Tony Orlando by jolinmilioncherie


									                                                                                                     Volume XVII • Issue No. 8

                                                                                                        ADAR-NISAN 5772

                                                                                                          MARCH 2012

                                                                Dave and Mary Alper JCC on The Jay Morton-Levinthal Campus

Special Needs Event!

A Night With
Tony Orlando
Featuring: Silent Auction, Performance,
Gourmet Dessert Reception
                                                                                  Get Ready for that
Don’t miss Tony Orlando, backed by his twelve-piece band,

                                                                                 Curious Little Monkey!
as he entertains us with his hits and has us dancing in the
aisles with other all-time favorites! This is a top-notch,
Vegas-style production that you won’t want to miss!
                                                                            Curious GeorgeTM:
The evening will include a spectacular silent auction and                   Let’s Get Curious!
                                                                          In the Lisa Ann Watson Children’s Discovery Museum

                                                                          Opening Day Celebration
gourmet dessert reception.

All proceeds go to the Shirley and Chester Paul Special
Needs Program at the Alper JCC which provides year-round                       Sunday, March 25, Noon-4pm
programming for children, teens and adults with cognitive                        See Page 7 for Details!
and/or physical disabilities.
                                                                        Kids aged 3-7 follow George through an exciting hands-
Buy your tickets online at!                                on exhibit focusing on math, science, art and engineering.
For more information, contact Melinda Wiser at                          Get curious with fun and challenging activities while
                                                                        exploring George’s home and neighborhood.

                                                                        And don’t miss “FunkeyMonkeys” or x243.

Special Needs Committee: Lisa Leventhal, Judy Mezey,
Susie Fisher, Joanne Gentile, Renee Gershen, Teri Hirschberg,            in concert in the Russell Theater at 3pm…
Lynn Katzen, Tobe Marmorstein, Sharon Samole, Carol Stiefel                           details on Page 3!
                                             Volume XVII • Issue No. 8 • ADAR-NISAN 5772 • MARCH 201                                                     2

                      Bob Turk
                                                                                      Front &Center
                                                                                      ECD Receives Five-Star Rating!
                         A number of years ago, I was told I was one of three
                         finalists being considered as the keynote speaker for        We are excited to announce that the Glen Greenstein Early
                         a national business organization’s Miami Beach               Childhood Development program was awarded a Five-Star Rating
                         convention. The three of us, a professor of                  by Quality Counts, a voluntary rating system that indicates that we
                         mathematics, a local economist, and I (an attorney)          are in the top ten percent of high quality centers in South Florida.
                         needed to be interviewed by the speaker’s committee              Quality Counts was designed and funded by The Children’s
                         to determine who would be the chosen one.                    Trust in partnership with the Early Learning Coalition of Miami-
                             We all sat in the hallway waiting to be interviewed      Dade/Monroe and the Early Childhood Initiative Foundation/Ready
by three members of the committee. The math professor was called in to                Schools Miami. It is administered in collaboration with Florida
be interviewed first. Although the door was shut, the economist and I                 International University, University of Miami Mailman Center,
could hear the professor’s entire interview.                                          Devereux Florida, Family Central Inc., the Children’s Forum, and
    The professor was asked about his credentials and what topics he                  the United Way Center for Excellence.
wanted to address at the convention. We then heard one interviewer                        Our participation provides us with grants for materials and
ask,“Professor, what is 1+1?” The professor responded, “Do you mean a -               equipment, educational scholarships for staff, wage supplements,
1 or at +1?” The interviewer said, “Just give me your best answer.” “Well,            technical assistance to raise quality, and other financial awards.
it’s either -2, 0 or +2,” harrumphed the professor. With that the professor           Quality Counts was just the first step. APPLE (Accredited
was excused. The door opened and the economist was called in.                         Professional Preschool Learning Environment) accreditation is next
     Again, I overheard the whole interview. The same general questions               (see Page 9). Congratulations to ECD director Phyllis Bochman
were asked of the economist. And, then the economist was asked, “What                 and the outstanding teachers at our ECD!
is 1+1?” She responded: “Do you mean a ‘theoretical’ 1 or a ‘real’ 1?”
                                                                                                            SAVE THE DATE…
                                                                                                            Grand Tournament
The interviewer replied “What’s your best answer?” “Well, it’s zero but not
less than or equal to 2,” said the economist. With that the economist was
excused. The door opened and I was called in.
     I was asked many questions. As the last question, I was also asked,                                    is Coming!
“Counselor, how much is 1 + 1?” I immediately got up, went to the
windows and closed all the curtains. I then went to the glass door and                                      This year we will celebrate 20 years of The
pulled the blinds down. I then leaned into the interviewers and motioned                                    Grand Tournament with what promises to
then to come close. I whispered so only they could hear, “How much do                                       be a fantastic series of events benefitting
you want it to be?”                                                                                         the JCC Scholarship Fund. We are excited
     There was a momentary silence, and then the three interviewers all                                     to announce that this year’s Golf
jumped up, shook my hand and said, “You are exactly the speaker we want                                     Tournament will take place at Melreese
for our group!”                                                                       Country Club/ International Links on Thursday, May 10.
     This is NOT a true story, but people laugh when I tell it. I am not sure         Women’s Tennis and Mah Jongg will be at the JCC on Monday,
they laugh because it means that lawyers will say anything (not true) or              May 14, and Men’s Tennis will be held on Sunday, April 22.
because they realize we each want to hear just what we want to hear. We               To volunteer or for sponsorship information, please contact
want to have amplified what we believe to be true, even if it’s not.                  Melinda Wiser at or 305.271.9000 x243.
     One thing I do know is that numbers intrigue us, whether alone, in lists,
as percentages, pie charts, or graphs. Why this fascination?                          Golf co-chairs: Dr. Paul Fisher and Dr. Irving Lerner
     I think it gives us comfort to know that some things appear to have              Women’s Tennis chair: Sandy Teeter
certainty and order. Numbers also give us a way to measure and make                   Men’s Tennis chair: Paul Neumann
sense of what is around us. We all know (or think we know) what 1+1                   Mah Jongg co-chairs: Cheryl Rosen and Wendy Rudman
equals.                                                                               _______________________________________________
     Putting the philosophical considerations to the side, I thought our JCC          PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE continued....
members would like to know some of our own numbers.                                   Beyond these numbers, the number 90 should be important to
For example, our JCC has:                                                             you. Why? Well, the great sage, Woody Allen, said that “90% of
                                                                                      life is just showing up.” So if you just show up at the JCC, I
    28 Acres                                 20 Years on Site                         promise you your life will be different. You can even measure it. If
85,000 Square Feet                           60 Full-Time Staff Members               you are active in the Fitness Center, you can count reps, calories
 4,800 Individual Members                   150 Towels                                or inches lost from your waist line.
   700 Summer Campers                       350 Parking Spaces                             If you attend the upcoming Special Needs Event including the
   147 Preschoolers                         486 Theater Seats                         Tony Orlando in concert, you can count the odds of winning an
    14 Past Presidents                       33 Board Members                         item at the silent auction or the unbelievable number of songs in
     3 Blue Jay Basketball Banners       16,292 Dollars / Day to Operate the J        Tony Orlando’s repertoire. If you participate in the Spring Grand
     1 Executive Director                     1 Jewish Educator/Asst. Exec. Dir.      Golf Tournament, you can count your strokes or the friendships
     7 Tennis Courts                          1 75-foot swimming pool                 made. Most important, if you come to the J, you can count on
     1 Lake with Fish                                                                 getting more back than you put in. Count on it!
                                           Volume XVII • Issue No. 8 • ADAR-NISAN 5772 • MARCH 201                                                           3

                                                   SPOTLIGHT ON THE ARTS

 Sablotsky Cultural Arts Center
                                  Robert Russell Theater

                                                FunkeyMonkeys! Sunday, March 25 at 3pm
                                                Celebrating the Watson Children's Museum Opening of Curious George!

                                                What better way to celebrate the opening of the extraordinary children’s exhibit, Curious George™:
                                                Let's Get Curious! than with FunkeyMonkeys, a musical group that Goes Bananas?! Created by Joshua
                                                Sitron, composer for Nickelodeon's Dora the Explorer, the FunkeyMonkeys! are a supergroup of
                                                professional musicians and comedians based in New York City, who produce eclectic CDs and live
                                                shows for kids and parents. Think "Seinfeld meets the Wiggles" or "The Muppets performing Free to
                                                Be." Tickets, $10 or purchase a combined ticket to the concert and Curious George exhibit for only $12.
                                                Purchase online at or contact or x268.

                                  Israel: The Soundtrack Monday, March 26, 7:30pm
                                  Experienced by thousands of people all around the world, Israel the Soundtrack is a workshop that shines a light
                                  on 62 years of Israeli existence, using its mainstream music and dances as explanatory tools. The workshop
                                  explores the history, culture and social norms of Israel, as they have evolved throughout the years, and are so
                                  clearly exemplified by the local music. The workshop is comprised of critical viewing of music videos and the
                                  opportunity to experience Israeli style dancing. This is a great introduction to Israel's fascinating society, cultural
                                  diversity and musical creations. FREE! Purchase online at or contact or x268.

                                           Miami Children’s Theater Presents
                                           The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
                                           Premieres Friday, March 9 at 8pm
                                           Six young people in the throes of puberty learn that winning isn't everything and that losing doesn't
                                           necessarily make you a loser. The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee is a hilarious tale of
                                           overachievers' angst chronicling the experience of six adolescent outsiders vying for the spelling
                                           championship of a lifetime. For tickets and information call x400 or visit
                                           Performances: March 9 at 8pm, March 10 at 2pm & 8pm, March 11 at 2pm.

                          Futernick Family Art Gallery
                      Paintings by Marlene Kohn In Gallery through March 18, 2012
                      Marlene Kohn’s beautiful artwork involves shapes, lines, patterns, movements, flowers, tiny animals, tar paper, stitches and
                      motifs that derive from textiles and nature, each with its own unique and particular story, each painting a tapestry to
                      explore and to share.

Dade Art Educators’ Association Exhibit In Gallery through March 18, 2012
One look at this spectacular art exhibit and you will immediately understand why Miami-Dade County Public School kids create such fantastic art!
Working in a variety of media, talented artist/teachers from throughout the county will get a chance to show their own beautiful and meaningful
work to the public

 Lisa Ann Watson Children’s Discovery Museum

                  Curious George is Here…Grand Opening March 25 (See Page 7)
                  Open Sundays, March 25 - June 3 (except April 8), Noon-4pm
                  With the support of our great community partners, we are proud to present
                  Curious George : Let’s Get Curious TM

                                                                                                                  DR. BARRY BURAK
                                                                                                                                    Futernick T I O N

                                           With the support of the Miami-Dade County                       Westminster                     Joseph & Frieda

                                           Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural                                                    ROSS
                                           Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County Mayor                                                    FOUNDATION
                                           and Board of County Commissioners.
                                         Volume XVII • Issue No. 8 • ADAR-NISAN 5772 • MARCH 201                                      4

                                           ASP After School
ASP Spring Break Mini-Camp ● Grades K-6
Monday - Friday, March 12-16 ● 9am-4pm
Do your children have nothing to do during Spring Break? Then make arrangements for them to spend Spring Break at the JCC
participating in activities such as cooking, science, arts and crafts, swimming and much more. We will take two field trips; one on
Tuesday, March 13 and the other on Thursday, March 15, to fun South Florida locations (TBA). ASP Children $25, Members $35,
Non-Members, $45. Early and late care available for an additional charge. Please contact Elyse Molk at x263 or

Teacher Workday No School Holiday ● Grades K-6

Friday, March 30, 9am-4pm
Spend the day at the JCC enjoying many activities including cooking, sports, arts and crafts and of course swimming! ASP
Children $25, Members $35, Non-Members, $45. Early and late care available for an additional charge. Please contact Elyse at
x263 or

                                Danny Berry Program
                                                                     “It’s always a great day for baseball!”
                                                                     Check out what’s happening
                                                                     on the Ball Fields!
                                                                     Spring Break Vacation Camp
                                                                     Monday-Friday, March 12-16
                                                                     Half Day or Full Day

                                                                     Spring Baseball Academy
                                                                     April 25 - May 21
                                                                     For more information, call x241, write to
                                                                     or go to

          DANCE CENTER at the ALPER JCC
                                                               Babes Off Broadway from
                                                               The Dance Center presents
                                                               "Applause! Applause! Applause!"
                                                               Scenes, Songs, Dances from Our Favorite Broadway Shows
                                                               Sunday, March 4, 2012 4:00 PM
                                                               The Russell Theater
                                                               JCC Members: Get your discounted tickets for an evening of
                                                               delightful family entertainment!!
                                                               E-mail Marni:
                                            Volume XVII • Issue No. 8 • ADAR-NISAN 5772 • MARCH 201                                          5

                                JANE FORMAN Sports
                                          Spring is in the air!
                                          JCC Tennis Kids Zone ● Boys and Girls, Ages 3-16
                                          Spring Camp Swim, Tennis, and Golf Camp
                                          Monday-Friday, March 12-16
                                          Half and Full days available 9am-Noon or 9am-3pm. Before and After Care available.

                                          Junior After School Program March 1 - May 31
                                          No School One Day CampsFriday, March 30, 6pm / $65, includes lunch.
JCC Tennis Adult Zone Featured March Programs:
Saturday Morning Tennis Boot Camp / Co-Ed Fast-Paced Drills / 9-10:30am
This fast-paced workout caters for all ability levels both men and women who want to have a great workout. You’ll run, sweat and work
hard grooving those strokes. Bring your friends to share in this great workout! $25 per person Adults: Co-Ed Playing ability 2.5-4.5
(courts grouped according to ability level / NTRP Rating).

All Adult Programs (Year-Round) Comprehensive Adult Clinics and Team Coaching
The Clinic and Team Coaching Program is a fast paced, high energy drill session that is geared towards improving tactics and strategy
through a variety of defensive and offensive live ball situations. Less emphasis is placed on technique, making the drills more lively and
challenging which is result oriented.

Other Great Adult Programs
• Private Lessons • USTA day and Night leagues • Friday night Mixed Doubles

Follow us on facebook at www.facebook/jformantennis.    •                    Follow us on Twitter
For more information about any of Jane Forman’s programs,
contact Jane at 305.235.9200 or

                            MIAMI CHILDREN’S Theater
                                              Miami Children’s Theater’s Creative Camps
                                              The most critically acclaimed performing arts camp
                                              for ages 5 -18!
                                              June 11 - August 3

                                              Creative Camps (ages 5-12) is the Ultimate Summer Theater Program: campers work
                                              together for four weeks on a main stage production that is open to family, friends and
                                              general public.

• Special Events • Field Trips • Music Videos • Professional
• Directors/Choreographers • Themed Days • Magic Tricks

Broadway Bound (ages 13-18) is a full-blown, fun-filled theater camp for young people. Be prepared to train hard and have fun as
you work on a daily basis with professional directors and choreographers. Learn the ins and outs of putting on a show; audition
techniques, acting, dancing, costuming, tech and more! Campers work four weeks on a main stage show that will be performed for
parents and the general public. For more information visit or call 305.274.3595.
                                 Volume XVII • Issue No. 8 • ADAR-NISAN 5772 • MARCH 201                                               6

                   Important Dates
        Summer Camp - Ashley
                                                Conant, Director
                                                                              Here’s a list of returnin
                                                                              (in no particular order;
                                                                                                                       g staff
     Camp Session One                                                                                     as of press time):
    1A: June 18-June 2                          Camp Session Two:
    1B: July 2-July 13                          2A: July 16-July 27
                                                                              Dave Madden, Ivan Reyes,N
    *No camp on Wednesday,                      2B: July 30-August 10                                         icole Fernandez, Elyse
                           July 4                                             Molk, Megan Zucker, Rand
                                                                                                             ene Chickillo, Vivian
                                                                             Blumin, Nicole Pearlson, Tra
    You may select any consec                                                                                 cey Bergolla, Lara
                              utive 2-week intervals thr                     Bukens, Joe Petisco, Lauri
    the summer and your child                              oughout                                         e Wesler, Suzy Reyes,
                               is eligible to attend a variety               Jonathan Nunez, Marlene
    camps. For additional dis                                  of                                          Romano, Jenny Douek,
                             counts, register for the ent                    Brian Gillis, Linda Lane, Fe
    weeks.                                                ire eight                                        lix Cardenas, Melissa
                                                                             Bown, Richard Coller, Joha
                                                                                                           na Sarmiento, Bruce
                                                                            Placido, Alina Schaefer, Sk
                                                                                                          yler Rosenblum, Jeff
                                                                            Rosenberg, Beatriz Lugo,
                                                                                                         Anna Maria Laguna,
   The deadline to apply fo                                                 Rebecca Wilkotz, Kelly Gre
                                                                                                          en, Johnny Douek, Alexa
                            r fee adjustment                                Katz, Ben Labovitz, Diana
   is Friday, March 16.                                                                                  Benavides, Vanessa
                                                                            Manrique, Julie Miller, Paul
                                                                                                           Nunez, Kelsey Weiss,
                                                                           Jared Raff, Jamie Raff, Ju
  Camp Open House:                                                         Pearlson, Laura Bloom, All
                                                                                                        lie Steiner, Kadie
                                                                                                        ie Morales, Lannier
   Thursday, March 22, 7:3                                                 Alvarez, Liury Arias, Rodri
                                 0pm,                                                                  go Flores, Khia Lopez,
   in the Youth and Adult                                                  Nicole Miller, Mauricio Sarm
                               Lounge.                                                                    iento, livia Schaefer,
  See the camp video, meet                                                 Gary Siplin, Jorge Torres,
                               the supervisors who are wo                                             Yoana Torres
  in camp and ask questions                               rking
                                about our award winning
  summer day camp. JCC Me                                                 Become A Camp Sponso
                                 mbers that register that
 evening can save the $50
                              registration fee. And remem                 a donation of $500, you ca
 ...the registration fee increa                            ber                                       n help send a child to
                               ses to $75 on April 8.                     camp. To thank you for yo
                                                                                                    ur generous support,
                                                                         your name or company log
Welcome Back Returnin                                                                               o will be prominently
                      g                            St
                                                                         displayed during camp on
                                                                                                    signs around our
 Our staff is our most impo                                              campus. Your support will
                            rtant ingredient for a succ                                             also be noted in camp
 summer. Many of our sta                               essful            newsletters, e-mail corresp
                           ff members were campers                                                   ondence and
hope to pass on the wond                                and              CenterStage.
                           erful memories that they gre
up with at the “J”. In fac                                w
                           t each year more than 75%                    To become a Summer Ca
the staff returns to camp.                               of                                     mp Sponsor,
                                                                        please contact Ashley Co
                                                                        JCC Camp Director at 30
                                                                                                5.271.9000 x272.
                                         Volume XVII • Issue No. 8 • ADAR-NISAN 5772 • MARCH 201                                  7

                                                       Ann Horenstein

Celebrating birthdays this month are: Beth Davidson, Laurie Turner and Jayne Littman
Celebrating their anniversaries this month: Elaine & Martin Shane, Joan & Glenn Rozansky, Teri & Marc Hirschberg, Mindy
& Jack Finkelman, Suzanne & Paul Fisher, and Marcy & Barry Levitt
Mazel Tov to Estelle & Ira Segal on the birth of their third Great-Grandchild – Maayan Zimra Kaiman. Mazel Tov to Nadine & Lou
Barocas, whose son Josh and daughter-in-law Cari are the proud parents of twins…Austin Blake and his sister Summer Blair Barocas.
And finally, Mazel Tov to me and my husband Ben, on the marriage of our son Jared to Annelise Berish. We have waited a long time to
have a girl in the family! And she comes with a son, so we are instant grandparents too!
What did I forget? Did I even know about it? What’s happening in your life? Let me know. – ANN

                             Opening Day Celebration / Sunday, March 25, Noon-4pm
                       Curious GeorgeTM: Let’s Get Curious!
                                In the Lisa Ann Watson Children’s Discovery Museum
                                  Let curiosity guide you and your young ones through the familiar buildings and locales
                                  from the well-known books and television series. Children will explore key concepts in
                                  art, science, math and engineering as they explore Curious George’s neighborhood,
                                        where he lives with his friend, The Man with the Yellow Hat!

                                                  And don’t miss: FunkeyMonkeys in Concert at 3pm

                                                      Tickets: $12 for Exhibit & Concert
                                                      Exhibit Only: $5 / Concert Only: $10

                                                   Call x268 or purchase online at
                                              Volume XVII • Issue No. 8 • ADAR-NISAN 5772 • MARCH 201                                                      8

The Nacron Family Cancer Survivor                                                Meditate On It – For Beginners
Networking Group: Antonio Muina, M.D., Medical                                   Wednesdays, March 7 & 21 • 10-11am
Oncologist/Hematologist                                                          Futernick Family Art Gallery
Advanced Medical Specialties                                                     We have all heard of the many benefits of meditating, but have a picture
Wednesday, March 21 • 7-9pm                                                      in our minds of sitting in a full lotus position with clouds of incense and
Futernick Family Art Gallery                                                     the sounds of a sitar. Forget this image, meditation does not require
This free educational program provides support, education and hope               years of training, it isn’t hard to learn and anyone may practice. This
to people affected by colorectal cancer and their loved ones. In the             drop-in class will serve as an introduction to help us relax, quiet the mind
workshop, you will learn about the most current colorectal                       and become calmer, more focused and clearer thinking. We will utilize
                                        treatments, symptom/side-                various guided meditations. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a towel,
                                        effect management                        mat or meditation chair. Suggested donation $5.
                                        strategies, the social and
                                        emotional challenges of the              Women’s Group
                                        diagnosis and survivorship               Mondays, March 12 & 26 • 12:15-1:30pm
                                        issues specific to people with           Futernick Family Art Gallery
                                        colorectal cancer. All                   Thinking that you would like to meet new friends and share new
                                        attendees will receive a free            perspectives? Well look no further, as in this Women’s Group you will
copy of the informational booklet, Frankly Speaking About Colorectal             find a dynamic group of women sharing their life experience,
Cancer. Please make reservations to avoid cancellation at                        pleasures, passions and camaraderie. Meeting facilitated by Dr.
305.668.5900. No charge.                                                         Barbara Stoler. No charge.

                                                                                 Contemporary Jewish Thought
Growing Your Own Organic Food in South Florida                                   Wednesday, March 7 • Noon
Thursday, March 22 • 11am-noon                                                   Futernick Family Art Gallery
Youth and Adult Building Room 504 Art Room                                       Join Rabbi Jeff Falick for this monthly study of modern Jewish ideas
Come learn how to integrate urban organic gardening into your                    and philosophy. Beginning with Maimonides, the sessions will cover
lifestyle. We fortunately live in one of the few places in the U.S. where        the intersection of progress and the best of Jewish religious and
                                                you can grow edible              secular thought. Meets the first Monday of each month. No charge.

                                                                                 Grandparents Raising Grandkids
                                                plants all year round.
                                                Landscaping was very
                                                                                 Tuesdays, March 6 & 20 • 10am-noon
                                                popular during WWII with
                                                                                 Y&A Building, Futernick Art Gallery
                                                edible “Victory Gardens”.
                                                                                 More and more grandparents are being given the role of parent and
                                                The more it costs to             caretaker once again, but now for their grandkids. Instead of
                                                transport food long              retirement, they are back in carpool lanes and teacher conferences.
                                                distances with rising fuel       Come and join other grandparents in this same position and share your
                                                cost, the greater the            experiences and wisdom. This group is facilitated by Dr. Barbara Stoler.
                                                need for people to grow          No Charge.
                                                food closer to where they
live. Join Dylan Terry, owner of Ready-to-Grow Gardens, as he helps              Contemporary News and Views
us consider planting and maintaining access to local, nutritious,                Mondays • 10am-noon
delicious and safe food sources through organic edible garden design.            Futernick Family Art Gallery
Terry will have plants for sale. Bring your friends and get ready to             Every day the news, both locally and globally impacts us. Meet with
have your own organic source of healthy foods. No charge. Please                 open -minded people to discuss and debate politics, health care, war,
reserve your space by contacting Ilene Primack at x 264 or                       peace –making and interesting trends and events. Bring in newspaper
                                                                                 and magazine stories that you would like to share for some lively
                                                                                 Page Turners’ Book Club
Solos Support Group                                                              Tuesday, March 27 • 10am
Thursday, March 1 • 7:30-8:30pm                                                  Futernick Art Gallery
Futernick Family Art Gallery                                                     The Page Turner's Book Club will read The Foreskin's Lament by
Are you going through a divorce or separation, are you a recent                  Shalom Auslander. This combination of unrelenting humor and anger
widow or single? We have a very supportive group of men and                      renders a rich and fascinating portrait of a man grappling with his
women, facilitated by a licensed psychotherapist with over thirty                Orthodox faith and family concerns. Facilitated by Phyllis Levy.
years of private and group practice. Dr. Barbara Stoler will help with           No charge.
caring, listening, ideas and empathy to help you through this time of
change in your life. Open to men and women of any age. No charge.
                               Glen Greenstein ECD
                                           Volume XVII • Issue No. 8 • ADAR-NISAN 5772 • MARCH 201                                                  9

                                                                         ...From the Director

                               Phyllis Bochman, Ed.D.
Is anyone thinking about hats?? I am. Every year before Purim I              Fancy Dress Children customarily wear costumes and participate in
search for just the right hat to wear on that special fun day. As a          a Purim parade. Traditional costumes include characters from the
child I loved to dress up as Queen Esther, go to synagogue and               story of Esther including Haman (the wicked king), Mordechai (the
parade across the bimah (pulpit). Purim is the an especially fun             good guy) and Queen Esther of course. However, today children
holiday which commemorates the miraculous salvation of the Jews              choose a costume of their favorite character to wear on Purim
recorded in Megillat Esther, "The Book of Esther,” which took place
during the period of the Babylonian exile. The story tells us King           Now let’s get back to the hats. As an early childhood director one
Ahasuerus had an advisor, Haman, who plotted to kill the Jews. His           wears many hats. Making decisions such as applying for A.P.P.L.E.
plans were foiled by the efforts of the righteous Mordechai and              accreditation was certainly a hatful.
Queen Esther. In preschool we sing songs, dress up, play fun
games, and eat special cookies called hamantaschen, which are                A.P.P.L.E . is a voluntary accreditation program with a two-step
shaped like Haman’s hat with three corners. We also integrate the            accreditation process. A self-study is followed by a verification visit,
story of Purim into our literacy curriculum and extend the different         which is an evaluation of the indicators of quality in each individual
activities throughout the classroom on this joyous holiday.                  program. All components of a program are examined including the

Here are some ways you can celebrate Purim
                                                                             following: administration, classroom environment, parent and

at home with your children:
                                                                             community involvement, advocacy on behalf of children and child
                                                                             care, staffing credentials, staff-child ratios, teacher/child
                                                                             interaction, and literacy and curriculum.
Listen to the Megillah (The Story of Esther)
It is a popular custom to make noise with a grogger (noisemaker)             To become accredited, the program administration and staff rate the
when the name of Haman is mentioned during the reading.                      program's strengths and weaknesses. The self study is a time for
                                                                             reflection and improvement that requires the development of a
Mishloach Manot - Give presents of food to other people                      portfolio of documentation. The portfolio is submitted to the
On the day of Purim all Jews are required to send at least two gifts         A.P.P.L.E. program office indicating readiness for verification. The
of food to at least one other Jew. The two gifts should be different         portfolio is reviewed in the A.P.P.L.E. office and if found to be in
foods, like an apple and an orange. Drinks are also good. It’s always        compliance with the accreditation standards an outside professional
fun to bake hamantaschen to give to friends and family. You can fill         child care expert comes to observe the program. Finally, the
them with different flavor jam (poppy seed is my favorite). Don’t            program is reviewed. Some of the items reviewed are: relationships
forget to bake some extra to keep.                                           between staff and parents; curriculum offered; staff training; health
                                                                             and safety standards and the environment of the program. After
Matanot La'evyonim - Gifts to the poor                                       review of these items, the child care program receives feedback on
Every Jew is required to give a minimum of two gifts to two poor             how it matches up to the accrediting organization's expectations
people on Purim. Ideally, the gifts should be food or money which            and standards. Currently we are anxiously awaiting the observation
the poor can use for Purim.                                                  visit sometime in early spring.

The Purim Se’udah                                                            Parents choosing an early childhood education program need
We are required to make a feast during the day of Purim. Some                meaningful, consistent standards to evaluate a program’s quality.
people also have a meal at night, but it is not a commandment.               A.P.P.L.E. Accreditation can provide valuable insights into how a pre-
                                                                             school or child care program emphasizes learning, along with good
                                                                             health and safety.
                                                                             As for my hat for Purim let’s just leave that as a surprise!

                                                                             Happy Purim! Phyllis

                                                                                                                   I JEF
                                                                                                                         F FAL

                                                                                   read publicly in the evening and on the morning of Purim, in the context of
                                                                                   synagogue services. The traditional Megillah of Esther is a hand written
Where Have I Been?
Some of you have been asking what happened to my monthly column. Did
the editor bump me for a good reason?                                              scroll with a single wooden roller.

And the answer is yes, I did! I am the editor of each month’s CenterStage          During the reading of the book, listeners do their best, upon hearing the
and, frankly, with JCC programming busting through the seams, something            name of Haman, to drown it out. Purim noisemakers called “groggers”
had to give. So I bumped myself.                                                   (Yiddish) or “ra’ashanim” (Hebrew) make a huge clamor. People also
                                                                                   yell, stamp their feet, and beat on their seats to make it impossible to hear
But with Purim upon us, I couldn’t let the opportunity pass to provide our         the cursed name.
members with an introductions to this great holiday. Michelle Siegel’s
Membership column will return after Passover. In the meantime, here is a           Another custom is to dress up in costumes. Little children often to dress
guide to Purim, which falls on Wednesday evening, March 7 through March 8.         up as their favorite Purim character, but really, anything goes. In the spirit
                                                                                   of wackiness that accompanies Purim, the world is turned upside-down.
                                                                                   This parallels the way that the world was turned upside-down in the story:
                                                                                   a Jewish queen of Persia saved the community while the evil vizier ended
Happy Purim!
Be Happy, it’s Adar! When the Jewish month of Adar comes, featuring Purim,
we get ready for a time of happy, silly fun.                                       up hanging on the very gallows he built for the Jews!

Purim celebrates the events of the biblical Book of Esther, in which the Jews of   Unlike the holidays described in the Torah (as opposed to the later books
Persia were saved from the maniacal Jew-hatred of Haman. The story relates         of the Jewish Bible like Esther), Purim has no Shabbat-like restrictions on
how a Jewish girl rose to the throne of Persia just in time to save the Jews       cooking, traveling, or the like. This helps to contribute to the “anything
from the evil machinations of the king’s vizier, Haman. Together with her          goes” tone of the day. In Israel, the holiday has a Carnaval-like quality to
Uncle Mordechai, Queen Esther manages to manipulate Haman and reveal               it, featuring parades and parties.
his true intentions to the completely clueless, bumbling king, Ahasuerus.
                                                                                   Purim is also a gift-giving holiday. Celebrants prepare “matanot
The happy ending of the book states that in remembrance of this story: “They       la’evyonim,” or gifts for the poor. In celebrating our good fortune, it is
were to observe … days of feasting and merrymaking. …Consequently,                 always a mitzvah to remember those less fortunate.
these days are recalled and observed in every generation: by every family,
every province, and every city. And these days of Purim shall never cease          Another custom, mentioned in the story itself, is to give small gifts to
among the Jews, and the memory of them shall never perish among their              friends and family on Purim. These “mishlo’ach manot” gifts are rarely
descendants.” Interestingly, it is the only book in the Hebrew Bible where God     gifts of value, but rather gifts of the heart. Usually families prepare plates
is not only not an actor in the events, but not even mentioned.                    or baskets of treats that are distributed to the recipients throughout the
                                                                                   holiday. And these gifts usually include “hamantaschen,” triangular
The joyousness of this holiday is unique in the Jewish calendar year.              cookies filled with fruit or other tasty treats.
Talmudic Rabbis wrote that one should gets so drunk that it’s impossible to
distinguish between “Blessed is Mordechai” and “Cursed is Haman!” It is one        Finally, there is the custom of the “Purimshpiel.” This is the custom of
of the few times that temperance is abandoned in favor of really letting go.       creating satirical performances (or even wacky versions of staid
(Some Purim parties are NOT fit for children!)                                     synagogue or community newsletters and the like). It’s the one time of
                                                                                   year when it’s safe to poke fun at parents, leaders and scholars.
The core of the celebration of Purim is the custom of hearing Book of
Esther. Traditionally, the “Megillah” (literally, a word for book or scroll) is    I wish you and yours and very Happy Purim!
                                             Volume XVII • Issue No. 8 • ADAR-NISAN 5772 • MARCH 201                                                11

                               From the Desk of Meg McCarthy, Fitness Center Director
Vibram Five Finger Shoes - Fad or Smart Training?
Five finger? Shouldn’t it be five toes? Really, people wear those? I personally would not have been caught dead wearing those ridiculous shoes!
Everyone has an opinion, but I invite you to do a little reading and a few experiments before you render an opinion.

I attended a continuing education seminar on barefoot training given by a podiatrist about two years ago and it made a lot of sense. One of the
first things she had us do was take off our shoes. She walked us through a few exercises to prove her points that barefoot training does in fact
have a place and offers many benefits, so I was sold. I wasn’t however ready to throw on those funny shoes, until now.

I recently went to purchase new shoes. If you spend a lot of time in sneakers you should buy two pairs at a time so that you can alternate them
and get more wear out of them. Plus no two pairs are the same and your feet need a break. When I walked into the store, I saw that they had a
great selection on Vibrams with pretty colors and the sales person was wearing them, so I decided just to try them on and see. Wow! It is
amazing how hard it is to get your toes into them and that sold me. I could see how we need to retrain our feet and utilize them to their fullest
potential and I also wanted to try my own personal experiment. I’ve read that using these minimalistic shoes can actually correct issues with our
knees, back and posture. The theory, in short, is that our feet are not working the way they should because, in part, of the shoes we wear. Our toes
do not grip the floor and stabilize us the way they were intended to because of the padding inside our shoes. Our toes basically go to sleep. By
retraining them we can correct minor issues with posture and knees, and back.

Of course, everything is best in moderation and within reason. Each person is different, but I’ve been having some minor issues, so I thought why
not try them. They tell you to start out slowly, wearing the shoes for short periods. I wouldn’t put them on and begin by running outside which
some people do and consequently create problems. I did the sensible thing and put them on inside, wearing them for short periods while weight
training. So far so good! I have to admit I love them. I don’t wear mine outside because I want to keep them nice for a long time, plus I wouldn’t
want to step on a nail with them on!

Then I went to the Jewish Community Center Association professionals’ website to see what my colleagues were saying about the shoes. Several
wanted to know if these shoes were even permitted in each others’ fitness centers. I shared my opinion that they should absolutely be permitted. I
understand the liability issues, but let’s face it, if you drop a weight on your foot, you will most likely break your toe or foot no matter what
sneakers you are wearing.

These shoes are good for fitness and should be encouraged, not discouraged. Not every new thing is for everyone and there are always things to
be considered, but I can tell you that balance is a serious issue that needs to be improved for a lot of people. If these shoes do nothing but slightly
improve balance than I say go for it! But in my opinion, they do a lot more than that.

You can get find them all over the internet, but I went to Foot Works in South Miami across from Sunset Place (I have no connection to them other
than as a consumer). They have a nice selection for both men and women.

As always, I wish you the best in health! Meg

       Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork For You
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                                            your potential! Let us help you reduce the risk of injury!
        We specialize in Structural Bodywork that can do just that. SET is a specific sequence of advanced massage techniques that has
                     been developed to release old structural patterns to bring the entire structure of the body into balance.
                                                           You Really Can Feel Better!
                                 To schedule an appointment or for more information, please call 305.389.2949
                                         We are conveniently located in the Fitness Center-MM18533
                                                         Visit us at
                                  Volume XVII • Issue No. 8 • ADAR-NISAN 5772 • MARCH 201                                   12

              ATHLETICS FUND                                                                IN MEMORY OF
                IN HONOR OF                                                                 Claire Newman
 Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Jamison’s anniversary                                                from Tillie Rosen
  from Bette Quiat, Scott & Zack Elfenbein                                           and from Margie & Ed Rosen

              IN MEMORY OF                                                                  JUDAIC PROGRAMS
     Elaine Raileanu’s husband Jordan
             from Bette Quiat                                             HELENE LEIBOWITZ SOPHOMORE/SENIOR
                                                                                      ACTIVITIES FUND
        CAMP SCHOLARSHIP FUND                                                            IN HONOR OF
                                                                           The Senior/Sophomore Activities Program
     JAKE CHESKIN MEMORIAL FUND                                                        from Myrna Fistel
               IN MEMORY OF
    Monica and Mark Cheskin’s son Jake                                   LAUREN STARKMAN SPECIAL NEEDS FUND
            from David Coulson                                                         IN HONOR OF
                                                                         Ann & Ben Horenstein’s son Jared’s wedding
    CHILDREN’S PROGRAMMING FUND                                                      to Annelise Berish
                                                                                from Mindy & Jack Finkelman
                                                                         Alyson & Dennis Ginsburg’s daughter Jordan
       CULTURAL/FINE ARTS FUND                                                 and son-in-law Evan’s new baby,
              IN MEMORY OF                                                           Kate Avery Siegall
        Peter Gross’ father, Howard                                             from Mindy & Jack Finkelman
         from Jayne & Eric Littman
                                                                                           IN MEMORY OF
 EARLY CHILDHOOD ENRICHMENT FUND                                                          Lauren Starkman
                                                                                     from Ellen & Mark Starkman
                                                                                      LISA ANN WATSON
              GENERAL FUND                                                      CHILDREN’S DISCOVERY MUSEUM
               IN HONOR OF
Alyson & Dennis Ginsburg’s daughter Jordan
      and son-in-law Evan’s new baby,
             Kate Avery Siegall
          from Margie & Ed Rosen

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Help seniors in your community
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Dave and Mary Alper                                                                                                                                                                        Miami, FL
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on The Jay Morton-Levinthal Campus
11155 SW 112th Avenue
Miami, FL 33176

The Dave and Mary Alper Jewish Community Center on The Jay Morton-Levinthal
Campus is a beneficiary agency of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, United Way
of Miami-Dade County and a member agency of the JCC Association.

If you receive more than one copy of this newsletter, please pass it on to a friend. Please recycle.

                                                                                             Dave and Mary Alper JCC on The Jay Morton-Levinthal Campus
               Volume XVII • Issue No. 7
         SH’VAT-ADAR 5772 • FEBRUARY 2012
       Sunday                       Monday                        Tuesday                      Wednesday                        Thursday                          Friday                   Saturday
                                                                                            andes                           Solos Support Group
                                                                                                                            7:30pm, Futernick Gallery

                                                                                                                                                        1                         2                           3
  Dance Center’s                Contemporary News & Views     Grandparents                    Meditate-on-It                Purim Day                       MCT’s Putnam Spelling Bee   MCT’s Putnam Spelling Bee
  “Applause! Applause!          10am, Futernick Gallery       Raising Grandkids               10am, Futernick Gallery                                       8pm, Russell Theater        8pm, Russell Theater
  Applause!”                                                  10am, Futernick Gallery
  4pm, Russell Theater                                                                        Contemporary
                                                                                              Jewish Thought

                          4                               5                             6                               7                           8                             9                           10
                                                                                              Noon, Futernick Gallery

                                                                                              Erev Purim

  MCT’s Putnam Spelling Bee     ASP Mini-Camp                 ASP Mini-Camp                   ASP Mini-Camp                 ASP Mini-Camp                   ASP Mini-Camp
  2pm, Russell Theater
                                Contemporary News & Views
                                10am, Futernick Gallery

                         11                           12                            13                              14                           15                            16                             17
                                Women’s Group
                                12:15pm, Futernick Gallery

                                Contemporary News & Views     Grandparents                    Meditate-on-It                Growing Organic Food                                        Special Needs Event
                                10am, Futernick Gallery       Raising Grandkids               10am, Futernick Gallery       11am, Y&A Art Room 504                                      Tony Orlando
                                                              10am, Futernick Gallery                                                                                                   7pm, Sablotsky
                                                                                              Nacron Cancer Support         Summer Camp Open House                                      Cultural Arts Ctr.
                                                                                              7pm, Futernick Gallery        7:30pm, Y&A Lounge

                         18                           19                          20                                21                           22                            23                             24
  Curious George                Contemporary News & Views     Page Turners’ Book Club                                                                       No-School ASP Mini-Camp
  Grand Opening                 10am, Futernick Gallery       10am, Russell Theater Lobby
  Noon-4pm, Watson Museum
                                Women’s Group
  FunkeyMonkeys                 12:15pm, Futernick Gallery

                         25                          26                             27                             28                           29                            30                              31
  Family Concert
  3pm, Russell Theater          Israel: The Soundtrack
                                7:30pm, Russell Theater


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