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					The status of the Islamic civilization and its characteristics

 Scholars are unanimously agreed that the Islamic civilization occupies a
high position among the great civilizations that have emerged in human
history, it is also one of the longest world civilizations lived, and the
greatest impact on world civilization, of the characteristics of Islamic
civilization as a humanitarian tendency and goal, a global horizon and
the message, the Koran, announced the Gender Unit Despite the diversity
of human races and Mnapth and his compatriot in the verse: (O mankind We
created you from male and female and made you into nations and tribes so
that the sight of God).
The Koran when he announced this unit universal human at the level of
truth and goodness and dignity to make his or her own contract are
organized in which all the genius of the peoples and nations, which whisk
above the banner of the Islamic conquests; so it was all civilization can
boast genius of the people of one sex and one nation, but the Islamic
civilization, it boasted genius who resided Srhaa of all nations and
peoples, and the owner and Vabuhanifh Shafie and Ahmad, Hebron, and
Canadian and Sibawayh Ghazali and al-Farabi and Ibn Rushd ..... And their
ilk who have different backgrounds and varied home, are not only made
them geniuses of Islamic civilization to humanity the finest product of
human thought proper.
If the civilization ROMANIAN have known the ways that connect parts of
the empire, they have known as well as the barriers that exist between
the different categories of citizens, as it broke up in rights among the
population of Rome and the inhabitants of the rest of Italy and among the
Romans and other nationals of the country open, and those who were
subjected to the empire and those outside who fired on them "barbarians."
The civilization of Islam has removed the barriers and distances between
human beings and in front of them on the ground alike, and the post
offices had to move around the house of Islam, sprawling, and found
"ligaments" or "Hasps" by the same group later host the transit and
provide them and their Dwabhm food, shelter, and reminds Alastkhry -
geographical Muslim - for example, Muslims beyond the river: "The
Smaanhm, people in more beyond the river, as if they were in the house
and one is down a one only if within the house itself ...", and so
removed the Islamic civilization psychological barriers and space between
her children in various parts of the world was a universal human right.
A human civilization:
Decides to justice and equality among people without regard to the colors
Ooajnashm, having declared the Quran the principle of equality (the sight
of God) became a justice of Islam and its civilization to man the launch
of whatever ethnic origin, Oallgoy, Otbakth, Oaqidth ..
The cessation of the Prophet (peace be upon him) in the Farewell
Pilgrimage to announce in his immortal: (people from Adam and Adam from
the dust, in virtue of the Arabic on the outlandish, nor for the black
white except by piety). This was not equal to stand at the borders of the
principles announced in several occasions as it is from the leaders of
modern civilization today, but the equality in place implemented as a
matter of unusual not to draw given, and does not need to make Oanad,
were carried out in the mosques where he meets the black and white at the
level of one from slavery to God Almighty and reverence in his hands, and
carried out in the pilgrimage, where meet the human elements are all
white and colored at the level of one's clothing and one of the non-
discrimination between black and white Oostala of whites to blacks, but
we find what is the highest of this, we have the Messenger of God (peace
be upon him) Bilal Habashi on the conquest of Mecca to climb above the
Kaaba to be authorized from above and declare the word of truth, and the
Kaaba is the sanctuary of ignorance among the Arabs in Mecca, a venerated
in Islam. Did not satisfy the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) to
Abu Dhar and Humen Akram his companions to insult another says to him, O
son of the black, but the draw and said to him: (Oaerth Psoad his mother?
You are a man you ignorant!) And this boundary between science and
ignorance, between human civilization and culture ignorance. It was in
the Outstanding Islamic civilization in all fields of science and
literature are black skin did not stop them beards to be men of letters
share Inadmon caliphs poet Ouallme graduate evacuated their hands on
thousands of eggs Kfiqih Jalil 'Ata' ibn Abi Rabah. In our history,
attitudes and dozens of examples of racial equality under the Islamic
It is a civilization economic:
As we know that the religion of Islam is to invite the conclusion of each
messages, invitations, and the Quran was revealed, confirming what his
hands from the previous books, and guarding it, and came the Prophet
peace be upon him Kkhatm senders message, the new world for all human
beings and worlds companions, so it has required a global message
conclusion to be exhaustive University its best it needs rights in this
world and the Hereafter, and proof her what harms it troubled the purity
of his life and disrupts walking to the Hereafter, Islam came at the
invitation of religion and state and call a social life, political,
economic, intellectual, and lay the foundations of faith pure and systems
of relations at all levels to produce for us in the end, a society for
granted excellence in everything nodal and behaviorally, morally,
socially, economically, intellectually and culturally.
A highlight was characterized by the Islamic civilization, which
represents the interaction of all the values ??and teachings of Islam
with human society are those systems upon which the Islamic civilization,
which included questions of government, governance, peace, love and
meeting, and the economy and everything related to the organization of
things, a Muslim country which is the scientific content of the values
??of the Islamic civilization, and our conversation in this regard for
the economic system in the Islamic civilization.
* House of Money 'and the Ministry of Finance':
The Islamic civilization, the leader in the organization of the funds of
economic and financial resources of the Islamic nation and known human
first and the Ministry of Finance on the same pattern that prevails now
in the most civilized nations, and this ministry, leading the 'house
money', The Caliph Omar Bin Al Khattab may Allah be pleased with him
first to set up house money because of the conquests of the great was in
the custody of the good things that have flowed into the Muslim state,
narrated by Ibn Sa'd in classes that Abu Hurayrah made on the age of
Bahrain Vlekaya in prayer 'Isha' and greeted him and asked him about the
people and then said to Abu Hurayrah: Why did you come by? I said: I came
five hundred thousand dirhams, he said: What do you say? I said, a
hundred thousand, one hundred thousand, one hundred thousand even counted
five, 'Umar said, you sleepy go back to your family Venm, if I missed
become, Abu Hurayrah said: Vdot him and said: Why did you come by? I
said: I came five hundred thousand dirhams, Omar said: 'best' I said:
Yes, I do not know but that, 'Umar said to the people: It has made us a
lot of money, the like, that we promise you, except if you like that
Nkalh your agent, and originated from the day the idea of ??house money.
We have established the age of the house money sub in each state have a
special resources and banks that state and more than responding to a
house of public money or the main center of the city, and make him honest
independent in his work for the governor and judge, which the world has
known then as 'the principle of separation of powers'.
Come together and approach the house of Muslim money to get to know the
resources and banks of this house, which represents the economic system
of the Islamic state, and shows the greatness of Islamic civilization and
its leadership in this area and others.
Resources of the house money:
Resources are divided house money in the Muslim country to several
resources and sources under the rule of fundamentalist Assembly [The
origin of the funds is permissible and impermissible taking the text].
A rule learned from the hadeeth of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon
him in his farewell [Your blood, your wealth and your honor are sacred to
you ...]] These resources are as follows:
[1] First: Zakah: the pillars of Islam and the duty of the court and
fixed to the time the amount is known from the wealth of the rich come to
their brothers of the poor is the finest images of solidarity and
compassion Social and who does not know his counterpart in any society
the previous or subsequent, and money to be the Zakat, four sections, [1]
Monetary Zakat [2] Alsoa?m Zakat and cattle, and cattle [3] zakat on
crops and fruits [4] zakat and ore minerals.
This resource from the resource wealth of the state house of a Muslim is
distinct from the rest of the resources identified aspects of its banks
and spending, which are mentioned in verse 60 of sura.
[2] Second, abscess: When the Muslims conquered the country of Iraq and
removed the State of the Persian Magi them and also opened the Levant and
the island and expelled the Roman of them asked many of the senior
companions of the Caliph Omar ibn al-Khattab that divides the land open
to the conquerors and the Mujahideen as Department of the booty taken
from weapons and belongings, but Umar saw that the earth shall be open
Faia to all Muslims throughout the ages, and based his opinion on the
verses of shade in Hashr, and any shade this to all Muslims, even in ages
to come, and urged him companions in the division of land, but my father
and supported in his opinion, Abdul Rahman bin Auf and explain the God
Almighty was issued to this view Faruq, who was a farmer and the goodness
of the Muslim nation, and make the lifetime of this land by a certain
amount of money you pay each year which is what is known as abscesses,
Foreign Affairs and the earth is divided into two types:
1 land forcibly opened and stayed by her family, without converting them
to Islam, traditionally farmed to the need of the state to pay their
expertise to outlying and virtually untouched by the rest for their work
in the ground.
2 land, which opened Disputes and Muslims agreed with her parents on the
performance against the outlying to keep in their hands as long as they
pay outlying inherited down and no one can take.
The abscess sometimes in the form of money or agricultural crops was
levied after the harvest, and around the solar not lunar Agriculture to
link the solar system and the four seasons.
Noting an important fact to ensure the continuity of the abscess as an
important source of funds in the Muslim country is that the abscess does
not fall on the ground never even sounder owners, The Book of the abscess
to the judge Abu Yusuf's Abu Hanifa of the best and first wrote in the
sources of state treasury and its banks written by building the request
of the Abbasid Caliph Harun al-Rashid, who wants to adjust the financial
matters in succession.
How to deal with the land of Omar abscess?
What turned out for the lifetime of his opinion in the land Almagnuma
sent by him men to clear the land of blackness 'Iraq', reaching an area
of ??26 million follicle and follicle-square estimated one thousand and
two hundred meters, that is, every 3.5 follicle equivalent acre farm now,
and make life on each follicle a certain amount of DH varies from
follicle to another depending on the nature of agriculture, crops or
fruit, and palm Vakarm different from wheat, barley, cotton and sugar
cane, and so on, and the value of outlying land before the death of the
vast age of one year one hundred million dirhams.

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