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									                          Call for Composers:

Project background:
North Wind Blows is an International Fund for Ireland funded project that brings
together brass, woodwind, highland pipes and percussion players from different
community backgrounds in Tyrone and Donegal to experience and develop
ensemble playing in a range of different styles, while also promoting peace and
reconciliation. The project will culminate in 2 public concerts taking place in Co.
Donegal on April15th, and Co. Tyrone on April16th, 2011.

The 4 participating partners in this project are:

   1.   Donegal School of Music, Co Donegal
   2.   Bready Ulster Scots Pipe Band, Bready, Co Tyrone
   3.   St Joseph’s Brass Band, Strabane, Co Tyrone
   4.   Glenties Brass Band, Glenties, Co Donegal

Composer’s Brief:
County Donegal VEC Music Education Partnership, on behalf of the 4 project
partners, invites submissions from composers to create an original score of
music of 10 minutes duration. Two works will be commissioned in consultation
with the Project Coordinator and Donegal VEC Music Development Manager.
Instruments within the ensemble are:

       Woodwind – clarinet, flute and saxophone
       Scottish Highland Pipes
       Brass – cornet, trumpet, euphonium, French horn, trombone, Eb and Bb
        bass tuba.
       Tuned and un-tuned percussion
Works must be suitable for a range of musical competencies:

      Donegal School of Music & Glenties Brass Band, Co Donegal – From
       Grade 3 to Senior Certificate Level
      Bready Ulster Scots Pipe Band: Band Level - 4a
      St Joseph’s Brass Band: Band Level - Top Level 2 (one of the top 5 brass
       bands in Northern Ireland)

The composer must be available to rehearse and conduct the commissioned
work at the 2 concerts, taking place in Co. Donegal on the 15th of April, 2011 and
Co. Tyrone on the 16th of April, 2011.

An all-inclusive fee of €4 000 per commission is available to compose the work,
provide conductor’s scores (x 2) and parts for instruments, and to rehearse and
conduct the work.

Tender Application must include:
      Summary of relevant experience
      A score and recording of one of your previous works for instrumental
      An outline of your proposed approach for this composition

Submission will be accepted by post or email.

Thursday 25th November 2010 at 12 noon: Closing Date for Submission
Thursday 20th January 2011: Deadline for provision of melody line for the highland pipes
Wednesday 16th February 2011: Deadline for provision of all other scores & parts
Friday 15th April 2011: Donegal (location TBC) concert
Saturday 16th April 2011: Tyrone (Strabane) concert

For further information and to submit your tender application,
please contact:
Rosa Flannery
Project Co-Ordinator, North Wind Blows
Donegal VEC Music Education Partnership
Regional Cultural Centre
Co. Donegal
Tel. 087 924 5217 (+ 353 87 from NI/UK)

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