Great Pyramid of Giza by ert554898


									Great Pyramid of Giza
       Смольянинова О.А.
The greatest from pyramids, but as however, and most
  popular is the pyramid of Kheopsa. The name of pyramid of
  Kheopsa takes place on behalf of its creator, which a
  pharaoh was Kheops. From the enormous sizes of pyramid
  of Kheopsa, it is also named the Large pyramid.

                         Смольянинова О.А.
• A pyramid of Kheopsa is fantastic creation of engineering art.
  Its height is 146,6 , and weight is 6,3 million tons.

Besides a build material it contains in a greater amount, than it was used
  up on building of all cathedrals, churches, chapels in England.
                                Смольянинова О.А.
• Consists of blocks of limestone, basalt and granite.

                       Смольянинова О.А.

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