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									                                New Zealand Immigration Service
                                 Hong Kong Branch Newsletter
                                         August 2004

Greetings from NZIS Hong Kong. This issue of our newsletter is aimed at bringing you up to
date with what has been happening as we have not issued a newsletter for some time and there
have been a few changes.

Firstly, I joined the Hong Kong branch in February this year replacing Steve Cantlon who
finished his assignment. Margaret Cantlon has also left Hong Kong and Barbara Cheung has
been appointed as the new service leader.

Other staff changes include Cherry Yip who has been seconded to our Hamilton branch for
nine months, and Marianne Ng who has recently joined us and is currently being trained in
visa processing and reception duties.

We’ve also reorganised things a bit within the office. Each visa officer now has an area for
which they have primary responsibility. Staff will still continue to process visas outside these
areas as the application demand fluctuates throughout the year.

The Hong Kong Team

Staff details are as follows:

NAME:                  TITLE:                 Email Address                         Direct Line

Mike Christie          Service Manager             2879-8628
Barbara Cheung         Service Leader            2879-8629

Stevie Yu              Visa/Support Officer                   2879-8626
Ricky Lau              Administration                   2879-8634

Visa Officers


Marianne Ng            Visa Officer                2879-8620
Crystal Li             Visa Officer                 2879-8621

Visitor Visas

Queenie So             Visa Officer                 2879-8625
Priscilla Chung        Visa Officer            2879-8646

Student and Work Visas

Anita Ho               Visa Officer                   2879-8645
Maurice Chan           Visa Officer               2879-8631

Residence Visas

Natalie Yu             Visa Officer                   2879-8630
Priscilla Li           Visa Officer                 2879-8632

Contacting Us

As you will see from the above list there are two changes to note. Firstly, our email addresses
have changed slightly. The ’nzis’ is no longer used in our address. Please change your
personal address books by deleting the ’nzis.’ from the old addresses. The old addresses will
continue to work but will not contain ’nzis’ when we reply.

The second change is that all staff now have direct lines. Please call visa officers direct should
you wish to discuss your application. The main line should still be used for general enquiries.
Please do NOT contact individual staff members directly with general enquiries as
interruptions may affect our processing times. Please send general enquiries to our electronic
mailbox or by fax (see details below)

Our contact details are as follows:

NZIS Hong Kong
Suite 6508 Central Plaza
18 Harbour Road
Hong Kong

Telephone:     + 852 – 2877 4488
Fax:           + 852 – 2877 0586

Electronic Mailbox:

Web site:    

Processing Times

We are making changes to reduce the timeframe in which you will hear from us. We aim to
make a decision or acknowledge your application within five working days (excludes postage
time of up to one week). We ask that you do not call us within this timeframe. If we can
make a decision, or need any more information from you, we will contact you.

Over the coming months, you can expect more applications being processed within two
weeks. Some applications will be processed while you wait. You will be advised of the
expected processing time when you lodge your application at our counter, or we will write to
you if your application is received through the mail.

We will let you know when these changes are fully implemented and at that point we will be
more specific with our target processing times. In the meantime, if you make a general
enquiry about a processing time, you will be advised an outer limit e.g. up to 45 days for a
student visa. Please note this is not necessarily the time it will take for your application to be

processed. If we have all the information we need, we will make our decision as soon as

Some of our new targets follow:

ADS group visas – reduced to 3 working days.
Transfers of labels to a new passport – while you wait
Returning Residents Visas – 3 days (unless we require further information)

Please note that we no longer provide an urgent processing facility. We will continue to
prioritise applications where the circumstances warrant urgent processing e.g. to attend

Changes to Immigration Policy

Lodgement Criteria

From 28 June 2004, changes were made to the Immigration Regulations to require temporary
entry applicants to submit all documents listed on the application form AT the time their
application is submitted. This means any applications that do not contain a document that is
required by the application form will not be accepted. Where the form asks for documents
listed in the guide, these documents should be treated in the same as if they were listed on the
form. New application forms were also introduced and these forms should now be used.
The impact of these changes in China will mean that our application checklists and local forms
need to be changed as well. The three China branches have decided to maintain the status quo
at this stage so we can work together to develop common application checklists that will be
used by the Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong branches. We will contact you soon to give
you more information about the changes and when you can expect them to be introduced. In
the meantime, please provide as much information as practicable to support the applications.

Guardian Visas

From 1 July, new conditions apply to primary age students aged 13 or under and enrolled in
years 1-8. From this time most students will only be able to be approved a visa if they will be
living with a guardian in New Zealand. New revocation provisions have also been introduced
if these conditions are breached.

Students aged 13 and under, or enrolled in years 1 to 8, who were enrolled in a New Zealand
school in October 2003, are exempt from the requirement to meet the provision until the start
of the 2005 academic year.

Migrant Levy Change

The amount of Migrant Levy charged to successful residence applicants increased from 1
July. Please note that the new amount will apply to all visas granted on or after 1 July
regardless of when the application was lodged.

New Form

A new form has been introduced for work visa applications:
Employer Supplementary Form (NZIS 1113). This form incorporates all of the information
that employers are commonly asked to provide in support of work visas and should
accompany work visa applications. The form also allows the NZIS to seek information about
the employer’s compliance with immigration and employment law.

TB Screening

Students who apply for visas and permits in New Zealand are reminded that from 28 June,
onshore applicants are subject to the same TB screening provisions that has applied to students
lodging applications offshore since 1 April 2004.

Global Customer Survey

Throughout the month of June this year customers of Hong Kong Branch were given survey
questionnaires. The purpose of the survey was to monitor the needs of customers and our
service delivery, as well as the level of satisfaction received from any interaction with our

Hong Kong overall results were slightly lower than on the previous year. Although the result
is a bit disappointing, it has given us some information that we can use to improve our service
to you in the future. I would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete and return
the survey forms.

New Fees Schedule from 1 July 2004

The new fees schedule effective from 1 July 2004, is printed at the end of this newsletter.

Office Hours

Our opening hours now Monday to Friday from 9am to 12 noon, and from 2.00pm to 3.30pm.
We observe the usual Chinese public holidays in Hong Kong.

Mike Christie
Service Manager
New Zealand Immigration Service
Hong Kong

                               APPLICATION FEES

                                            Hong Kong

                                     Effective 01 July 2004

Type of Application                                                      HK$
                                                                         HK$ 11,000.00
Business Investor and Entrepreneur
                                                                         HK$ 6,000.00
                                                                         HK$ 5,650.00
Family Quota
                                                                         HK$    800.00
Returning Resident’s Visa
Skilled Migrant Category
Expressions of Interest Fees must be paid in New Zealand in NZD or
Express of Interest – Online NZD
                                                                         NZ$   315.00
Express of Interest – Online USD                                         US$  210.00
Express of Interest – Manual NZD                                         NZ$   465.00
Express of Interest – Manual USD                                         US$  305.00
Skilled Migration Category Residence Application (local currency)        HK$ 6,800.00
                                                                         HK$   600.00
Visitor and Limited Purpose Visa
                                                                         HK$   1,000.00
Student and Limited Purpose Visa
                                                                         HK$   1,000.00
Work Visa
                                                                         HK$   1,450.00
Talent Visa
                                                                         HK$     600.00
Working Holiday Scheme
                                                                         HK$ 11,500.00
Long Term Business Visa
                                                                         HK$    800.00
Transit Visa
                                                                         HK$    500.00
Urgent processing/ call out fee
                                                                         HK$    500.00
Transfer of a visa
                                                                         HK$   1,500.00
Migrant Levy
                                                                         HK$   8,500.00
ESOL: General Skills & Business Categories: 4.5 or more
                                                                         HK$ 16,750.00
    General Skills & Business Categories: 4 or more, but less than 4.5
                                                                         HK$ 25,000.00
    General Skills & Business Categories: 3.5 or more, but less than 4
                                                                         HK$ 33,250.00
    General Skills & Business Categories: Less than 3.5


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