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					International or Internationally-themed Conferences and Meetings
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Conference                       What                                                                 When               Where                 Web Site
American Council on the          The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages            November 15-       Orlando, FL 
Teaching of Foreign Languages    (ACTFL) Annual Convention and World Languages Expo brings            17, 2013                                 es/index.cfm?pageid
(ACTFL) Annual Convention        together more than 6,000 teachers, administrators, method                                                     =4894
                                 instructors and students of foreign languages at all levels from
                                 across the world. The convention features over 600 educational
                                 sessions on such topics as: Assessment, Culture, Curriculum,
                                 Learner Variables, Literature, Materials, Methods/Techniques,
                                 Policy/Issues, Professional Development, Research, Specific
                                 Purposes, Standards and Technology.
American Council on the          The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages            November 16-       Philadelphia, PA
Teaching of Foreign Languages    (ACTFL) Annual Convention and World Languages Expo brings            18, 2012                                 es/index.cfm?pageid
(ACTFL) Annual Convention        together more than 6,000 teachers, administrators, method                                                     =4894
                                 instructors and students of foreign languages at all levels from
                                 across the world. The convention features over 600 educational
                                 sessions on such topics as: Assessment, Culture, Curriculum,
                                 Learner Variables, Literature, Materials, Methods/Techniques,
                                 Policy/Issues, Professional Development, Research, Specific
                                 Purposes, Standards and Technology.
Global Internship Conference                                                                          June 12-15,        Berkeley,             http://www.globalinter
                                                                                                      2012               California  
NAFSA: Association of            NAFSA: Association of International Educators is a member            May 27-June 1,     Houston, TX 
International Educators Annual   organization promoting international education and providing         2012
Conference                       professional development opportunities to the field.
IREG-6 Conference                The following topics have been accepted for specific sessions:       April 18-22,       Taipei, Taiwan        http://www.ireg-
                                        new developments in academic rankings [examples of                                                    .php?option=com_co
                                         new rankings initiative, methodological innovations],                                                 ntent&task=view&id=
                                        improving rankings: responsibility and challenges [mainly                                             54&Itemid=71
                                         based on IREG audit initiative];
                                        national policies and institutional behavior towards
                                         academic rankings

Fourth Annual Forum of the       It will bring together world leaders - UN Secretary-General, Heads   December 11-       Doha, Qatar 
UNAOC                            of States and Governments, heads of international organizations,     13, 2011
                                 Ministers, civil society activists, scholars, Nobel laureates,
                                 corporate executives, religious leaders, – and thousands of actors
                                 and organizations from around the world actively involved in
                                 enhancing intercultural dialogue and cooperation.

The 7th QS Asia-Pacific          Continuing the tradition of advancing international recognition and   November 23-      University of         http://www.qsapple
Professional Leaders in          globalisation of Asian universities that reinforces its mission to    25, 2011          Santo Tomas,          .org/glance.php
Education (QS-APPLE)             help build world-class universities for Asia-Pacific communities                        Manila,
Conference                       through global partnership and collaboration. The conference                            Philippines
                                 supports the efforts of Asian universities to internationalise by
                                 providing valuable opportunities for networking, exchanging best
                                 practices and debating new developments in higher education in
                                 this dynamic region.
American Council on the          The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages             November 18-      Denver, CO  
Teaching of Foreign Languages    (ACTFL) Annual Convention and World Languages Expo brings             20, 2011                                es/index.cfm?pageid
(ACTFL) Annual Convention        together more than 6,000 teachers, administrators, method                                                     =4894
                                 instructors and students of foreign languages at all levels from
                                 across the world. The convention features over 600 educational
                                 sessions on such topics as: Assessment, Culture, Curriculum,
                                 Learner Variables, Literature, Materials, Methods/Techniques,
                                 Policy/Issues, Professional Development, Research, Specific
                                 Purposes, Standards and Technology.
45th CBIE Annual Conference      CBIE will hold its 45th annual conference at The Westin Hotel in      November 19-      Ottawa, Canada
                                 Downtown Ottawa from November 19-23, 2011. Further program            23, 2011                                glish/aboutus/events.
                                 details will be circulated early in the New Year.                                                             htm

                                 The theme of the conference is Crossroads of Excellence and           November 3-5,     Indianapolis, IN
Kappa Delta Pi                   builds on the idea that all of us as educators need to travel         2011                                    nvo2011/about.php
International Honor Society in   periodically to a central location, restock our teaching
Education                        resources, and refuel our professional energies.
IARSLCE International            The featured theme for the 11th annual conference is “Research        November 2-4,     Chicago, Illinois     http://www.researchsl
Association for Research on      for Impact: Scholarship Advancing Social Change.                      2011                          
Service-learning and Community                                                                                                                 awards/
CONAHEC                          “International Higher Education Collaboration: Empowering             October 12-14,    Puebla, Mexico
14th North American Higher       Societies in an Era of Transformation”. The conference will focus     2011
Education Conference             on how higher education institutions can better focus their
                                 strengths and resources and improve their international
                                 collaboration in order to empower our societies to be prepared for
                                 future challenges. While higher education institutions have been at
                                 the cutting edge of many technological developments, and have
                                 served as spaces for our communities to grow and develop, the
                                 road ahead is full of challenges if we are to create fairer, more
                                 equitable and more prosperous communities which together are
                                 prepared for anything the future holds.
World Youth and Student Travel   As the essential event for the global youth travel industry,          September 20-     Barcelona, Spain
Conference (WYSTC)               WYSTC is the meeting point for key stakeholders and                   23, 2011
                                 organizations providing youth, student and educational travel.
                                 WYSTC connects the diverse markets that serve the millions of

                                young people who travel to study, work and gain international
                                experience and skills. The event combines a business-to-business
                                trade fair, niche sector meetings, industry-focused seminars and
                                practical workshops with nonstop daily networking opportunities.
Africa Network                  Changing Africa, Changing Pedagogies                                    September 16-     Indianapolis,         http://www.africanetw
                                                                                                        18, 2011          Indiana     
4 International Symposium on    The purpose of AG 2011 is to bring together scholars, educators         July 19-22,       Orlando FL            http://www.iiis2011.or
Academic Globalization: AG      and practitioners with the objective of exploring, reflecting and       2011                                    g/wmsci/Website/Abo
2011                            sharing ideas with regards to the impact that the Globalization                                                 utConfer.asp?vc=22
                                Phenomena is having or might have on universities (research,
                                teaching and continuing education), and vice versa: the impact
                                that academia is generating, or could generate on the
                                phenomenon of globalization.
      2011 EducationUSA Forum   Experts in international higher education including all 13              June 22-24,       Washington, DC
                                EducationUSA Regional Coordinators, more than 30                        2011                                    fo
                                EducationUSA Advisers and senior U.S. State Department
                                Officials will present on the state of global interest in U.S. higher
                                education and how U.S. universities can enhance their
                                international recruitment efforts.

ELEVENTH INTERNATIONAL          The Diversity Conference has a history of bringing together             June 20-22,       University of the     http://www.ondiversit
CONFERENCE ON DIVERSITY         scholarly, government and practice-based participants with an           2011              Western Cape
IN ORGANIZATIONS,               interest in the issues of diversity and community. The conference                         Cape Town,            2011
COMMUNITIES AND NATIONS         examines the concept of diversity as a positive aspect of a global                        South Africa
                                world and globalized society. Diversity is in many ways reflective
                                of our present world order, but there are ways of taking this further
                                without necessarily engendering its alternatives: racism, conflict,
                                discrimination and inequity. Diversity as a mode of social
                                existence can be projected in ways that deepen the range of
                                human experience. The conference will seek to explore the full
                                range of what diversity means and explore modes of diversity in
                                real-life situations of living together in community. The conference
                                supports a move away from simple affirmations that 'diversity is
                                good' to a more nuanced account of the effects and uses of
                                diversity on differently situated communities in the context of our
                                current epoch of globalization.

Council for European Studies    Eighteenth International Conference of Europeanists                     June 20-22,       Barcelona, Spain      http://www.councilfor

                                   “Student Diversity in HE: Conflicting Realities” The European          June 20-22,       Amsterdam, The        http://www.anienetwo
The European Access Network        Access Network will meet at VU University Amsterdam in June to         2011              Netherlands 
(EAN)                              discuss student diversity in higher education and the tensions
                                   affecting policy and action to widen access and participation for
                                   disadvantaged and underrepresented groups.
Internationalisation of Pedagogy   This international conference is aimed at exploring new and            June 16-17,       University of         http://www.heacadem
and Curriculum in Higher           emerging thinking, practice and research in these areas and            2011              Warwick, UK 
Education: Exploring New           invites practitioners and researchers working in                                                               2011/academyevents
Frontiers Conference               more internationalised higher education contexts around the world                                              /16_17_June_TIS
                                   to consider and debate some of the following issues:

                                           What are the challenges and opportunities for universities,
                                            teachers and students of increased student mobility (both
                                            inbound and outbound)?
                                         How can we use the diversity of student and staff
                                            perspectives and experiences for more internationalised
                                            learning for all?
                                         How can these shifts shape imaginative and creative
                                            approaches to teaching, learning and assessment;
                                            curriculum and programme design and delivery; research
                                            paradigms and epistemologies; and interactions and
                                            transnational partnerships?
                                         How can these inform more complex issues such as
                                            global citizenship and intercultural learning, and foster
                                            respectful dialogue between and among diverse cultures
                                            and knowledge traditions on university campuses and
                                            across the communities in which they exist?
                                         Is ‘internationalisation’ an exclusively Western (or
                                            ‘Westernising’) notion or are there other cultural academic
                                            paradigms or perspectives that can inform a wider
NAFSA: Association of              NAFSA: Association of International Educators is a member              May 29-June 3,    Vancouver,  
International Educators Annual     organization promoting international education and providing           2011              British Columbia,
Conference                         professional development opportunities to the field.                                     Canada
Global Forum on Borderless         “Leveling the International Playing Field” covering topics spanning    May 25-27,        Vancouver, BC
Higher Education                   global regionalism, private partnerships, student mobility, open       2011
                                   and distance learning, international quality assurance, and the
                                   transnational student experience.
Institute for Curriculum and       The IU Center for the Study of Global Change, with support from a      May 22-25-        Indiana               http://www.indiana.ed
Campus Internationalization        variety of partners, is offering a summer institute for community      2011              University,           u/~global/icci/
(ICCI)                             college and university faculty, staff, and administrators. This will                     Bloomington
                                   be an intensive institute focusing on how to internationalize
                                   curriculum and campuses. It will highlight contemporary global
                                   and area studies, global learning objectives, innovative
                                   pedagogical and technological techniques, institutional change
                                    and strategic plans, course design and assessment.

                                    This conference will explore the question of what makes an                May 22-24,        Vienna, Austria       http://www.aca-
ACA Annual Conference 2011:         excellent university or college. In doing so, it will consider not only   2011                          
The excellence imperative.          the research function of higher education, but also its educational                                               hp?id=461
World-class aspirations and real-   role – teaching and learning – and manifold further functions and
world needs.                        missions, such as higher education’s role in maintaining and
                                    building civil society, in addressing today’s global challenges, and
                                    in international cooperation, amongst others. In other words, it is
                                    intended to seek to identify different forms of excellence, geared
                                    to different aspirations.
SCOLA Conference                    SCOLA is a non-profit educational organization that receives and          May 18-19,        Omaha,      
                                    re-transmits television programming from around the world in              2011              Nebraska              scola/ConferenceInfo
                                    native languages. SCOLA also provides other language learning                                                     rmation.aspx
                                    content on this website. Universities, Colleges, K-12 schools,
                                    cable systems, government language schools and individuals use
                                    SCOLA content for current news, language study and cultural
First Iranian International         Topic areas of interest include: Reevaluation of new Management,          May 17, 2011      Sanandaj, Iran
Conference of Management,           leadership and innovation in public, Medical and non-private                                                      n/confrences/
Futurism, Entrepreneurship and      universities with regards to Iran's Socio-cultural situation; New
Industry in Higher Education        indigenous theories and mode.
Learning Global                     Better understanding of the implications of global learning is an         May 11, 2011      Northampton, UK       http://www.northampt
                                    important element in the contemporary scholarship of Learning                                           
                                    and Teaching. Our conference is designed to provide a forum in                                                    ontinuing-
                                    which effective, evidence-informed can be shared.                                                                 professional-
Communication Officers’             This highly anticipated higher education focused event will provide       May 10-12,        Sydney, Australia     http://liquidlearning.c
Conference 2011                     a central platform for communication professionals to network,            2011                          
                                    exchange information, and expand on skills for performance                                                        CO0511/HECO0511_
                                    excellence.                                                                                                       SM.pdf
Intercultural Horizons: Best        Siena Italian Studies and the Associazione Culturale Ulisse at the        May 7-8, 2011     Siena, Italy          http://www.sienaitalia
Practices in Intercultural          International Center for Intercultural Exchange are pleased to                                          
Competence Development              invite you to Intercultural Horizons 2011, the first biennial                                                     ural_horizons.php
                                    conference dedicated to exchanging ideas, practices and
                                    experiences in intercultural competence development.
The Doha Pre-Forum 2011 with        The Doha Pre-Forum 2011 with Civil Society Organizations (CSO)            May 3-4, 2011     Doha, Qatar 
Civil Society Organizations         is co-organized by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and                                               content/view/609/289
(CSO)                               the Drafting Committee of the Doha Forum, in partnership with the                                                 /lang,english/
                                 Human Rights National Committee of Qatar, the Arab Democracy
                                 Foundation, Silatech and the Doha Center for Media Freedom.
                                 The 4 Annual Forum will be held Dec. 11-13, 2011.
7 International Scientific       The central theme of this forthcoming event stands out as               April 28-29,       Bucharest,  
Conference eLSE-Elearning and    "Anywhere, Anytime- Education on Demand".                               2011               Romania               /else2011/
Software for Education           eLSE is an international refereed conference created with the aim
                                 to promote eLearning related activities by providing learning and
                                 professional development, by blending ideas from researchers,
                                 developers and practitioners from education, business and
                                 government, to both learn, teach and share from one's own

OAR 2011 Conference              International Conference on "Educational Leadership,                    April 25-27,       Patong, Thailand      http://www.oaric2011.
Songkla University               Knowledge & Technology Innovation in Cultural Diversity and             2011                           
                                 Knowledge-based Society" with aims to assess the roles of
                                 leadership in knowledge-based economy in assisting communities
                                 with diverse cultures to seek cooperation, coordination, and
                                 networks in order to compete and function effectively in this age of
IAU Global Meeting (GMA IV)      The International Association of Universities, in partnership with      April 11-12,       New Delhi, India      http://www.iau-
                                 the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and the Indian Institute   2011                           
                                 of Information Technology (IIIT) is organizing the fourth edition of                                             ndia/index.html
                                 the Global Meeting of Associations of Universities and other
                                 Higher Education.
                                 More than 25 EducationUSA Advisers from the Middle East &               April 11-15,       Doha, Qatar
EducationUSA Triennial           North Africa along with U.S. higher educational representatives         2011
Conference 2011:                 offer their expertise on higher education in the region and how
"Opening Doors Through           U.S. universities can enhance their recruitment efforts.

Forum on Education Abroad        The Forum on Education Abroad is the only organization whose            April 6-8, 2011    Boston, MA            http://www.forumea.o
Annual Conference, "Making the   exclusive purpose it is to serve the field of education abroad.                                                  rg/
Connection:                      Recognized by the US Department of Justice and the Federal
Praxis and Theory in Education   Trade Commission as the Standards Development Organization
Abroad''                         (SDO) for education abroad, the Forum’s Standards of Good
                                 Practice are recognized as the definitive means by which the
                                 quality of education abroad programs may be judged.

Women Leaders of New Asia         Asia Society's Women Leaders of New Asia summit in Singapore           March 31-April    Singapore   
Summit                            brings together a diverse range of leading women in their fields for   2, 2011                                 business-
                                  substantive discussions on the roles they can play now and                                                     economics/conferenc
                                  tomorrow.                                                                                                      es/women-leaders-

WIRES 2011 Women’s                Summit participation is limited to 50 US and 50 non-US women           March 30-April    Orlando, FL           http://wires.gatech.ed
International Research in         engineers. Since this event will be the second in a series of such     1, 2011                                 u/main.php
Engineering Summit                summits, it will focus on three research "clusters" or themes
                                  looking at engineering systems to deliver: Sustainable Energy,
                                  Health Care, and Clean Water.
American Association of Applied   “Communicating Grammatically: Evaluating a Learner Strategies          March 26-29,      Chicago, Il
Linguistics                       Website for Spanish Grammar”                                           2011
                                  “Foreign Language Activity” in Japanese Public Elementary
                                  Schools: A Critical Analysis of the New Language Education
                                  “Asian Learner Language: Tools for Teachers”
6 Annual IIE Best Practices                                                                              March 17-18,      New York, NY          http://www.iienetwork
Conference                                                                                               2011                                    .org/page/116/
The Work Experience Travel        The Work Experience Travel Market and IAPA Annual Conference           March 16-18,      Brussels,             http://www.wetm-
Market and IAPA Annual            is the annual B2B event for sending and receiving organisations        2011              Belgium     
Conference                        serving all aspects of cultural exchange, work experience and au
                                  pairing. Featuring sector-focused seminars and targeted trade via
                                  the business appointment workshop, the event delivers a cost-
                                  effective opportunity for the global cultural exchange community to
                                  meet, network, learn, and do business.
British Council Going             The British Council's Going Global Conference provides an              March 10-12,      Hong Kong             http://www.britishcou
Global Conference                 opportunity for delegates to debate the drivers and motivations for    2011                          
                                  international education, at both policy and practitioner level.                                                gg5-general-
                                  Delegates consider how strategic approaches at both levels might                                               information.htm
                                  integrate, and how they might support elements such as research,
                                  curriculum development, teaching, the student experience and
                                  staff development.
APAIE 2011 Conference             Asia-Pacific Association for International Education 2001              March 9-12,       National Taiwan
                                  Conference                                                             2011              University, Taipei,   ence/2011
                                  “Asia-Pacific Education: Impacting the World” where delegates                            Taiwan
                                  from around the world will consider how strategic approaches can
                                  make our actions and decisions more globally significant and
The 2011 EDGE (Emerging           Education sector has currently taken center –stage in India. We        March 9-11,       New Delhi, India      http://www.edgeforu
Directions in Global Education)   are at a momentous time, when Indian government recognizing            2011                          
conference                        the need and potential of the sector has introduced crucial bills
                                  which will shape and nurture the future of Indian higher Education
                                  Sector. Also the demand for quality education and transparent
                                  education system has increased. Therefore the theme for EDGE
                                 2011 has been chosen as ‘Shaping the Future of Indian Higher
ISEP Symposium: Best Practices   ISEP: International Student Exchange Programs will bring            February 23-      San Francisco,
in International Partnerships    together international higher education representatives from        24, 2011          CA          
                                 among its worldwide network of 300 member universities in 45                                                t
                                 countries for the 2011 ISEP Symposium.

International Conference on      9 Washington International Education Conference                     January 24-25,                
Internationalization of Higher                                                                       2011                                    age/Events/
Education with Special
Reference to Management
13th Annual Colloquium on        In previous years the Colloquium focused on how college             November 4-7,     Newport, Rhode
International Engineering        campuses can establish programs combining engineering and           2010              Island                /colloquia/2010/
Education                        foreign studies. A number of U.S. university international
                                 engineering programs exist and are growing. Now, in this new
                                 decade, the 2010 Colloquium centers on how programs can move
                                 from the basic level - learn a foreign language, study and intern
                                 abroad, graduate, repeat - to an advanced one.


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