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					LifeRisk                                                                    Online
                                                                            Real Quotes
                       Subscription Brochure - December 2011
                      LifeRisk Online ABN 33 073 830 172 ASIC Authorised Representative No 414390
 LifeRisk Online is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Life Risk Partners Pty Ltd ABN 19 115 831 028 AFSL 411655

Insurance research services to help
you to protect your clients and what
they have against life’s misfortunes.

Life Risk Group Profile

Life Risk Partners Pty Ltd ABN 19 115 831 028 AFSL 411655 and LifeRisk Online / Life Risk Services Pty Ltd ABN 33
073 830 172 Auth Rep No 414390 are members of the Life Risk Group. LifeRisk Online / Life Risk Services Pty Ltd is a
Corporate Authorised Representative of Life Risk Partners Pty Ltd AFSL 411655.

Life Risk Partners Pty Ltd is authorised to provide general life risk insurance product advice to wholesale clients.

Life Risk Partners Pty Ltd was formed in 2005 to develop a range of software and research based services to meet the
evolving needs of AFS Licensees including Dealer Groups and their Advisers, Superannuation Funds and Investment
Platforms as well as Life Insurance companies in the Wealth Protection market.

Services available from our multi-disciplinary team include:

    LifeRisk Online - a web based life insurance product research and comparison system
    Quote Systems
    Life Risk Benchmarking publications
    Life Risk Insurance Approved Product List consulting such as Tender Projects including assistance drafting the
     tender, analysis of tender responses, reporting and project facilitation of decision marking processes
    Ongoing product research and membership of Licensee Risk Research committees
    Independent Company and Product Reviews

Key personnel

Stephen Dingjan BSc (Hons), Managing Director, Responsible Manager LifeRisk Partners Pty Ltd
Stephen has over 25 years’ experience in a range of roles in Australian Funds Management and Life Insurance
including providing consulting services to Plan For Life from 1996 to 2011.

As part of his role providing consulting services to Plan For Life, from 1999 to 2007 Stephen managed the outsourced
Life Risk Insurance research services for a leading adviser software provider.

Previously Stephen has held significant roles at National Mutual including Immediate Annuities Product Manager and
as a Business Development Manager. Prior to that time Stephen held a variety of Actuarial roles in superannuation and
life insurance.

Robert Gurling BSc (Hons) Dip Ed Gr Dip (Software Development), Research and Compliance Director
Responsible Manager LifeRisk Partners Pty Ltd
Robert has 25 years’ experience in the Australian Life Insurance industry. In that time he has worked for a number of
life insurance companies and consulting firms as an actuarial and systems analyst. Robert's main role is to manage
the product research, compliance requirements and oversee the software development for the group.

Manouri Pothuhera BSc, Grd Dip (Actuarial Science), Dip FP, Risk Research Consultant
Manouri has worked overseas in a multinational life insurance group for over 10 years with roles in Actuarial, Group
Life, Retirement Benefit (Superannuation) and Operational Risk Management. Manouri's main role with is to keep Life
Risk Partner’s product research up to date.

Stephen Kennedy BCompSc, Systems Manager
Stephen has worked on LifeRisk Online for over 3 years. Previously a Network and Systems technician, Stephen’s
main role is to ensure that the Group systems run efficiently and ensure that Life Insurance quotation systems produce
correct quotations for LifeRisk Online.

Minh Nguyen BBus (Hons), Systems Consultant
Minh has a worked on LifeRisk Online for 5 years. He was instrumental in developing Insurance Quotation software.
Minh's main role is to support and develop the desktop, internet, smartphone and mobile versions of the LifeRisk
Online and the Insurance Quotation software.                                                                                              2
LifeRisk Online is an internet-based subscription service that provides life insurance premium
comparisons and product research for Advisers.

Putting together premium comparisons for clients has never been easier, with client details set up in the
quote process and a fast, easy to use comparison tool.

Fast, reliable access to life insurance quotes where...

     easy to use webpage
     every premium is a Real Quote, every time
     all quotes in the 1 place
     all quotes produced at the 1 time
     all quotes in about 1 minute
     access to Australia’s leading insurers premium Adviser distributed products

• Every Quote from every Company is validated as they are produced

• Instalment premium, 1st year Total and *5 year and *10 year average premiums
    *where available from quote systems

• every Quote report is available as a PDF download

• Client and Adviser Comparison reports as PDF downloads

Quotes are obtained in real-time from Australia’s leading Life Insurance companies. Access is through
LifeRisk Online’s dedicated proprietary technology, which uses each company’s system to generate
quotes. Web based quotes are usually completed in less than 30 seconds with quotes produced using
desktop quote systems taking about 1 minute.

Advisers from a wide range of Licensees use LifeRisk Online…
including Advocate Advisory, Ballast Financial Management, Synchron, Professional Investment
Services, Millennium 3, MLC Financial Planning, Garvan Financial Planning, Apogee, Lonsdale,
Risk and Investment Advisers Australia, Morrison Carr, Marsh, AMP Financial Planning, AXA
Financial Planning, Charter Financial Planning and HNW Planning.                                                                             3
Product Research …
With LifeRisk Online quotes are just part of the package of dedicated Life Risk Insurance research services
available to Subscribers. Product research currently available include individual Product Feature and
Trauma Event extracts from Product Disclosure Statements and where necessary Policy Documents.

Statements of Advice...
Licensees can have access to online Statements of Advice through LifeRisk Online. Alternatively Licensees
can obtain customised and formatted data ready to be exported on request to other systems to meet their

Depending on demand we can also provide a generic Statement of Advice to subscribers on the website.

Links to Straight Through Processing...

Currently quotes produced for AIA, Asteron, AXA, CommInsure, TOWER and Zurich can be used to apply
for insurance using Straight Through Processing. We do this by saving the quotes we run for you in your
Life Company Adviser account.

Tailored to suit your needs...
Whether you’re working independently as an individual practitioner or have a company structure, LifeRisk
Online is for you. LifeRisk Online allows access to the more generally available life insurance product

Why LifeRisk Online?

Products Covered

Non Superannuation                                                      Superannuation

Life Cover                          Income Protection                   Life Cover
TPD Own/Any Occupation              - Professional                      TPD Own/Any Occupation
- linked to Life cover              - Comprehensive                     - linked to Life Cover
 linked to Trauma Stand Alone       - Standard                          - Stand Alone
- Stand Alone
Trauma                              Business Expenses                   Income Protection
- linked to Life Cover                                                  - Superannuation
- Stand Alone
Child Cover

Benefits to you
      LifeRisk Online saves you time and money with Real Quotes
           -   in the 1 place
           -   at the 1 time
           -   in about 1 minute
      Fast and easy to use with a 1 page standard quotation layout
      More accurate comparisons as each company’s occupation list is used
      Quotations are produced at the same as Premium Comparisons
      Discount commissions using provider quote system settings
      Web quotes can link to Online Applications

                   LifeRisk Online reduces the time you spend
                    Obtaining accurate premium comparisons                                                                               4
Premium Quotation Features...

Quotations are done using each company’s website or desktop software. As a result every premium is a
Real Quote.

Standardised format
Client information is entered once only into quotation webpages with an easy to use layout. PDFs of
Premium Comparison reports and Life Company Quotes can be printed or downloaded for use with
Statements of Advice or Applications.

Full range of insurable risks
Access to real life quotes including packages of cover that can include Life Cover, Total and Permanent
Disablement, Trauma, Child Cover, Income Protection and Business Expenses.

Valid comparisons
We have taken the hard work out of comparisons by analysing each company’s product range and set up
the quotes produced by LifeRisk Online so that they are as comparable as possible. Analysis was done on
the basis that the quotes provided are the lowest cost that meet or exceed the requested quotation criteria.

LifeRisk Online comparison reports are based on company quotations. Users can customise their Quote
comparisons by selecting the companies they want included.

Quotes are available for a wide range of commonly available options.

For more details you should refer to the User Guide.

We have set up a short list of occupations that have been mapped across each company’s occupation list.

However, to ensure the accuracy of quotations, users have the option of selecting the life insured’s
occupation from each company’s occupation list.

Where needed, commission can be set using each company’s settings or you can use our pre-set
commission settings that provide the matching percentage of commission (if available) or use the next
higher setting (if a matching setting is not available).

Quote save and recall
You can save and recall quotes to alter and re-run without having to re-enter any details.

Product Research...

Product Features
We currently provide access to extracts from PDSs of most features and where necessary provide policy
document wording in addition to our point form summaries.

You can set up and download reports that compare features as PDFs.

Trauma Definitions
You can set up and download reports that compare Trauma event wordings as PDFs.                                                                                5
Premium Comparison Reports...

Comparison Quote reports can be downloaded as a Client Report and/or an Adviser Comparison Report as
PDF documents. This is in addition to PDFs of individual life company quotations.

The Client Report summarises the quote comparison and provides you with a 1 page report designed to be
used as an attachment to a Statement of Advice and used with clients to demonstrate that the market has
been researched as part of the advice process.

The Adviser Report includes key information such as: the details of the life insured, the type and amounts of
cover, selected options, premium results, occupations and commission settings. The report also includes
useful information designed to save advisers time including premium instalment, first year total, *5 year and
*10 year average premium (*where available) based on nil indexation so that comparable figures across
companies are produced, commission settings as well as Medical and Financial Underwriting

Online Applications…

We provide you with links to life insurance company Adviser websites so that quotes can be used with
Online Applications.

Quotations produced with a user’s access details on a provider’s quotation website can be used for Online
Applications. For providers who do not have a quotation website, we still provide quotations using their
desktop software. These quotes can be used to apply for insurance. However without using an online quote
system, users will not be able to take advantage of Online Applications.

To take full advantage of the links to Online Applications, users need to provide the access details for each
Life Company where they have an Adviser account. With these details, quotes are run using the user’s
name and saved in their account. These saved quotes can be used with applications for insurance using
the Online Application functionality from their Adviser account.

If we aren’t provided with user access details, we still produce real quotes that can be used to apply for
insurance.                                                                                 6
Subscription Plans...

LifeRisk Online allows you to select the Premium Comparison subscription option that just gives you access
to premium comparisons, quotation PDFs and Online Applications functionality.

We provide product features information extracted from PDSs and if necessary Policy documents in
addition to our point form summaries.

Product Research
When our Product Research is released shortly, you will be able to access product feature scores as well as
product scores and overall product package scores. Included in the product research package will be
highlights of the Life Risk Benchmark research we provide to AFS Licensees.

Product research will be made available as an option. Further details about the product research package
will be released with the research.

The current subscription costs are:

                                                           Premium Comparisons

       Subscription period                                          or

                                                               $49 per month
       Subscription fee
                                                              $147 per quarter
                                                                  inc GST

       Payment options                            BPay or Cheque – Monthly or Quarterly

Subscriptions are provided on a per Adviser basis. Multiple user subscriptions are also available.

You can change your subscription at any time by adding and removing users. The new subscription fees
will apply from the 1st of the next month.

Our preferred method of payment is BPay. BPay payments from both debit accounts and credit cards are

Invoices will be issued by email to subscribers at the beginning of each month or quarter on 14 day terms. If
invoices remain unpaid at the end of the month, access to LifeRisk Online may be suspended until payment
is made.                                                                                 7
Special Subscription Arrangements for Licensees and larger Practices...
We offer additional features for subscribers with larger numbers of users such as Licensees and larger

These features can include:

      customised online Statement of Advice or
      formatted and customised output that can be imported directly into other systems e.g. CRM.
      customised website that can be embedded into Licensee’s Adviser site making LifeRisk Online an
       integral part of an AFS Licensee’s value proposition

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Personal Information...

Users provide LifeRisk Online with information about individuals such as name, sex, date of birth and State
of residence. It is not necessary to provide a client’s name to produce quotations.

To protect your client’s privacy we encrypt the traffic between your computer, mobile device and the
website. In addition, we do not ask you to provide client addresses when producing quotes.

Our policy on the use of personal information is consistent with National Privacy principles. This
policy is:

         “Personal information provided on this website will not be used in any way other
         than to obtain quotations and provide reports. We do not forward dates of birth,
         names or addresses to third parties.

         For quotations produced on internet based quotation systems we provide the
         client details entered by the user so that quotations and reports can be

Website Performance...

LifeRisk Online works by accessing each company’s quotation system or desktop software. By monitoring
demand we are able to allocate system resources so that we can deliver quotes in about one minute.

Many quotes, particularly those provided by internet based quotation systems are usually provided in under
30 seconds. However if a quote has not been completed in less than two minutes, let us know. We will
investigate and address any issue promptly.                                                                               8
Contact Us Today...

    To discuss your requirements, contact Stephen Dingjan or Robert Gurling on +61 3 9702 6208 or by
    email to

Subscribe to LifeRisk Online...

    Subscribe online at and click on the subscribe link, or fill out the
    Subscription Application form on the next 2 pages and fax them to +61 3 9012 4292 or you can
    contact us on +61 3 9702 6208 or by email at

Register for the Free Trial...

    To register for the free trial, click on the register link at                                                                        9
LifeRisk Online Subscription Application...

Subscription to LifeRisk Online is provided in accordance with the Terms and Conditions set out in this
brochure. To subscribe, complete this form and mail or Fax it to us on +61 3 9012 4292 or click the
subscribe link on and complete the online form.


         Premium Comparison                                                $            per month

         Product Research & Premium Comparison                                 Not currently available

         No of Advisers

         Total Subscription including GST                                  $            per month

Payment Options…

Payments can be made through BPay or cheque.
                                                              Monthly               Quarterly

                  Select payment frequency                                           

A Tax Invoice will be sent to the Subscriber by email on the 1st of the month after we receive the subscription

Subscriber Details…

       Main Contact                                            Email

       First Name                                              Telephone

       Last Name                                               Fax

       Company                                                 Licensee

       ABN                                                     AFSL

       Address                                                 ABN

       Address                                                 Address

       Locality                                                Address

       Username                                                Locality

       Password                                                Postcode                                                                                   10

 First Name         Last Name           Email                  Username    ASIC No

LifeRisk Online Customisation…
Subscribers can customise their subscription to their Approved Product List by excluding the
companies that they do not need to access. The Approved Product List may be updated at any
time by the subscriber’s Main Contact who has administration rights. This list affects all users
included in a Subscription.

All companies are included by default. Please tick the companies that you want included or
excluded from the comparison quotations.

      Company                                        Include              Exclude
      AIA Australia                                                       
      AMP Financial Services                                              
      Asteron                                                             
      AXA Australia                                                       
      BT Insurance                                                        
      BT Insurance Wrap                                                   
      CommInsure                                                          
      Macquarie FutureWise                                                
      Macquarie Life Active                                               
      MLC Insurance                                                       
      *MLC Protection first                                               
      One Path Life                                                       
      TAL (TOWER)                                                         
      Zurich                                                              
     * until the product is closed to New Business                                                                    11
About LifeRisk Online
LifeRisk Online (Reg Business Name of Life Risk Services Pty Ltd) ABN 33 073 830 172 Auth Rep 414390 is
a Corporate Authorised Representative of Life Risk Partners Pty Ltd ABN 19 115 831 028 AFSL 411655.

Life Risk Partners Pty Ltd is authorised to provide general life risk insurance product advice to wholesale

LifeRisk Online Subscription Agreement
LifeRisk Online and its successors provide LifeRisk Online services under the terms and conditions as set
out in this Subscription Agreement.

1. Availability of LifeRisk Online
LifeRisk Online is only available to Australian Financial Services (AFS) Licence holders and their Authorised

Subscribers must provide their AFS Licence number together with the ASIC Authorized Representative
Number of each user and their contact details when subscribing. Employees of subscribing AFS Licensees
are exempt from providing an ASIC Authorised Representative Number.

2. Conditions of Use
 2.1     Reports and Quotations produced by LifeRisk Online are for the use of authorised users with their
         clients and for internal management purposes such as compliance. Further distribution, in any
         form, to anyone else is prohibited by this agreement without the express written consent of
         LifeRisk Online.

 2.2     Only users that are included in a current Subscription Agreement may access and use the LifeRisk
         Online website.

 2.3     Users must quote LifeRisk Online as the source of Comparison Reports and Quotations in all

 2.4     LifeRisk Online premium comparison reports are provided as an information service to AFS
         License holders and/or their Authorized Representatives.

 2.5     LifeRisk Online takes no responsibility for the subsequent use of the research provided in the

 2.6     We understand that it is the responsibility of AFS License holders and their Authorised
         Representatives, who use LifeRisk Online, to provide appropriate advice.

3. Subscription Licenses
 3.1     Subscriptions are provided under this Agreement on a per Adviser basis. That is, an Adviser who
         is not a user under a current Subscription Agreement cannot use LifeRisk Online without breaching
         this Agreement.

 3.2     Paraplanners and practice support staff may access an Adviser’s user account under the direction
         of an Adviser without additional cost. Running a Comparison quote, providing comparison reports
         or quote PDFs to an Adviser who is not a user under a current LifeRisk Online Subscription
         Agreement is a breach of this Agreement.

 3.3     AFS Licensee compliance staff may access an Adviser’s LifeRisk Online account for the purposes
         of conducting a compliance audit or similar purpose without being in breach of this Agreement.                                                                                 10
4. Users
4.1 Users may be added to a Subscription at any time. Additional subscription fees will apply from the 1st of
    the next calendar month.

5. Termination of a Subscription or of a User’s Access
 5.1     Subscribers may amend or terminate their Subscription at any time upon provision of written

         5.1.1   Acceptable forms of written notice include email, fax or letter.

         5.1.2   LifeRisk Online services will continue to be available until the end of the month following the
                 termination of the Subscription.

 5.2     An individual’s User access may be terminated as part of a Subscription at any time. Except when
         directed by the Subscriber, access to LifeRisk Online will cease at the end of the month that written
         notice was given that a User’s access is to be terminated.

6. Refunds
 6.1     Following the termination of a subscription or of a user’s access, refunds will not be provided for
         monthly payments. Unexpired whole months of longer payment durations will be refunded.

7. Invoices
 7.1     Invoices will be issued by email to the Subscriber at the beginning of each month on 14 day terms.
         If invoices remain unpaid at the end of the month, access to LifeRisk Online may be restricted or
         suspended pending payment.

8. Updating Subscription Terms...
Life Risk Services Pty Ltd may update the terms of the LifeRisk Online Subscription Agreement simply by
emailing the revised agreement to Subscribers. The new terms will apply from the next Subscription
payment.                                                                                    11
                               LifeRisk Online
       LifeRisk Online - ABN 33 073 830 172 Authorised Representative No 414390
                LifeRisk Online is a Corporate Authorised Representative of
               Life Risk Partners Pty Ltd AFSL 19 115 831 028 AFSL 411655
 Phone: +61 3 9702 6208           Fax: +61 3 9012 4292     Email:
53 St Boswells Ave BERWICK VIC 3806          Box 22, Shop 2 248 Clyde Rd BERWICK VIC 3806