The Pyramid Builders by ert554898


									The Pyramid
Chapter 5 – Lesson 3
                   The Old Kingdom
          The First Dynasty
    Began about 2925 B.C.
    Dynasty = line of rulers from the same family
    Succession = order in which members of a
     royal family inherit a throne
    More than 30 dynasties ruled Egypt

     Divided into Egyptian dynasties into 3
    Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom
                Pharaohs Rule
 King of Egypt became known as the pharaoh.
 Pharaoh meant “great house”
 Pharaoh ruled from the capital city of Memphis.
 Egyptians thought the pharaoh was a child or the gods
  and a god himself.
               Khufu’s Great Pyramid
   Pyramid = structure shaped like a triangle,
    with four sides that meet at a point.               The Great Pyramid
                                                  Pharaoh Khufu had the Great Pyramid
    2630 B.C. King Djoser built a giant step-
    pyramid. It is the oldest-known large stone   built to represent his greatness.
    structure in the world!

                                                  *Took almost 20 years to build!
                                                  *Used 2.3 million blocks of stone!
                                                  *Estimate that 20,000 Egyptians
                                                  worked on it!

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