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					                          5 Qualities of a Good Breast Pump

                                           Breast milk is best for babies up to 2 years
                                           and that is why you have to make positive
                                           you breast feed your little one. The thing is,
                                           if you feel uneasy to breast feed or if you
                                           have work and breastfeeding is not
                                           possible, then you could always choose to
                                           get the best breast pump so its possible to
                                           just store your milk during your free time.
                                           For those who like to find breast pumps,
                                           you can choose the Ameda Purely Yours
                                           Pump or the Avent Breast Pump.
Moreover, you may want to take into consideration some qualities when choosing the
ideal breast pump for the best value for your money. Here are 5 characteristics of a
good breast pump:

#1: Comfort - this is actually the one thing you need to look for when choosing a good
breast pump. You have to make certain that you find a breast pump that makes
pumping comfortable. Getting a pump that is distressing whenever you pump would
surely give you a tough time every time you use it.

#2: Effectiveness - you might also need to ensure that the pump is effective. You would
know when a breast pump is very effective when it can draw ample amount of milk
when used. You need to pick the ones that have sufficient vacuum strength so you
would not have difficult time pumping milk out of your breasts.

#3: Portability - this is also a pretty important quality since you would like a breast pump
that is portable so you can bring it anywhere. There are heavy and bulky breast pumps
so you may wish to choose the lighter ones and those that feature a carry bag so you
wouldn't have trouble taking it wherever you go.

#4: Power - breast pumps are mostly driven by electricity but there are also those
battery operated ones so you might pick which ones you find more convenient so you
can use it every time you want. You also have to take into consideration if you travel
quite a bit or not so you will know whether you might need a battery operated or an
electric powered breast pump.

#5: Durability- of course you need to try to look for the best value for your money so you
may wish to look for those breast pumps that happen to be strongly recommended such
as the Ameda and Avent. If you choose these brands, you can undoubtedly get the best
value for your money.

These are 5 qualities that you should consider when finding the best breast pump. Make
sure to check out the Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump and the Avent Breast Pump
since these two are the popular ones and because of its features. To make breast
feeding far more easy, be sure to take a look at what these two breast pumps offer.

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