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					Embroidered Hats                            become a slave to our possessions.
      We now have hats available for        We can be free of them. But freedom
purchase. Their are several colors in a     doesn’t end there.
couple of slightly different styles. We          The poor man who receives
are selling them for whatever you           money has now been given freedom.
want to pay. They cost us about $8          He now has a choice to use it
each. They are embroidered in               responsibly to meet his needs or the
America, but the cotton hats are made       needs of his family, to share it, to
in China.                                   hoard it, or to use it on loose women
      They all feature The King’s           and wine. This is an opportunity for           Constructive Notice                      street, Les would drive his wife’s
Jubilee logo embroidered on the front.      freedom. If he never has money, but                  We were almost back to St.         (Joanie B) minivan to carry the team
Our logo was designed by Wallace W.         only the things that others deem are           Philip’s after serving on the street     and the food and stuff to give away
Wolff. It is people of different races      appropriate for him, his physical needs        Thursday night, April 14, when Jerry     down to the city. One night, as I was
holding hands in the air lifting a shout.   may be met; but he is given no                 asked for his jacket. It wasn’t there.   getting the clothing and blankets out
They form a crown. The ideas that we        opportunity to exercise his own moral          Simeon looked for his and it wasn’t in   of the back of the van, I spotted a
hope to convey with this logo are:          freedom.                                       the car either. Being the sensitive      stadium blanket under the back seat. I
“The Lord inhabits the praise of his             So let us freely give to purchase         caring guy that I am, I began to         thought how thoughtful a gift this
saints.” “The earth is the Lord’s and       our own freedom and the freedom of             laugh. Jerry checked his pockets to      was: a blanket in a waterproof
the fulness thereof.” And the idea that     those bound by poverty.                        make sure he hadn’t left anything        carrying bag with a shoulder strap. It
everyone we meet has something                                                             important in his jacket. I asked him     could be used to sit on during the day
                                              “Alms given for the sake of Christ, for                                               and sleep under at night. I gave it
unique of the glory of God to reflect                                                      where he had left it. He said, “In the
                                              the sake of love for Him, cleanses us                                                 away, while I prayed a prayer of
and to bring into His kingdom.                of sins more than sacrifices, opens the      back seat.” I said, “You should have
      They are intended to build team                                                      known better.” That didn’t seem to       blessing for the thoughtful giver. Two
                                              heavens more than virginity, and can
spirit and identify volunteers when we                                                     comfort him at all.                      weeks later, there was another,
                                              make one equal to the apostles.” -St.
are serving together on the street.           John Chrysostom, Explanation of the Gospel         The jackets were left in the back  identical stadium blanket under the
Anyone who wants to be reminded to            According to Matthew, v. 7:2, 18:65          seat, with the clothing that I had       back seat. I marveled once again at
pray for us and those whom we serve                                                        brought down to give away. I can’t tell  the thoughtful generosity of some
is encouraged to wear one. It is not                                                       the difference. The rule is that if it isanonymous donor.
                                              “He who gives alms in imitation of                                                          The next day, at work, I got a
required apparel for volunteers. We           God does not discriminate between            in the back seat, it is fair game to be
are not McDonald’s.                                                                        given away. Jerry asked how was he       call from Joanie B. I said I would
                                              the wicked and the virtuous, the just
                                                                                           supposed to know that rule. I said       forward her call to Les. She said that I
                                              and the unjust, when providing for
Freedom to Give Alms                                                                       even the homeless guys know that.        was the one she wanted to speak to.
                                              men’s bodily needs.” -St. Maximos the
     Way back in the fourth century,                                                       When they want to keep something         She said, “You gave away my stadium
                                              Confessor, First Century on Love no. 24
St. John Chrysostom was confronted                                                         secure in the TKJ-mobile while we are    blanket last night.” I said, ” Oh, I was
by those who wanted to excuse                  Please feel free to mail                    serving, they put it in the front seat.  wondering who the thoughtful,
themselves from giving money to the         donations to:                                  Jerry looked even more disconsolate. I   generous person that was who gave
poor by asking if this did not just                                                        asked if this would be the right time    us that blanket in the carrying case.
                                                   The King’s Jubilee                                                               That was the second one in less than
enable the poor to spend money on                                                          to tell him the story about the two
                                                    27 N. Front St.                                                                 a month. God bless you!”
loose women and alcohol. St. John                                                          stadium blankets I had given away
                                                    Souderton, PA 18964-1148                                                              She said, “But I didn’t mean to
addressed this in different ways in                                                        out of Joanie B’s van. I was still
                                            phone: 267-497-0267                                                                     give it away and both of those were
several sermons that he gave on                                                            laughing. I’m from Minnesota. I have
                                            email:                                                              mine. They were part of my
almsgiving. He taught that giving                                                          a different way of showing empathy,
                                               Thank you. May the Lord bless you                                                    emergency kit.”
money to the poor is commanded by                                                          OK?
                                            as you bless the poor in Jesus’ Name.                                                         I said, “God will bless you for
our Lord, with no such reservation. To                                                           Years ago, Les and I were the
                                               Peace,                                                                               that!”
obey that command demonstrates our                                                         core of the group. Les drove a Fiero
                                               Cranford Joseph Coulter                                                                    She said, “But I didn’t mean to
freedom by showing that we have not                                                        zoom-zoom and I drove a Honda Helix
                                                                                           scooter. When we served on the           give them away.”
        “Serve the Lord with gladness; come before his presence with singing.”                            respond, contribute, comment at:
      “God will still bless you!”            Best Soup in the U.S.                      snatched it and took it to the check            One day, C. S. Lewis and a
      “I don’t know about that. But if             One Thursday night in March,         out. I asked the girl what it was. She
                                                                                                                                   friend were walking down the road
you give it away one more time you           one of the guys told me that I made        told me it was a yucca root. I asked if
                                                                                                                                   and came upon a street person who
will not be allowed to use my van any        the best soup in the U.S. I told him       yucca root was any good. She said
more.”                                                                                  she didn’t know. I asked how much          reached out to them for help.
                                             that I wouldn’t know, because I
      I said, ” Well Joanie, I can’t help                                               they cost. She said $1.75 for two. I       While his friend kept walking,
                                             haven’t gotten around that much to
myself when I am looking at such a                                                      said, you only have one. She said $1       Lewis stopped and proceeded to
                                             sample soup. He assured me that he
warm blanket and a man living on the         had and that mine was the best in the      then. So I Googled yucca root. It turns    empty his wallet. When they
street in the winter at the same time,       U.S. With humble pride, I will accept      out it is also called manioc and is the    resumed their journey, his friend
so you should probably not leave that        his assessment.                            source of tapioca. It can be toxic         asked, “What are you doing giving
in the van the nights that we use it.”             Now you probably want a recipe.      unless the waxy skin is removed and it     him your money like that? Don’t
      From that point on, she                Well, I can’t remember that far back,      is cooked thoroughly. They are a good      you know he’s just going to
remembered not to leave anything in          but maybe I can give you the recipe        source of vitamins C, B & A, and           squander all that on ale?” Lewis
the back of the van that I might be          for the soup I made on Tuesday. I          phosphorus, potassium and iron. They       replied, “That’s all I was going to
tempted to give away, unless she             started at 7AM. I placed a seventeen       are a natural anti-inflammatory and        do with it.””
meant for me to do so. God bless her.        pound turkey into a large roasting pan     promote colon health.
      Jerry responded to this story by       and filled the pan up with water. I              I let the soup cook for several
telling me that that was his favorite        placed the lid on and roasted it at 350    more hours. I added a couple of           Team Fred
jacket. It was waterproof and he used        degrees for almost four hours. (It was     quarts of boiling water. I then added           Fred wanted to be responsible to
it for golfing. I said, “Well, it is Lent.   in a semi-frozen state when I started,     about three tablespoons of granulated     coordinate one night’s meal on the
Consider that I just enforced the            and I don’t just mean the state of         garlic, about a tablespoon of parsley     street. I asked him to take care of
Gospel command to let him that has           Pennsylvania.) I drained the broth         flakes, two tablespoons of ground         Holy Thursday. On Holy Thursday, all
two coats give to him that has none.”        from the roaster pan into my 22 quart      sage, three tablespoons of salt and       of the Orthodox team members are in
He told me that he had two coats at          double boiler set up and let the turkey    twenty-one twists at medium grind of      church. Normally, we just don’t serve
home he would rather give away than          cool for a bit. While that was cooling,    mixed peppercorns from the grinder.       that week. Fred wanted something
this one. I told him that I was sorry        I added a handful of Greek oregano         The pot was full to the top.              that would identify the team with The
and that I should come with a                into the broth, and chopped and                  When it was time to leave for       King’s Jubilee. I found a place that
warning label, but that I am not big         added vegetables to the pot. I kept        Philadelphia, I dumped the soup into      sold custom embroidered hats in small
enough for all the warning labels I          the water in the outer pan pretty high     the Igloo cooler and loaded into the      quantities at low prices. The hats
should come with.                            and the heat on the burner set to          back of the TKJ-mobile. It was piping     arrived that day, so I drove them
      By the time we got to the church       high. I added one pound of carrots,        hot, when we served it an hour and a      down to Fred’s place along with the
parking lot, it had come out that this       about a half a celery root, about three    half later. The guys told me that it      iced tea, in the afternoon.
was his “Costco special” jacket and he       pounds of russet potatoes (leaving the     was “all that!” I think that means that         Fred put together a team of
was glad that one of the guys on the         skins on), six eight inch tall stalks of   it was bumpin’.                           volunteers that included Muslims,
street now had a waterproof jacket.          broccoli, one large head of cauliflower,                                             Jews and Christians. Denise made and
God bless him.                                                                                                                    served 200 pieces of fried chicken. I
                                             four entire leeks, three large, red,       Baby Steps by Fred Benjamin               am not sure of who else did what.
      So this article serves as              sweet peppers, a big bunch of cilantro           Like watching an infant learning    Fred said that he gained a new
constructive notice to any who would         (stems and all), a baby bok choi and a     to walk, I am being blessed with          appreciation for coordinators. It took a
travel with me to the city. Anything         yucca root (peeled). By then the           watching one of my fellow volunteers      lot of work to put it together. They
left in the car not in the front seat is     turkey had cooled sufficiently that I      grow. Denise Bagner of Step Into Life     served over 100 people. All went
fair game to be given away.                  could start tearing it off the bones and   has been showing great promise with       smoothly.
                                             throwing into the pot, which I did.        her volunteer efforts with The King’s
Calendar Adjustment                                The yucca root was an impulse                                                        Thank you, Fred, the Fein family,
      Holy Annunciation GOC, Elkins Park,                                               Jubilee. She is developing a pattern of   Danielle, Natasha, Mack X, Sam,
                                             buy. It was sitting all lonely in the      faithfulness and seems to be enjoying
will not be taking care of May 26,                                                                                                Yolanda, Jackie, Doris, Albert, Denise
                                             middle of a table of greens at Produce     serving along with her family.
instead they will serve on June 2.                                                                                                and others for a job well done!
                                             Junction, with no label or price. I

        “Serve the Lord with gladness; come before his presence with singing.”                       respond, contribute, comment at:

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