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									Brain Teasers

Dr. Tipton’s Math Group
     How does it add up?
   Find the number of ways in which 20
    coins consisting of quarters, dimes and
    nickels can have a value of $3.10.
   Five hats are randomly distributed to
    the five people who own them. What
    is the probability that all the people
    receive the correct hat?
          Heads up, 7-Up
       7-UP               3-Day special
    Case of 12                7-up
   One-liter bottles        Carton of 8
       $4.98              Half-liter bottles
                              $1.69
   Plus $.60 deposit
    on case. Money      Which is the better buy?
    back on return.
                        How much would you save?
                Saving Money
   A year ago, the amount in Joe’s
    savings was three times the amount in
    Sara’s. Joe has spent $25 of his
    savings while Sara has added $25.
    Now the amount in Joe’s savings is
    only twice Sara’s. How much did Sara
    have in her savings a year ago?
            Rhyme Time
   In each of the following, there are two
    rhyming words that are suggested by the
    clues. One of the words is a math term.
    For example:
   Five o’clock is PRIME TIME.
   2000 pounds is _____ _______.
   A wrong total is a _____ ______.
   A skillet diameter is a _______ _____.
   A finger tapper is a ______ ______.
   How many more can you think of?
Find the wooden nickel
   Eight nickels are all the same size,
    shape and color. One is a wooden
    nickel. It is lighter in weight than the
    others. Using a balance scale, find the
    light nickel in only two weighings.
    Explain how you would do it.

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