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									                           Improve Enterprise Performance by Employee Ideation

Faith they say can move mountains and “Ideas” can run the world, paving a new way every time. This is very true for our
modern day enterprises in an evolving global marketplace, faced with numerous challenges. In order to turn these
challenges into fruitful opportunities innovative thinking along with systematized idea management is essential. Hence,
forward thinking enterprises in order to maintain their competitive edge needs to align with ideas and creative inputs
that their employees have to offer.

Organizing the Ideation Process
Whilst every employee is capable of coming up with brilliant ideas, not everyone can be expected to be good at
everything. People have their specialized domains that call out to them, almost naturally. For example, while one
employee may come up with brilliant online PR strategy, the other can have equally insightful HR idea. A systematic idea
management system would churn out creative inputs from proactive employees and participating teams. Three ways for
organizing this ideation process for improving enterprise performance are:-

•       To foster an open “submit anything anytime” environment
•       To keep in tune with the service or product development process
•       The need to have idea campaigns, competitions and event based on certain topics within a stipulated time

Benefiting from Idea Management Solutions
To reap in the benefits of innovative ideation, it is essential to seek expert guidance that comes in with new age idea
management solutions. One might question the need for having these programs, as for many, “idea” is all about thinking
out of the box, spontaneity and creativity. While all this is true it is essential to bear in mind that an idea translates into
innovation only when it is in sync with the company objective and aims towards a desired end. Today leading companies
specializing in innovation products have introduced advanced idea management solutions that can offer you valuable
benefits such as:-

•       New competitive services and products
•       Process enhancements
•       Enhanced collaboration and decision making across various teams
•       Competitive edge over other market players
•       Helps you to identify hidden talent and fresh areas of growth
•       Results in improved brand value and brand loyalty

Furthermore, a well managed idea management system seamlessly brings out collective intelligence encouraging people
i.e. employees, vendors, partners, public and customers, to take part in the ideation process. It also encourages free
flowing feedbacks, recommendations and suggestions helpful for company expansion and improvement.

Ideas today are much more than mere thoughts and insights. It is like the fable story of the cavemen who successfully
removed a huge stone while crossing a mountain because he could figure out the way ahead even in a dark night.
Effective ideation is all about seeing the way ahead for an organization’s growth and development. Advanced idea
management system enables employees to come up with this “way ahead”.
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