Interviewing Tips for Wedding Videographers

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					Interviewing Tips for Wedding Videographers
 To create memorable wedding videos, experienced wedding videographers include interviews of
 the guests. The responses from the guests and the bride and groom make the wedding video fun
 to watch instead of making it a boring recording of the wedding and reception ceremonies.

 However, 'interviewing' guests is a skill in itself that must be mastered before hurling your
 camera in the face of the guests. This is because some guests might be nervous of the camera and
 hence won't respond comfortably to the questions. As a skilled videographer, you should get
 them to talk in a relaxed manner. If they are afraid of the camera, put them at ease to elicit the
 best responses from them.

 If you are a first time videographer or have only recently started covering weddings, you might
 still be improving your guest interviewing skills. You could ask a seasoned videographer to
 guide you regarding interview tactics. You could also follow these tips to get fun and memorable
 responses from the guests.

 Do not use the word interview!
 The best thing to do when talking to guests is not to start by saying that you will interview them.
 This will make them feel uneasy. Take this as an opportunity to chat with guests. Introduce
 yourself by saying, "Hi, I am here to cover Jim and Mary's wedding. I would like you to tell me
 how the two of them met."

 Talk to the guests as a friend, not as a cameraman
 It will not do well if you are pointing camera at the guests because it will remind them that they
 are being interviewed and the responses might come as fake or stilted. You could ask someone to
 man the camera while you talk to the guests or if you must be behind the camera, you could ask a
 friend to talk to the guests. Do not ask the guests to look into the camera.

 Be confident, smile and make the guests feel that their responses are important and the bride and
 groom would love to see what they have to say on their wedding so that the guests don't shy
 away from answering questions. If a guest politely declines any questions, it may be that they are
 afraid of being on camera or that they might not look good on the camera. Tell them they are
 looking good on camera and the lighting and hues make for a fantastic shot.

 Invest in handheld mics
 In a noisy environment, it will become difficult for you to record the responses of interviewees
 with camera-mounted mics. Handheld mics work great in such situations.

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