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					                                     Frances Dunn Butterfoss

1109 Moore House Road                                        
Yorktown, VA 23690                     Ph. 757-898-7454      

                                      President, Coalitions Work

 Coalition Works is a consulting group formed in 2008 to help coalitions and partnerships worldwide build
              and sustain community change efforts to promote health and prevent disease.


Coalitions and partnerships effectively solve community health problems. Collaboration builds the skills of
professionals and volunteers and empowers them to advocate and act on behalf of vulnerable populations
within their communities. Coalition members and leaders can be provided with the training, technical
assistance and resources to jumpstart or sustain any collaborative effort.

                                         Academic Experience

2008 -         Old Dominion University College of Health Sciences. Norfolk, VA. Adjunct Professor.

2008 -         Eastern Virginia Medical School Department of Pediatrics. Norfolk, VA. Adjunct Professor

2006- 2008     Eastern Virginia Medical School, Department of Pediatrics. EVMS Foundation Professor of
               Pediatrics in 2006 & Director of Division of Research & Community Health

1992-2008      Eastern Virginia Medical School, Department of Pediatrics. Norfolk, VA. Clinical Instructor,
               Assistant, Associate & Full Professor

1989-1992      Arnold School of Public Health, University of South Carolina School of Public Health.
               Graduate Assistantships & Instructor during doctoral program at 1975-1989.

                                        Professional Experience

1986-1989      Spring Valley High School, Columbia, SC; Torah Academy, Ardmore, PA—Secondary
               Science Teacher

1984-1986      45th Field Hospital, Dexheim, Germany– Head Nurse

1978-1984      Substitute teaching & volunteer work Camp Darby, Italy & Dexheim, Germany

1975-1978      Alternative Schools Project, Philadelphia, PA — Secondary Science Teacher

1973-1974      Princeton Community Hospital, Princeton, NJ– Community Health Nurse

1972-1973      Visiting Nurse Association, Boston, MA—Public Health Nurse

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                                    Frances Dunn Butterfoss


1968—1972     B.S. in Nursing. - University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing; Philadelphia, PA

1974 - 1975   M.S.Ed. - University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education; Philadelphia, PA

1989—1993     Ph.D. - Arnold School of Public Health, University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

                                           Awards & Honors

 2006         Woman of Distinction, YWCA of South Hampton Roads

 2004         EVMS Woman in Medicine Scientific and Professional Achievement Award

 2002         Society for Public Health Education, Mentor Award

 1996         Society for Public Health Education, Program Excellence Award for the CINCH Project

 1993         Delta Omega Honorary Society in Public Health, Mu; 2001 – 2003 President, Alpha Kappa

                                   Community & Professional Service

 2007 -       10      Physicians for Peace, Medical Operations Committee

 2007 -       10      Smart Beginnings South Hampton Roads Board Member

 1993-        Society for Public Health Education VP, 1998-99; Pres-Elect, 1999-2000; Pres 2000-01; Chair,
                       TF on SOPHE Excellence 2001-2003; Co-Chair, TF on Chapter Development 2006

 1998-2000    Flinn Foundation Advisory Committee, Phoenix, Arizona

 1999-        Health Promotion Practice, Associate Editor, 2000-2008; Deputy Editor, 2007

                                       Professional Associations

              International Union of Health Promotion and Education

              Virginia Public Health Association

              Society for Public Health Education

              American Public Health Association, Health Promotion and Education Section

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                                        Frances Dunn Butterfoss

                                   Selected Grants & Contracts
Virginia Department of Health grant to Prevention Connections. 3/1/11 – 2/28/12. Training/ implementation
process for Alliance for Tobacco Free Virginia.

United Health Foundation/National Business Coalition on Health. 1/1/12 – 1/1/14 Technical
assistance/consultation to 4 grantee communities for immunization promotion. 7/1/11-3/1/12. Technical
assistance/consultation to 6 grantee communities for community assessment/planning.

CDC Div. Diabetes Translation Cooperative Agreement with National Association for Hispanic Health.
10/1/10-9/30/15. Training/technical assistance to build & sustain advocacy-focused coalitions in Los Ranchos,
NM, Phoenix, AZ and Watsonville, CA.

CDC Div. Adult and Community Health Cooperative agreement (CPPW). 10/1/10-9/30/12.
Training/technical assistance to sustain coalitions for Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE).
CDC Division of Adult and Community Health Cooperative agreement (ACHIEVE). 10/1/08-9/30/10.
Consultant - Coalition Building for Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE).
MD Dept. of Health and Human Services, Division of Oral Health. Consultant. Develop statewide oral health
coalition & 5-yr. oral health plan. May – Dec, 2009.
Battelle Centers for Public Health Research & Evaluation. Consultant – Expert review of coalition
indicators/manuscripts for ONDP Drug-Free Communities project. Apr. 2009 – Mar.2010.
CDC Training/Coaching Consultant: Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Sept. 2008-Apr. 09.
VDH Comprehensive Cancer Control. Evaluate state cancer coalition (CPAC); Jan - June, 2008.

VDH Diabetes Control. Develop State Diabetes Plan w/Virginia Diabetes Council; Jan - July 2007.

VDH. Division of Chronic Disease, Comprehensive Cancer Control. Consultation to develop logic model for
comprehensive cancer control in Virginia; Oct 2007- Feb 2008.

Virginia Health Care Foundation & RWJF Covering Kids & Families. Pilot site 2002-06.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Allies Against Asthma Intervention. Co-Investigator, 2001-06.

Virginia March of Dimes Foundation. Healthy Babies for Hampton Roads. PI, 1999-2001.

HRSA, Healthy Start. Consortium Development: VA’s Perinatal Councils. Co-Investigator. 1997-2001.

Assn. for Teachers of Preventive Medicine. National Immunization Coalition Institute, PI. 1995-98.

VDH, Div. of Immunization. Project Immunize Virginia State Coalition, PI. 1995-2008.

CDC National Immunization Program. Consortium-based Demonstration Project: Evaluation of an intervention
strategy for increasing age appropriate immunization coverage, Co-Investigator. 1992-96.

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                                          Frances Dunn Butterfoss

                                              Selected Publications
1.    Butterfoss, FD. Anthropology’s role in building and sustaining community coalitions. Commentary.
      Anthropological Insights on Effective Community-Based Coalition Practice. Annals of Anthropological
      Practice, 35(2):174-82, 2011.
2.    Butterfoss, FD, Malveaux, FJ. Editorial Commentary. Translating Evidence-Based Interventions into
      Practice: The Merck Childhood Asthma Network, Inc. Initiative. Hlth Prom Prac, 12 (6) supp 1: 5-8, 2011.
3.    Butterfoss, F.D. Community Development. In Oxford Bibliographies Online, 04-Mar-2011.
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13.   Butterfoss FD, Morrow AL, Rosenthal J, Dini E, Crews RC, et al. CINCH: An urban coalition for
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16.   Butterfoss FD, Goodman RM, Wandersman A. Community coalitions for health promotion and disease
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                                        Frances Dunn Butterfoss

                                   Recent Presentations & Consultations
1.    Reinventing Oral Health in Michigan - County by County. Strategic Planning Retreat. Clare-Gladwyn
      Health Improvement Planning Work Group. Clare County, MI. Feb. 23, 2012.
2.    Linn County Partnership on Substance Abuse Retreat. Cedar Rapids, IA. February 16, 2012.
3.    Sustaining Effective Coalitions. Smoke Free Philly training. Philadelphia, PA. Jan 19, 2012.
4.    Building & Sustain Effective Partnerships. Florida Alcohol & Drug Abuse Community Partnerships
      Training. Orlando, FL. Jan 24, 2012.
5.    Ready, Set Evaluate Your Coalitions – Webinar. National Alliance for Hispanic Health, Mobilizing
      Communities to Reduce Diabetes Coalitions. Dec. 6, 2011.
6.    Consultation with National Business Coalitions on Health United Health Foundation state grantees(6) to
      provide technical assistance in community mobilation and assessment. June-Dec 2011.
7.    Building Effective Tobacco Control Coalitions - Plenary. Pennsylvania Alliance to Control Tobacco
      Conference. Harrisburg, PA. Nov 30, 2011.
8.    Eight Steps to Building and Sustaining Effective Immunization Coalitions – Keynote. Western New York
      Adult Immunization Coalition Meeting. Batavia, NY. Oct 11, 2011.
9.    Building Capacity, Building Partnerships, Building Coalitions. CDC’s Office on Smoking & Health &
      Division of Diabetes Translation. The Institute 2010. Emory University, Atlanta, GA: Oct 4-6, 2011.
10.   Innovative, Place-Based Federal Support for Neighborhoods & Communities: Opportunity for School-
      Community Partnerships – Plenary. Evaluate Your School-Community Partnership – Breakout. Office of
      Safe Drug-Free Schools, USDE, 2011 National Conference. National Harbor, MD: Aug 8-9, 2011.
11.   Make Your Coalition Award Winning - Keynote address. Wisconsin State Prevention Conference.
      Wisconsin Dells, WI. June 15, 2011.
12.   Leveraging Partnerships. Keynote, CT Oral Health Partnership Conference. Hartford, CT. June 9, 2011.
13.   Building and Sustaining Effective Child Health Coalitions – Keynote. Cook Children’s Health System
      Community Summit. Fort Worth, TX. June 7, 2011.
14.   Coalition Maintenance & Tune-up. Plenary at Making a Difference: Policies, Practices & Partnerships
      Conference sponsored by North Carolina Healthy Communities. Greeenboro, NC: Feb. 16, 2011.
15.   National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP). Technical Assistance and facilitation of Coordinating and
      Operations Committees to develop new coalition structure. Washington, DC: December 9-10, 2010.
16.   AHRQ Expert Panel: Applying Lessons Learned from Community Collaboration to Health Information
      Technology. Rockville, MD: Oct 7-8, 2010.
17.   Sustaining & Integrating Healthy Communities, Chronic Disease Prevention & Tobacco Control:
      Assessment, Consultation & Training. Health Departments in OH, WI, KS & IN. Jan – Oct, 2010.
18.   Creating Effective State Oral Health Coalitions. Consultation & Facilitation. Olympia, WA: Oct., 2010.
19.   Coalition Maintenance& Tune-Up, Preconference Workshop; Starting a Coalition, Concurrent Session. 9th
      National Conference on Immunization Coalitions. Chicago, IL: May 26-27, 2010.
20.   Sustaining Your Communities’ Strategies & Structures; Focusing on Action, Advocacy & PSE Change -
      Concurrents for CDC’s Strategic Alliance for Health Grantee Meeting. Houston, TX: Apr 27-29, 2010.
21.   Coalitions & Partnerships: Maximizing Community Potential. Gwen Idling Brogden Distinguished Lecture
      for 23rd Children’s Mental Health Research & Policy Conference. Tampa, FL: Mar 8, 2010.

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