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How many people do you know without a cell phone? Within our technologically savvy
environment, for most people that number is probably close to zero. Given the changing trends of
society, where people are reminded to turn their mobile devices off in a movie theatre, the concept
and implementation of mobile marketing becomes more and more relevant everyday. What better
way to get a message out to a niche audience than through a device that people carry with them
twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week? Just as cell phones, BlackBerrys, and iPhones keep
us connected to people across the globe, they also provide a new avenue for businesses to garner
customers and attract a targeted group of consumers. Therefore, businesses should and inevitably
will embrace this innovative concept of mobile marketing, realizing that the possibilities are
endless as it will certainly play a pivotal role in the future of marketing and advertising.

In today's media saturated world, businesses are constantly looking for a viable outlet to attract
their target consumers. Over the last decade, traditional media forms such as newspapers and
magazines have become less popular among the masses, and by extension, a less formidable
way to advertise. According to a recent M:Metrics report, the average person sees more
advertisements in one day than people of 50 years ago saw in a lifetime, severely desensitizing
consumers and destroying the marketing effect. Additionally, the widespread use of DVR devices
such as TiVo has weakened the impact of television ads, while pop-up and banner blockers have
diluted web ads. So how are businesses supposed to promote their product or service? The
simple answer: mobile marketing. Unlike the more traditional forms of advertising, mobile
marketing is able to bypass common hold-ups and reach an attentive audience, anywhere at

Given the current situation, mobile marketing offers a solution to many of the marketing woes
mentioned above. According to the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), "three in four mobile
phone users text message at least occasionally." Over 525 million text messages are sent each
day. Therefore, mobile marketing opens the door to an extremely large group of consumers that
can be targeted by specific demographics. A further advantage mobile marketing presents
compared to more traditional forms of advertising is its ability to generate interaction with the
consumer, which ultimately increases brand recognition. Instead of simply reading or watching an
ad, users can actively participate by playing games, voting via text message, and interacting in a
number of other ways. This idea of interaction also makes it possible to measure an ad's impact
more effectively.

Although still a new technology, many are finding that the benefits of mobile marketing far
outweigh any risks. Those that adopt mobile marketing solutions can build a vast database of
interested consumers that can be contacted instantly. Imagine spending advertising dollars on a
campaign that immediately reaches your targeted audience and bypasses the disinterested,
saving time, money, and headaches. With mobile marketing, all this is possible. Businesses are
not forced to waste valuable money and resources on an audience that will never have any
interest in the brand's product or service. Say a local restaurant was having a slow night and
decided to text all those registered in their database with a coupon to come in that evening.
Instead of spending valuable time and money to print a coupon amd put the ad in a newspaper
(where the majority of people will simply ignore it), that restaurant could immediately have direct
access to thousands customers. Mobile marketing with a company such as EnMobile offers direct
and instant access to a business's prime audience.

Overall, mobile marketing represents the new age of marketing and advertising. As people adopt
new technologies such as text messaging into their daily routines, businesses should look at how
they can capitalize on this current craze, which shows no signs of slowing down. Incorporating a
mobile marketing campaign into one's business strategy has numerous positive benefits that
traditional platforms do not offer. If a business is looking to expand to the next level, they should
seriously consider a mobile marketing campaign.

Brandon Bornancin is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of EnMobile, a full-service
innovative and strategic mobile marketing agency specializing in creative mobile technology and
platforms. He is an expert in mobile marketing, buzz marketing, social media, public relations,
advertising, and entrepreneurship. Mr. Bornancin is responsible for his agencies mission, vision,
and market leadership. He continually works to improve consumer interaction and communication
via mobile marketing and mobile advertising. As a recognized expert in the development of mobile
marketing campaigns and software, Mr. Bornancin works directly with fortune 500 companies to
create one-on- one marketing tactics and services that are easy to use and work to help clients
improve their return on investment. For more information visit http://www.mobilemarketingeu.com

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