Top 10 reasons to get a credit card

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Many people are scared by the idea of getting a
credit card. However, if used responsibly they
can offer a lot of benefits.
1. Fraud Protection
Credit cards tend to offer
very good protection
against fraud. Most
companies have fraud
prevention departments
which look for tell tale
signs that someone’s
account is being accessed

                                  2. Emergencies
                                Most of us tend not to
                              carry a lot of cash on us.
                             However, life occasionally
                                  throws up situations
                               where having access to
                                 funds can make a big
3. Lessening the impact of loss/theft
If you’re robbed or lose
you wallet it’s unlikely
that you’ll get any of your
cash back.

However, lose a credit
card and most companies
will send you out a new
one without it costing a

                                4. Booking things
                                  If you want to book a
                                hotel room or hire a car
                                        it’s common for
                              companies to only accept
                                             credit cards.

                              Having a credit card may
                              mean that you don’t miss
5. Boosting Credit Rating
Having a healthy credit
rating can be a major help
at some points in life.
Especially if you want to
take out a loan or get a

Having a credit card and
managing it well can give
your credit rating a boost.

                                          6. Rewards
                                 It’s common for credit
                                     cards to have bonus
                                 schemes which reward
                               customers for using their

                                     Sometimes it’s even
                              possible to get rewards on
                               top of other deals such as
                                offers on 0% credit cards.
7. Buyer Protection
Most credit cards offer a
degree of protection if
you have ordered
something and it never
arrives e.g. the business
that sold it to you goes

            8. Convenience when travelling
                            Credit cards are one of the
                              most hassle free ways to
                                pay for things abroad.

                                Many companies even
                                 offer cards which are
                               particularly suitable for
                                   frequent travellers.
9. Keeping track of your spending
With a credit card you get
a detailed statement of all
your spending on it.

This can be really useful
when it comes to figuring
out your expenditures and

                          10. Insured purchases
                                       Many credit card
                              companies automatically
                              insure purchases against
                                   loss or damage for a
                               limited amount of time.

                                This could come in very
                              handy if you bought a big
                              new TV and dropped it on
                                         the way home.

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