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Overview | Criteria | Fee Structure | Application Form for MBA / B.Sc.
Applied Management

The GCU MBA delivers a thorough grounding in the core disciplines of management. You have the
opportunity to tailor your MBA to suit your career aspirations, by choosing from a range of electives.
A key benefit of the GCU MBA is the strong emphasis we place on personal development

The MBA at GCU will suit those who seek a scheme of study in which theory and its practical
application combine to provide participants with problem solving management skills of immediate and
enduring value.

The degree scheme provides rigorous training in the skills, techniques and knowledge relevant to a
career in the private or the public sector and takes a strong comparative international perspective in
all areas.

The programme looks at the main areas of Organization, Strategy, Environment, Information
Management and encompasses Organizational Behaviour, Human Resource Management, Marketing,
Managerial Economics, Financial Management, Business Statistics and Operations Management In
addition to the core modules you will be given the opportunity to select optional courses in areas
which are of particular interest to you.

You will also produce an analytical report based on a consultancy project in an area of your choice.
This gives you the opportunity to test the applicability of your new knowledge while under close
supervision, and introduces you to the methodology of research, the systematic analysis of ideas, the
problems of data collection and the presentation of ideas in a clear way.

In addition to providing a breadth of understanding of management principles and techniques, MBA at
GCU will equip you with evidence of interpersonal, presentation and communication skills, greater
confidence in your overall managerial abilities and a progressive international business outlook.

The programme is a demanding one, but its rewards remain high.

MBA Curriculum:

Managerial success depends on acquiring and being able to use knowledge in a skilful manner. Our
curriculum is committed to providing the best general management skills as a basis for success in
business life. The structure of the programme develops the management skills of analysis and
strategic decision-making and culminates in the MBA Consultancy Project. A total of 72 credit hours
are required to earn MBA degree.

Semester 1

 Course Title                                           Hours
 Business Communication                                   3
 Business Economics                                       3
 Developing as Effective Organizational Leader            3
 Financial Accounting                                     3
 Marketing Management                                     3
 Quantitative Analysis                                    3
 Total Credit Hours                                      18

Semester 2
 Course Title                                          Hours
 Strategic Marketing                                     3
 Information Technology for Business                     3
 Behaviour in Orgnizations                               3
 Operations Management                                   3
 Managerial Accounting                                   3
 Total Credit Hours                                      15


 Internship                                              3
 Total Credit Hours                                      3

Semester 3

 Course Title                                          Hours
 Marketing of Services                                   3
 Business Research                                       3
 Strategic Managing Human Resource                       3
 Business Policy                                         3
 Corporate Finance                                       3
 Macroeconomic Indicators for Business I                 1.5
 Macroeconomic Indicators for Business II                1.5
 Total Credit Hours                                      18

Semester 4

 Course Title                                          Hours
 Banking (E)                                             3
 Performance and Compensation Management (E)             3
 Strategic Brand Management (E)                          3
 Corporate Finance II (E)                                3
 Business Law                                            3
 MBA Consultancy Project                                 6
 Total Credit Hours                                      21


Eligibility Criteria (MBA)

           Both male and female candidates are eligible to apply.
           The applicant must have a bachelor’s degree with minimum 16 years of education (any
            subject combination) or a master’s degree in any subject from an HEC recognized
            university/college, with at least 50% marks.
           The applicant must clear either GMAT or GCUMAT conducted by MSD. GMAT examinations are
            conducted by the Education Testing Service, Princeton, NJ, USA. Their website is The GMAT educational institution test score receiving code for GCU Lahore is

Selection Criteria (Regular MBA)

Admissions will be on the basis of the weighted score obtained in the criteria given below:

Academic Record:

       Weighted average will be 20%
       Candidates having 4 years bachelor degree or master’s degree will be given 10 marks for 2nd
        division and 20 marks for 1st division.
       GCUMAT/GMAT: Weighted average will be 30%.
       Entrance evaluation (Interview): Weighted average will be 50%.


       Weighted average will be 30%


       Weighted average will be 50%

* The list of eligible candidates for interview will be displayed by the Director of MSD on the
departmental notice board and the website.


The total fee for the programme over two years is approximately Rs: 293,000* (for 2011) which will
be payable in installments, each installment due before the start of a semester. The fee includes
admission fee, development fee, library deposit and tuition fee for the semester.

The MBA programme includes an accelerated international Term in the second year of the
programme. The total cost of the term including air-fare, accommodation and tuition would be
approximately USD 2200. However, no student would be dropped out of the programme because of
his or her inability to afford the international term as alternate arrangements such as low cost loans
are available.

*Fees are subject to small increase each academic year.
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