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iPhone Software : install & update

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					                      iPhone Software : install & update

Apple change to inform mass around the world, work and entertainment. Never has a bit of
technology in the help of many. Is the iPhone, the phone and MP3 player, PDA and surfer. A
way to make this product even more pliable for various and download new software for various

How to install
1. click on the "app store" on the main screen of your iPhone. This blue icon with a white circle.
Here, you will find the software download options for your iPhone. Click the program that you
want to download and download your iPhone wireless. It is installed automatically. Find your
app store programs to open the program.
2 find downloading software different iPhone on your desktop, if you cannot find the software
you want to download in the app store of Apple. If you try to install software not supported
iPhone on your computer, you will need a special program to help download. One of these
programs kouis. This program allows you to download any games of films, music or programs
related to the action of your iPhone.

3. Connect your iPhone to your computer. This can be done by connecting a cable to phone
directly to a port on the side of the computer. Wait a few seconds, the icon should appear on your
iPhone to inform you that the two are linked and you can start.
4 Locate the icon on your desktop when you have downloaded the iPhone downloading program.
Right click on this icon once and drag the iPhone icon. Your screen should be asked if you want
to install this program on your phone, click simply on "Yes".
5 find the program that you want to add to your iPhone and drag it onto the phone. Use the
program that you have installed, you will not be able to install it. Make sure you plan to use the
software is compatible with the system of the iPhone, this should be mentioned in the product
information section.
6 find the software you just downloaded on your iPhone and see if the program has been
downloaded successfully. If this is not the case, remove the program from your iPhone and even
synchronize your iTunes.

How to update
1 launch iTunes on your computer. Click on the menu "iTunes" top of the screen and select
"check for updates" in the drop-down list. If there is an update for iTunes, install it before
2 Connect iPhone to your computer with a cable of data provided with the device. Displays the
name of the iPhone under "devices" in the left of iTunes navigation panel.
3. Click on the name of the iPhone is to select and see the summary of iPhone. Click on "check
for updates" on the summary page. If there is an update for your device, iTunes tells you.
4 Download the upgrade to install a more recent version of the iPhone software. Follow the
prompts on the screen. Do not disconnect iPhone until the operation completes.