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									The       Best     Way         To       Get       Rid     Of     Keloid       Skin      Mark:

There are a lot ways that we can apply in order to protect our skin from scars and damages.
We do this not just because we wanted to look good, but also to keep our skin healthy all
the time. But there are instances that no matter how we take good care of our skin,
problems will still rise on the occasion. That is why if you have keloid scars and you don't
find it healthy for your social life, and then you might want to know the ways you can apply
to                          treat                         it                      effectively.

Exactly    What      Is    A        Keloid     and      How    Can      You   Acquire    One

Scars occur when an open wound heals or when there is less production of collagen during
rapid expansion or stretching of skin tissues. Not all keloids look alike as their appearance,
color and texture may vary. What makes keloid undesirable is the fact that it's not good to
look at. Also, in rare cases keloids tend to worsen and may become a serious treat if not
properly taken care. Furthermore, hypertrophic scars and Keloid are two different type of
skin scar. Although they are both scars they have different behaviors and appearance. One
noticeable difference is that keloid scars tend to overlap while hypertrophic only takes the
shape                   of                the                  former                  wound.

Ways                  on                     Curing                  Keloid             Mark

Topical Cream For Scars- the effectiveness of scar removing cream you are using will
determine the fate of your keloid. The very reason why I would advise you to use topical
cream first is that its easier to maintain and does not cost much. But you have to carefully
choose the product that you are going to use because there are a lot of scar removing
creams in the market that are not potent enough for keloid. As I mentioned earlier, the
effectiveness of the cream that you are using would determine the outcome of the

Surgical procedure- medical surgery is one of the most effective and the most expensive
method to get rid of your keloid. I would advise this to be the least option on your list
because its that delicate and taking care of the operated area requires time. Furthermore,
some experts say that there no guarantee your problem will not re-appear from some point
in                                                                                   time.

Rubber keloid Scar Sheets- this option requires the use of stretch mark cream in order to
increase the chances of removing the keloid permanently. But there are two issues with
this method that makes it less of an option. In some cases when the user stopped using
silicone sheets and scar cream the keloid re-appeared. Another issue with this method is
the silicon sheet tends to cause itching. You need to wear the sheet for 4-8 hours a day and
the covering catches dust and germs which causes skin irritation.

Hypodermic injection of steroid ointment- if your keloid scar ages and starts to thicken, the
best thing for you to do is ask your dermatologist to perform steroid injection on it.
Undergo at least 2-3 seasons or more and see if the keloid scar is completely removed. the
drawback of this process is that it is not proven and tested to be safe.

To avoid spending too much money, time and effort, as much as possible heal the keloid
marks even before it appears. If your serious about removing your keloid scars, you can
undergo radiation therapy which is quite costly. Although it is 100% effective, it still
requires        time         and           money        in         the          process.

When you want to decide what keloid removing remedies you want to choose, ensure that
you understand the pros and cons involve. Apart from looking for the very best scar
treatment for you personally, you should also consider the time you are willing to invest
along the way.

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