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									Inside Britain's Street Movement: Interview with the Leader of the
English Defence League

The British media and political leaders mainly from the left call the
British street movement the English Defence League (EDL) racists.

London, UK, May 29, 2012 -- The British media and political leaders
mainly from the left call the British street movement the English Defence
League (EDL) racists. But having been invited by the EDL to meet its
members and talk with its leader Tommy Robinson for the Asian Tribune, I
found out they were not!

What I found out was quite the opposite - the group has members from
every Asian country, as members working behind the scene, members were
not just white men with short hair, but a whole unseen membership which
was Asian and Black who don’t attend demo’s due to death threats from
radical Muslims living in the same communities as they live in.

I was amazed at the grass root support of EDL and the British Freedom
Party which is a new political party which has been now merged with the
EDL leadership. it was made up of every race as they have a open
membership which is not reported in the UK media. I asked several Asian
members why they support the EDL and they told me that their way of life
in the UK is being attacked not by the EDL but by Muslim gangs linked to
terrorist organizations who collect money in Mosques and doorstep them
and their family collecting money in exchange for protection of their
homes and business.

Other members are serving members of the British armed services who I
also met in a English pub for a drink in Salisbury, a British army town
in Wiltshire. 18 local members turned up 15 were serving members of the
armed forces who told me how they cannot attend demonstrations because of
fears of being thrown out of the military.

The EDL has over 33,000 members on their online forum which I was told that the real
membership is much bigger and that some accounts have been misused by
Muslims and far left supporters posting remarks that have given the EDL a
bad name in the media. I spoke with a person who helps run the forum who
said we get thousands of hits a day on the web-site we can only do our
best monitoring racist postings posted by Muslims and the far left

I then invited the EDL to send some Asian members to my home for a
meeting and 25 turned up and spoke about their concerns about how radical
Islamic groups have given the whole British Asian community a bad name,
some said that they want no part in the attacks on the British public by
Muslims, They said they felt let down by the police in not acting against
Al-Qaeda UK, Their concerns were that racist attacks on them were coming
from Muslim groups who run mafia style gangs in every major British city
in the name of Islam.

I asked what they think as Asians would happen in the future and was
told. The British public will get fed up of Muslim terror gangs and will
take to the streets at a demonstration held by
and . So I asked them all can you
see the British people taking to the streets and attacking these
Radicals? The answer was yes but not the EDL as we are a peaceful
organization we only defend ourselves if attacked on demonstrations, but
we as Asian members do not show our faces due to personal attacks and
threats. So I asked them straight out if Anjem Choudary holds another
insulting demo people not connected to the EDL in your view will turn up
and attack him? They would not reply other
than saying the British can only take so much.

Two days later I interviewed the EDL leader Tommy Robinson a who tells me
he has to wear a bulletproof vest due to threats on his life and family,
a man who has been attacked many times by Muslim gangs in his home town
of Luton.

I asked Tommy what do you say to people who call the EDL racist? He
replied you have met some of my members yourself who even came to your
hometown do you see anything racist about them? Which i had no choice but
to agree his organization was not racist as i had met both black and
Asian members as well as white members.

I asked Tommy what was his organization about ? He said we are against
Shariah law and Islamic terrorism and Radical Islam , we do not want the
UK to be exporting terrorism to other countries and we want the UK
government to act now against Islamic street gangs, and terror gangs, you
know the 7/7 bombers came to Luton my home town to get on a train to
London to bomb the underground and a London bus killing many people of
all races.If i’m right the 911 attack’s a Sri Lankan women was one of the
people killed in the attacks in New well as many other nations
passport holders.

I then asked him why he came out in public about the Asian Tribunes
campaign ‘MUSLIM SEX GANGS NOT ASIAN’ and he said because its right,
these sex gangs were Muslim not from the Sikhs Buddhist or Hindu
religions and he is calling on a public enquiry into the matter. He went
on to say his organization will hold a peaceful demonstration in Rochdale
on the 9th of June and said any Asian wanting to join the march in
protest of Muslim sex gangs is welcome.

To see what the EDL leader has to say on video see

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