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									                       Improving Credit Score: Important Tips

Your credit score is an important thing when it comes to how lenders, dealers, companies or
banks see you. It is what they look at to determine if you are worthy enough to get a loan or
even to get that job position you’ve been longing for. Your credit score however, won’t just
maintain or go up by itself. It needs you to take care of it. A healthy credit score will get you
through a lot of things, while a poor one will just make things difficult for you or worse, it can get
you to nothing.

      Pays bills on time- Did you know that skipping out on your bills will mark your credit
       report for 7 or even 10 years? And within those years, that record will have an effect on
       your report and so on. Paying on time will not only get your bills done in no time, it will
       also give your score a boost! And if you can actually pay a little more than what is
       required, then you’ll be giving your credit score such a favor. You’ll finish your balance
       early and you’ll pay less for the interest rate over time.

      Use your credit card- This is probably the best tip ever when it comes to keeping your
       credit score high. Using your credit will give you a chance to boost it and give you good
       marks on your credit report. It’s best to stay 20 or 30% below to let creditors see that you
       are responsible and that you know your limits well. Exceeding your limit will only give
       you problems. You will go out of your budget, you won’t be able to pay your balance
       immediately, you’ll hurt your credit score and you might sacrifice some of you bills just to
       pay for it. Pay your bills on time and prevent future problems from coming in.

      Check your credit score regularly- Checking it will prevent errors or you could at least get
       them off early if there are any. False items in your record will affect future transactions
       and will hurt your credit score. Better if you check your score every 3 or 4 months. You
       are entitled to one free credit report every year from the credit agencies. Check them for
       errors or even fishy transactions, don’t let these things hurt your score.

Your credit score will become a very important part of your life. Taking care of it early will help
you in the future and will also help you become socially responsible. This will also help you
through a lot of things, your house, a car and even your job.

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