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									                                                                 Lower Lid Fillers for Tear Trough
                                                              It is a simple fact of life and womanhood
                                                              to want to stay beautiful and young for as
                                                              long as possible. As a woman ages, gravity
                                                              takes its course on the skin and that
                                                              lustrous youthful glow begins to fade.
                                                              When it comes to keeping your eyes
                                                              bright & new, lower lid fillers are a great
                                                              non-surgical alternative. These
                                                              procedures are becoming increasingly
                                                              popular in society today. Dermal and
                                                              subdermal fillers are a quick and easy way
to keep skin looking young and fresh. Wrinkles, scars, and anything else that adds to the aging of your
skin can be vanished away in moments with dermal fillers. Tear trough deformity in particular
(prominent lower lid eye bags) can be managed this way – with lower lid fillers.

As you age, collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid (all elements that keep your skin looking tight and
young) found naturally within the skin is lost. Dermal fillers can restore the water content that is lost
thus diminishing wrinkles, scars & dark circles. There are many different types of lower lid fillers and it is
important to discuss which one is right for you with your doctor, depending on what you would like

There are numerous benefits of dermal and subdermal fillers:

        Restore your skin to it’s beautiful youthful glow
        Can be a cheaper, more effective alternative to plastic surgery
        Can repair skin damage due to some kind of trauma or accident

Men and women alike can enjoy the benefits of lower lid fillers and get rid of their tear trough
deformities (eye bags) without having to undergo expensive and complicated surgery. This procedure
can restore skin tone, brightness, as well as lost volume that can also occur with aging around the eye
area. The best part of all is that there is no recovery time required because you get practically painless
results on the spot. There may be some slight bruising and itching around the site of the injections, but
that only takes a few short days to heal.

Be sure to follow all of your doctor’s instructions before and after the procedure is done and let your
doctor know of any medical conditions you may have. Adding pineapple to your diet can considerably
help you retain less bruising after the procedure as well. Also it is important to communicate with your
doctor if you feel the filler volume is too much so that it can be removed. Do avoid taking certain things
like aspirin and vitamin E at least a week before treatment since these tend to thin the blood and can
cause excess bleeding. Also try not to touch the treated area as much as possible for a few weeks also to
allow proper healing. Follow these simple guidelines and you will have bright and beautiful young-
looking eyes again in no time with minimal discomfort.

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