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					     The popular UK airport meet and greet
One of the most popular services offered by UK airports such as Heathrow, Gatwick
and Stansted is a premium parking service referred to as airport meet and greet. This is
a premium parking services and involves a traveler driving to their car to the airport and
then providing the airport with their details and intention to sign up for the service before
arrival. Basically a phone call is all that it takes for the airport to organize a meet and
greet service.

Basically, a traveler will call the respective airport and inform them of their intended
arrival about 15 minutes in advance. Upon arrival at the airport gate, the airport official
will meet the traveler, guide them towards the terminal and then safe and securely drive
off the traveler's car to a safe and secure parking facility. The car will be secured here
for as long as the traveler desires. The convenience is that upon return from their trip
overseas or to another city within the UK, their car will be waiting, safe and secure, at
the airport. The valet will be awaiting the travelers return such that there will be no time
wastage and no inconvenience to the commuter.

There are obvious benefits of this service to both the traveler and the airport. The airport
is able to generate some income which will in return be used to provide quality services
to the travelers. On the other hand, commuters will be able to travel with peace of mind,
knowing their car is safe. The convenience of the system is also very important to the
traveling public. UK airports are frequently coming up with secure systems and forms
of travel that are convenient for their customers. These services are affordably priced
yet offer increased convenience to the commuters. These are just a few of the various