
being of the student body and not permissible. The consequences for gang activity and any breach of the above
guidelines will be determined by the nature of the offense and can include any of the normal school consequences from
warnings to suspension/expulsion. Refer to OCBE Policy 9068.

                                         GRADE REPORTING SYSTEM
Teachers will update grades every other week with a minimum of one grade per week. Weekly progress reports are
provided on Fridays upon parents’ requests. (Contact student’s teachers). Parents may also monitor grades through the
Infinite Campus Parent Portal.
                          A 100-90           B 89 –80         C 79 –70          F Below 70

Weighting of Courses:
Advanced Placement courses are the only courses that receive weighted credit. These courses allow a student to earn
additional quality points for a given grade according to the chart below:

Weighted              5      4     3      0
Unweighted     4      3     2      0

1. Grades should be determined from performances on group work, oral and written selections, performance events,
quizzes, labs, class work, projects, and tests.
2. All faculty will reinforce daily performance by incorporating a classroom management strategy that includes
beginning class on time, preparation, class participation and on-task behavior.
3. A general outline (syllabus) for each class will be distributed to students at the beginning of each course outlining the
subject matter to be covered, supplemental readings and/or recommended readings and any class projects.
4. Teachers will explain the grading system to the students at the beginning of each course.
5. If a student drops a course, it will automatically result in an “F”.
Incomplete Grades
A student may receive a grade of incomplete in the event of an extended excused absence. Extended absence is defined
as missing 20% or more of graded work during a semester. After incomplete work has been made up, an adjusted letter
grade will be assigned.

1. Incomplete work can be made up for excused absences. Students who have an unexcused absence may make up
work for up to 70% credit.
2. It is the student’s responsibility, upon the first day back from excused extended absences, to make arrangements for
completing work.
3. All incomplete work must be finished by the end of the course unless other arrangements are made with the teacher
through a continuing work contract.

The guidance office is open to students Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
The counselors are immediately available to assist in any situation that the student perceives as urgent.
For non-urgent situations, counselors are available by appointment.
Guidance and counseling services offered are:
1. Provision of a positive, non-threatening place where students may discuss any problem, whether school-related or
2. Information concerning colleges, vocational schools, the military services, careers, and many other post high school
3. Classroom guidance sessions on various issues throughout the school year.
4. Information pertaining to programs and course selection.
5. Information and assistance to obtain scholarships and grants.
6. Information for parents concerning professional counseling services.
                 Number of required credits in each area to meet minimal Graduation Requirements
                                               Starting with 2011-
                         Course                  2012 Graduates
               English                                    4
               Math                                       4
               Social Studies                             3
               Science                                    4
               Humanities                                 1
               Technology                                 1
               Health                                    ½
               Physical Education                        ½
               Electives                                  6
               TOTAL                                     24

                                                      HALL PASSES
Students are not permitted in the halls during class periods unless a teacher accompanies them or they have an official
hall pass. Students will not be admitted during class time to the library, computer lab, guidance office, or main office
without a written note from the student’s teacher.

                                            HOMEWORK GUIDELINES
The Purposes of Homework:
                                 1. Practice/Review – to reinforce and/or master basic skills that were
                                     presented in class.
                                 2. Preparation – To introduce new content
                                 3. Extension – to provide student with opportunities to transfer skills or concepts
                                      to new situations
                                 4. Application – To provide students with opportunities to connect skills and
                                      concepts to situations
Types of Homework:         Homework includes, but is not limited to:
                              • Nightly assignments for practice or review
                              • Review for tests or quizzes
                              • Research activities
                              • Reading and writing assignments

                                 • Projects
                                 • Group Activities
Teachers’ Responsibilities: Teachers are responsible to assign homework that is meaningful and significant for the
students’ mastery of skill, content and application. Teachers should:
                                 • Explain the assignment
                                 • Assess and discuss assignment
                                 • Average homework grades into year long grades with homework grades counting a
                                     minimum of 10%.
                                 • Teachers are to be conscientious of the rigor of the seven period day when assigning
                                     homework. Often, more time may be needed to complete long-term projects and
Students’ Responsibilities:
                                 • Getting all assignments whether they are in class or not.
                                 • Making an effort to complete every homework assignment to the best of their
                                 • Seeking help from the teacher or the ESS instructor if they do not understand an
                                     assignment or have difficulty completing the homework.
                                 • Completing assigned homework and turning it in on time.
                                 • Making up missed assignments in a reasonable amount of time if allowed by the
                                 • Reading and following the policy against plagiarism. Students who are involved in
                                     copying/sharing homework will receive a zero for the assignment and a disciplinary.
Parent Responsibilities:
                                 • Encouraging good homework practice. It is recommended that parents establish
                                     definitive times and a quiet place to do homework.
                                 • Assisting with homework when necessary, not initially. Students should make an
                                     attempt to complete their homework before asking for assistance from their parents.
                                 • Encouraging students to seek help from their teachers or ESS instructor.
                                 • Communicating with teachers when students are experiencing difficulty completing
                                     the homework or extenuating circumstances prevent the completion of the

                                             LIBRARY/MEDIA CENTER
The Library is the Media Resource Center for the school, a place to do research using print and electronic media
resources. Students work in groups or as individuals. Reference books may be checked out for overnight use and are
due by 9:00 a.m. A fine of 25 cents per day is charged for overdue reference materials. The library also offers a wide
variety of materials to read for one’s enjoyment. Books may be checked out for four (4) weeks and may be renewed as
needed. A fine of five (5) cents per day is charged for these books if they are overdue. Magazines and newspapers are
for use within the library. Staff members, student aides, and parent volunteers assist students.

The Library Media Center is open from 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 7:30am – 3:45pm on
Student lockers are school property and remain at all times under the control of the school; however, students are
expected to assume full responsibility for the security of their lockers. Periodic general inspections of lockers may be
conducted by school authorities at any time without notice, without student consent, and without a search warrant.
Additional information on the subject may be found in OCBE Policy 9045.

                                        POSTERS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS
ALL posters/announcements to be displayed at OCHS must be approved by a principal or the office manager. An
indication of that approval must be displayed on the poster/announcement.

                                 PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS-IMMUNIZATIONS
All students new to the Oldham County School District must have certification of a physical examination and all
students new to Oldham County High School must present an updated immunization certificate before school begins or
before the student enters school. These will be turned in to the guidance office. Any

student who was not previously in a Kentucky public school must provide proof of an eye examination by an
ophthalmologist or an optometrist no later than January 1 of the school year.

                                         SEVERE WEATHER – SCHOOL
In case of severe weather – snow, low temperatures, ice, etc. – the official announcement for school closings may be
heard over WHAS (840 AM) radio at 6:30 a.m. and periodically thereafter.

                                                 STUDENT BEHAVIOR
Oldham County High School recognizes the need to keep an orderly environment in which students can learn and
prepare for lives as citizens, family members, workers, and in general, happy and successful persons. In order to
maintain such an environment, each and every member of the community must do his/her part. This involves following
some basic rules and guidelines which maintain order and recognize the duty and worth of each individual and help
each person to reach his/her full potential. Most norms of behavior have been taught by parents and involve common
sense, respect for others and respect for property. The more mature a person becomes, the more s (he) will naturally
recognize correct and appropriate behavior. For those who have not reached this maturity, we have basic rules and
consequences which normally accompany infractions. Not every rule or guideline can be listed, and consequences can
be apportioned according to the seriousness of the offense and the circumstances. Refer to Oldham County Board Of
Education Policy 9068 and related policies contained in the Code of Acceptable Behavior and Discipline contained in
the handbook.

                                               STUDENT DRIVING
Students wanting to obtain their Drivers’ License shall follow “NO PASS, NO DRIVE” bill (HB 32, amending KRA
                                               STUDENT ERRANDS
Errands that would involve a student leaving campus are strictly prohibited.

                                                  STUDENT ILLNESS
Students who are ill should be sent to the office where office personnel will contact a parent/guardian.

                                                STUDENT PARKING
See OCBE 9017.01 PARKING PRIVILEGE. Subject to change. OCHS Parking Regulations:
    1. Students qualifying for parking pay a $20.00 fee during registration and receive a tag to be displayed at all
    2. Students must present a valid driver’s license, not a permit, at time of registration/application. Spaces will not
        be held for students who do not qualify at registration.
    3. Permission to park on campus is extended to SENIORS and JUNIORS only.
    4. Parking tags are non-transferable. No student can lend or sell their parking tag for any reason. Tags and
        spaces are to be provided through the office only.
    5. Upon arriving at school, students are to LEAVE THEIR CAR AND ENTER THE BUILDING
    6. Parking lots are off limits (8:30 – 3:30) during the school day. Any student needing to go to a car must obtain
        a pass from an administrator.
    7. Students will be assigned a specific lot and space in which they are to park.
    8. Student tags MUST BE DISPLAYED AT ALL TIMES, or may be SUBJECT TO TOWING (at the owner’s
    9. Students MUST PARK IN THEIR ASSIGNED SPACE or COULD BE TOWED (at the owner’s expense).
    10. Students deemed driving reckless or speeding on school grounds may forfeit their parking tag for one month
        minimum or up to one year. The speed limit in the parking lot is 15 MPH.
    11. Student’s cars can be subject to random searches by the administration.
    12. Students losing their drivers licenses will also lose their parking pass.
    13. Student and Parent(s) acknowledge that they are familiar with OCHS and OCBE policies relating to
        automobiles as outlined in the OCHS student/parent handbook
    14. Criteria for parking privileges:
        • Students must have passed at least 5 classes the previous semester as required by the No Pass/No Drive
             KRS 159.051 and maintained a cumulative un-weighted 2.0 GPA to be eligible for parking privileges.
        • Prior year student attendance record must have no more than six (6) unexcused absences.

         •     Any student who has been referred to the OCBE for truancy will not be eligible to apply for parking
          • Students with serious cumulative disciplinary infractions (i.e. suspensions for drugs/alcohol, fighting,
               weapons, have outstanding fees and/or obligations, repeated parking violations of parking on campus
               without authorizations prior to being granted the privilege to park) will not be granted parking privileges.
          • Students must have demonstrated good faith effort on all state assessments and all other standardized tests
               to obtain parking privileges.
          Students who fail to meet the eligibility requirements may reapply for parking privileges after the Holiday
          (Christmas) Break. To be eligible, a student must have no failing grades or unexcused absences during the
          previous semester.
The Oldham County Board of Education requires textbook fees for all classes as needed. Damaged or lost books will
result in fines being charged to the student. Report cards, records, graduation records, and diplomas are held if fines or
fees are due to the school

                                                     TRAFFIC FLOW
Anyone entering and leaving the parking lots is reminded that all traffic laws of the Commonwealth apply to school
grounds. Cars are not allowed to pull between buses while exiting school grounds. Vehicular movement in the bus lot
while buses are present is strictly prohibited by state law. Students traveling through the bus area of OCMS are advised
to use extra care and be on the lookout for pedestrian traffic. All individuals who drop off and pick up students before or
after school are to use loop road off Highway 146. Students dropped off or picked up during the school day are to use
main office entrance.

                                               USE OF COMPUTERS
Use of school computers and search technology must comply with OCBE acceptable use policy 9064. Students must
sign the acceptable use agreement before gaining privileges.

                                                  VACATION POLICY
Parents are encouraged to schedule family commitments so as not to interfere with their student’s school experience.
However, should it become necessary for a student to be absent because of a family trip the following policy applies:
A. Written notes from parents designating dates of vacation must be submitted to the office manager one week prior to
1st day of vacation.
B. Office manager will present the request form to principal for signing. Requests may not be approved if student has
or is approaching excessive absences.
C. If approved, student will take form to each teacher to obtain assignments (to be completed prior to vacation.)
D. Tests scheduled during their absence will be made up on the day of return. (exception: If the student has more than
three tests to make up, he/she may have additional days to make up the tests, taking no more than three tests per day.)
Teachers may elect to give the tests prior to the student’s departure.
E. Absences will be marked vacation and all work credited to the student provided steps A-C above are completed. If
these steps are not completed, the student will be assessed with simple unexcused absences. Absences for vacation
contribute to total absences and are not considered as extenuating circumstances.
F. Vacation policy will not be in effect during the last week of any grading period, CATS assessment, nor will it be
used to extend a scheduled break. Parents may submit unusual cases to the principal for consideration.
G. Students must get office approval. Teachers are not authorized to give vacation assignments unless the student has a
signed form from the office.
H. Policy is void if request is made after vacation is taken.

                                                   VISITOR POLICY
1. Parents are always welcome at OCHS to visit the classroom setting only. Class visitations are subject to OCBE
policy 2024.
2. No visitor or guest will be permitted to eat lunch in the OCHS Cafeteria.
3. The school policy is to accept only those visitors who have legitimate business at the school.
4. All visitors must report to the main office first to receive a visitor’s badge and sign in.
5. Visitors will not be issued a badge unless they are known to one of the administrators.
6. Students may NOT have a visitor in school except foreign exchange students visiting in their home or community,
provided: (a.) Prior permission is obtained from the teachers whose classes those visitors will attend, and (b.) A badge
is obtained from office.

7. Visitor badges will not be issued during examinations, CATS assessment periods, and any other times during which
an administrator deems it inappropriate to issue a badge. An administrator may refuse to issue a visitor’s badge anytime
he or she feels it is in the best interest of the school to do so.
8. Any person found on school grounds without permission is trespassing and is subject to arrest by police authorities.
9. Former OCHS students who exited in good standing are welcome to visit former teachers after 3:30pm, by
appointment with the teacher and by obtaining a visitor badge.
10. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the principal.
11. Students cannot bring visitors to school for any part of the school day.
12. Anyone wanting to visit a special program must gain consent of the assigned principal.


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