SCM Workshop by cR83qb


									                                                                           17 September 2009

                                 INVITATION FOR QUOTATIONS
                Quotations are hereby invited for the training of the supply chain
                management officials


   Understand basic concepts of supply chain                  12. Understanding the 10 steps to successful
   management (SCM) and the preferential                          tendering processes :-
   procurement Act.                                           Steps
   1. Apply and develop Sound procurement                    13.1. An introduction to tendering in SA
       procedures                                            13.2. A Practical Guide to compiling of Comprehensive
   2. Establish and Manage a tender committee                      tender Documents
   3. Develop a procurement contract.                        13.3. Pinpointing the vital considerations when
   4. Monitor supplier performance                                  issuing a tender
   5. Develop a supply chain code of ethics                  13.4. Identifying the formal procedures relating to
   6. Apply risk management principles in                          cancelling / reissuing tenders
       organizational procurement and contracting            13.5. Implementing Sound Receiving and Opening
       initiatives                                                  procedures
   7. Understand the fundamental principles of BBBEE        13.6. Evaluating Tender bids Accurately and Effectively
   8. Develop sustainable procurement strategy              13.7. Combating Fraud in the tendering process
   9. Compilation Issuing & Evaluation of Tenders      -    13.8. Identifying the formal steps Necessary when
   10. Key skills you need to streamline tender process.           awarding the tender
   11. Gain measurable, practical and profitable            13.9. A watertight guide to setting up the contract
       tendering skills.                                    13.10 Evaluating e- tender trends

Professional Purchasing and Procurement skills.:             5. Developing the framework of an effective
   1. How effective purchasing Adds value to the                purchasing system
      Business                                               6. Implementing leading purchasing practices
   2. Importance of customer care in purchasing              7. Understanding some legal impacts on the buying
   3. How purchasing function impacts on financial              process
      issues                                                 8. Developing appropriate Ethics and Business
   4. Managing supplier relationship                            Etiquette in Purchasing
                                                             9. Preventing and dealing with fraud and corruption

             Suppliers must submit the following:
                 Original Tax Clearance Certificate
                 Municipal Clearance Certificate
                 Targeted procurement using the 80:20 points policy will apply where 80 points
                    will be allocated to price and 20 points to equity ownership, gender equality,
                    promotion of enterprises within the Eastern Cape and the promotion of
                    enterprises located within the District Municipality area.

             Closing date: 29 September at 11h00.

             Quotations to be submitted to Mrs Mzabane at Uvimba Finance, The Sun Building, 128
             Alexandra Road, King William’s Town.

             Thank you.

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