Texas Tech University Local Licensees by jennyyingdi


									                                                  The Collegiate Licensing Company

9/23/2011 12:09:51PM                                       Local Licensees
                                                         Licensed as of 09/2011

Texas Tech University

Standard License                               Advanced Graphix Screenprinting
                                                                                             Product Categories
 3BG Metal Art (66803)                                                                          03D (Housewares)
                                               520 23rd Street
 6116 CR 120                                   Lubbock, TX 79404-1008
 Clyde, TX 79510                               Mr. Steve Massengale
 Ms. Alicia Cantrell                           Phone    806-744-9998 16                      Anderson Apparel LLC (88215)
 Phone    254-442-1802                         Fax      806-744-2888                         3030 Bellaire Ranch Dr.
 Fax                                           www.Advancedgraphix.net                       #1333
 www.3bgmetalart.com                           stevem@advancedgraphix.net                    Ft. Worth, TX 76109
 3bgmetalart@gmail.com                         Spec Agr Disclosed: 08/26/2011                Ms. Ashley Anderson
 Spec Agr Disclosed: 08/25/2010                                                              Phone    817-875-2827
                                               Distribution Channel(s)                       Fax
 Distribution Channel(s)                          Campus/Local Channel                       www.Brandedclothingonline.com
    Campus/Local Channel                          Restricted Channel                         ashley@andersonappareldesign.com
                                                                                             Spec Agr Disclosed: 04/11/2011
 Product Categories                            Product Categories
     03A (Domestics)                              01A (Men's/Unisex T-shirts)                Distribution Channel(s)
     03C (Office Products)                        01C (Men's/Unisex Other Headwear)             Better Dept Stores/Boutiques
     04A (Automobile Products)                    01F (Infant/Toddler Apparel)                  Internet/TV/Catalog
     04C (Signage Products)                       01G (Youth Apparel)                           Related Retail/Direct
     04D (Gifts & Novelties - Miscellaneous)      01H (Men's Fashion Apparel)
     06A (Sports Equipment)                                                                  Product Categories
                                                  01I (Women's Apparel)
                                                  01J (Men's/Unisex Fleece)                     01I (Women's Apparel)
                                                  01N (Men's/Unisex Structured Closed
 Adasa Photographic Art (74336)                   Back Headwear)
 15503 Kelsey Street                              01O (Men's/Unisex Structured Stretch Fit
 Wolfforth, TX 79382                              Headwear)
 Ms. Mae Wertz                                    01P (Men's/Unisex Unstructured Closed
 Phone    806-687-5993                            Back Headwear)
 Fax      806-687-5983                            01Q (Men's/Unisex Adjustable Wool
 www.Techfineart.com                              Blend Headwear)
 mae.wertz@gmail.com                              01R (Men's/Unisex Adjustable Non-Wool
 Spec Agr Disclosed: 02/28/2011                   Headwear)
                                                  03C (Office Products)
 Distribution Channel(s)                          04D (Gifts & Novelties - Miscellaneous)
    Better Dept Stores/Boutiques                  06A (Sports Equipment)
    Campus/Local Channel                          07D (Infant Products)
    Grocery/Drug/Convenience Stores
    Related Retail/Direct
    Restricted Channel                         Allan Barr Sales (67525)
    Super Center/Wholesale Clubs               2012 Pembroke Drive
                                               Fort Worth, TX 76110
 Product Categories
                                               Mr. Allan Barr
     03C (Office Products)
                                               Phone    817-713-9593
     03D (Housewares)
                                               Fax      817-921-2777
     04D (Gifts & Novelties - Miscellaneous)
     05A (Stationery)
     05C (Paper Products)
                                               Spec Agr Disclosed: 09/29/2010
     05E (Publishing)
                                               Distribution Channel(s)
                                                  Better Dept Stores/Boutiques
                                                  Campus/Local Channel
                                                  Related Retail/Direct
                                                  Specialty Mid-Tier

                                                  The Collegiate Licensing Company

9/23/2011 12:09:51PM                                       Local Licensees
                                                          Licensed as of 09/2011

Texas Tech University
 Aztec Promotional Group LP (54948)            Bumrunners LLC (78638)                   01A (Men's/Unisex T-shirts)
 2815 Manor Road                               PO Box 19045                             01H (Men's Fashion Apparel)
 Austin, TX 78722                              Houston, TX 77035                        01I (Women's Apparel)
 Minority/Woman Owned                          Mr. Charlie Braden                       01J (Men's/Unisex Fleece)
 Ms. Patti Winstanley                          Phone    832-236-2141                    01N (Men's/Unisex Structured Closed
 Phone    512-744-0195                         Fax                                      Back Headwear)
 Fax      512-744-0196                         www.Bumrunners.com                       01O (Men's/Unisex Structured Stretch Fit
 www.Aztecworld.com                            cbraden@bumrunners.com                   Headwear)
 patti@aztecworld.com                          Spec Agr Disclosed: 08/01/2011           01P (Men's/Unisex Unstructured Closed
 Spec Agr Disclosed: 09/12/2011                                                         Back Headwear)
                                               Distribution Channel(s)                  01Q (Men's/Unisex Adjustable Wool
 Distribution Channel(s)                          Campus/Local Channel                  Blend Headwear)
    Campus/Local Channel                          Related Retail/Direct                 01R (Men's/Unisex Adjustable Non-Wool
    Restricted Channel                                                                  Headwear)
                                               Product Categories
                                                                                        02C (Personal Accessories)
 Product Categories                               01H (Men's Fashion Apparel)
    01A (Men's/Unisex T-shirts)
    01B (Men's/Unisex Outerwear)
                                                                                     Cardinal's Sport Center (41759)
    01C (Men's/Unisex Other Headwear)          C.A.L. Designs (11862)                6524 Slide Road
    01E (Jerseys/Uniforms)                     897 Paddy Road                        Lubbock, TX 79424
    01F (Infant/Toddler Apparel)               Floresville, TX 78114                 Mr Brad Wyatt
    01G (Youth Apparel)                        Ms. Donna Nordstrom
                                                                                     Phone    806 765 6645
    01H (Men's Fashion Apparel)                Phone    830-393-1801                 Fax      806 763 3927
    01I (Women's Apparel)                      Fax      830-393-1801                 bwyatt@cardsports.net
    01J (Men's/Unisex Fleece)                  www.Caldesigns.com                    Spec Agr Disclosed: 07/19/2011
    01K (Men's/Unisex Loungewear &             nordstrom@tgti.net
    Sleepwear)                                 Spec Agr Disclosed: 07/06/2011        Distribution Channel(s)
    01M (Clothing Accessories)                                                          Related Retail/Direct
    01N (Men's/Unisex Structured Closed        Distribution Channel(s)
                                                                                        Restricted Channel
    Back Headwear)                                Campus/Local Channel
    01O (Men's/Unisex Structured Stretch Fit      Related Retail/Direct              Product Categories
    Headwear)                                                                           01A (Men's/Unisex T-shirts)
    01P (Men's/Unisex Unstructured Closed      Product Categories
                                                                                        01F (Infant/Toddler Apparel)
    Back Headwear)                                03D (Housewares)                      01G (Youth Apparel)
    01Q (Men's/Unisex Adjustable Wool             05A (Stationery)                      01I (Women's Apparel)
    Blend Headwear)                               05C (Paper Products)                  01J (Men's/Unisex Fleece)
    01R (Men's/Unisex Adjustable Non-Wool
    02A (Jewelry)                              California T's (23334)
    02C (Personal Accessories)                 1611 University Avenue
    03A (Domestics)                            Lubbock, TX 79401
    03B (Furniture/Furnishings)                Mr. Steve Taylor
    03C (Office Products)                      Phone    806-763-1071
    03D (Housewares)                           Fax      806-763-5053
    04A (Automobile Products)                  steve@californiat.net
    04D (Gifts & Novelties - Miscellaneous)    Spec Agr Disclosed: 12/08/2010
    05A (Stationery)
    05C (Paper Products)                       Distribution Channel(s)
    05D (School Supplies)                         Related Retail/Direct
    07C (Health/Beauty)
                                               Product Categories
    07D (Infant Products)

                                     The Collegiate Licensing Company

9/23/2011 12:09:51PM                          Local Licensees
                                            Licensed as of 09/2011

Texas Tech University
 Cubicle Paper LLC (88048)        Fast Signs (Lubbock, TX) (38816)            04A (Automobile Products)
 PO Box 6192                      4210 82nd Street #206                       04D (Gifts & Novelties - Miscellaneous)
 McKinney, TX 75071               Lubbock, TX 79423
 Mr. Craig Johnson                Mr. Mike Walker
 Phone    404-964-5122            Phone    806-793-9796                    Gourmet Pantry-The (24077)
 Fax                              Fax      806-793-9853                    8201 Quaker #138
 www.Cubiclepaper.com             www.Fastsigns.com                        Lubbock, TX 79424
 craig@cubiclepaper.com           132@fastsigns.com                        Mr. Ed Fowler
 Spec Agr Disclosed: 05/07/2011   Spec Agr Disclosed: 04/04/2011           Phone    806-794-5592
                                                                           Fax      806-794-5593
 Distribution Channel(s)          Distribution Channel(s)                  www.Gourmet-pantry.com
    Campus/Local Channel             Related Retail/Direct                 sales@gourmet-pantry.com
    Internet/TV/Catalog              Restricted Channel                    Spec Agr Disclosed: 07/30/2011
    Related Retail/Direct
    Specialty Mass                Product Categories                       Distribution Channel(s)
                                     04A (Automobile Products)                Related Retail/Direct
 Product Categories                  04C (Signage Products)
    03B (Furniture/Furnishings)                                            Product Categories
                                                                              03D (Housewares)
                                  Galaxy International (17778)
 DI Alum Inc. (70529)             2376 E. Orangethorpe Ave.
 607 Green Meadow St. N           Anaheim, CA 92806-1231                   I AM Lill LLC (87642)
 Colleyville, TX 76034            Mr. Numan Kesbeh                         World of Tennis Square
 Mr. David Anderson               Phone    714-879-9040                    Suite 121
 Phone    817-690-3571            Fax      714-879-9050                    Austin, TX 78738
 Fax      817-796-1374            www.Galaxyflags.com                      Ms. Lill O'Neall Gentry
 dranderson@hotmail.com           gicflag@aol.com                          Phone      512-529-4050
 Spec Agr Disclosed: 06/01/2011   Spec Agr Disclosed: 11/10/2009           Fax
 Distribution Channel(s)          Distribution Channel(s)
                                                                           Spec Agr Disclosed: 11/17/2010
    Related Retail/Direct            Campus/Local Channel
    Specialty Mid-Tier                                                     Distribution Channel(s)
                                  Product Categories
                                                                              Amusement Park
 Product Categories                  04C (Signage Products)                   Campus/Local Channel
    04B (Collectibles)
                                                                              Grocery/Drug/Convenience Stores
                                                                              Related Retail/Direct
                                  Gameface Company - The (TX)                 Specialty Mid-Tier
 FanBaby (91876)                  (70458)                                     Sporting Goods/Sports Specialty/Fan
 5307 E. Mockingbird Ln.          PO Box 6702                                 Shops
 #925                             Tyler, TX 75711
 Dallas, TX 75206                 Ms. Lori Marshall                        Product Categories
 Mr. Brian Driesse                         903-526-8880                       04D (Gifts & Novelties - Miscellaneous)
 Phone    619-207-8314            Fax      903-526-8881
 Fax      858-320-3965            www.Thegamefacecompany.com
 www.Fanbaby.com                  lmarshall@thegamefacecompany.com
 brian@fanbaby.com                Spec Agr Disclosed: 07/27/2011
 Spec Agr Disclosed: 06/06/2011
                                  Distribution Channel(s)
 Distribution Channel(s)             Campus/Local Channel
    Internet/TV/Catalog              Grocery/Drug/Convenience Stores
    Related Retail/Direct            Related Retail/Direct
                                     Sporting Goods/Sports Specialty/Fan
 Product Categories
    05A (Stationery)
                                  Product Categories

                                                  The Collegiate Licensing Company

9/23/2011 12:09:51PM                                       Local Licensees
                                                         Licensed as of 09/2011

Texas Tech University
 J. Keith's Jewelry (53077)                    Jon Hart Design Company Inc.             On The List Inc.dba Calligraphy Etc.
 8001 Quaker Ave. Ste. H                       (36170)                                  (39059)
 Lubbock, TX 79424                             PO Box 8558                              4505 98th Street Suite 170
 Ms. Kelly Allen                               San Antonio, TX 78208                    Lubbock, TX 79424
 Phone    806-791-0092                         Mr. Bob Burke                            Ms. Kandice Matsler
 Fax      806-791-3255                         Phone    210-226-8544                    Phone     806-785-1195
 sales@jkeithjewelry.com                       Fax      210-226-8598                    Fax       806-785-1197
 Spec Agr Disclosed: 09/16/2010                www.Jonhartdesign.com                    www.Calligraphyetc.com
                                               burke@jonhartdesign.com                  calligraphy@sbcglobal.net
 Distribution Channel(s)                       Spec Agr Disclosed: 06/23/2009           Spec Agr Disclosed: 03/09/2010
    Related Retail/Direct
                                               Distribution Channel(s)                  Distribution Channel(s)
 Product Categories                               Sporting Goods/Sports Specialty/Fan      Related Retail/Direct
    02A (Jewelry)                                 Shops
                                                                                        Product Categories
                                               Product Categories                          05D (School Supplies)
 J.P.'s Fundwear (23485)                          02C (Personal Accessories)
 5120 69th Street                                 03A (Domestics)
 Lubbock, TX 79424                                03D (Housewares)                      Pinto Ranch (54898)
 Ms. Janice Pamperin                              05B (Checks)                          1717 Post Oak Blvd
 Phone    806-794-5777                            05D (School Supplies)                 Houston, TX 77056
 Fax      806-798-7509                                                                  Ms. Christina Jordan
 www.Schoolgearschoolsupplies.com                                                       Phone    713-333-7906
 fundwear@hubofthe.net                         LRT Sales (70558)                        Fax      713-688-5955
 Spec Agr Disclosed: 10/04/2010                3308 Preston Road Ste. 350 #259          www.Pintoranch.com
                                               Plano, TX 75093                          cjordan@pintoranch.com
 Distribution Channel(s)                       Mr. Ruben Dickter                        Spec Agr Disclosed: 12/22/2010
    Campus/Local Channel                       Phone     917-414-2155
                                               Fax       972-964-8710                   Distribution Channel(s)
 Product Categories                            www.Fleecenfur.com                          Related Retail/Direct
    01A (Men's/Unisex T-shirts)                lrtsales@verizon.net
    01B (Men's/Unisex Outerwear)               Spec Agr Disclosed: 08/04/2011           Product Categories
    01C (Men's/Unisex Other Headwear)                                                      02A (Jewelry)
    01H (Men's Fashion Apparel)                Distribution Channel(s)                     02C (Personal Accessories)
    01J (Men's/Unisex Fleece)                     Better Dept Stores/Boutiques
    01N (Men's/Unisex Structured Closed           Campus/Local Channel
    Back Headwear)                                Department Stores                     Randy Smith Limited (56036)
    01O (Men's/Unisex Structured Stretch Fit      Internet/TV/Catalog                   1811 Cullen Ave
    Headwear)                                     Specialty Mid-Tier                    Austin, TX 78757
    01P (Men's/Unisex Unstructured Closed         Sporting Goods/Sports Specialty/Fan   Mr. Randy Smith
    Back Headwear)                                Shops                                 Phone    512-451-6815
    01Q (Men's/Unisex Adjustable Wool                                                   Fax
    Blend Headwear)                            Product Categories
    01R (Men's/Unisex Adjustable Non-Wool         02C (Personal Accessories)            rsmith@randysmithlimited.com
    Headwear)                                     03A (Domestics)                       Spec Agr Disclosed: 04/01/2011
                                                  03B (Furniture/Furnishings)
                                                                                        Distribution Channel(s)
                                                                                           Related Retail/Direct
                                                                                           Sporting Goods/Sports Specialty/Fan

                                                                                        Product Categories
                                                                                           05E (Publishing)

                                                 The Collegiate Licensing Company

9/23/2011 12:09:51PM                                      Local Licensees
                                                         Licensed as of 09/2011

Texas Tech University
 Rewards Inc. (29968)
                                              Product Categories                            Product Categories
 9722 Great Hills Trail #300
 Austin, TX 78759                                01A (Men's/Unisex T-shirts)                   02A (Jewelry)
 Ms. Claudia Stromberg                           01B (Men's/Unisex Outerwear)
                                                 01C (Men's/Unisex Other Headwear)
 Phone    512-502-9799
                                                 01H (Men's Fashion Apparel)                Texas Collectible Tins LLC (56574)
 Fax      512-502-9153
                                                 01J (Men's/Unisex Fleece)                  523 Clear Creek Ln
                                                 01K (Men's/Unisex Loungewear &             Fredericksburg, TX 78624
                                                 Sleepwear)                                 Minority/Woman Owned
 Spec Agr Disclosed: 12/23/2010
                                                 01M (Clothing Accessories)                 Mr. Charles G. Wilson
 Distribution Channel(s)                         01N (Men's/Unisex Structured Closed        Phone    830-990-4917
    Related Retail/Direct                        Back Headwear)                             Fax      830-997-6957
                                                 01O (Men's/Unisex Structured Stretch Fit   www.Texascollectibletins.com
 Product Categories                              Headwear)                                  cwfbrg@yahoo.com
    02A (Jewelry)                                01P (Men's/Unisex Unstructured Closed      Spec Agr Disclosed: 09/20/2010
    02C (Personal Accessories)                   Back Headwear)
    06A (Sports Equipment)                       01Q (Men's/Unisex Adjustable Wool          Distribution Channel(s)
                                                 Blend Headwear)                               Better Dept Stores/Boutiques
                                                 01R (Men's/Unisex Adjustable Non-Wool         Campus/Local Channel
 Richey - John (23374)                           Headwear)                                     Department Stores
 5418 46th Street                                02A (Jewelry)                                 Grocery/Drug/Convenience Stores
 Lubbock, TX 79414                               02C (Personal Accessories)                    Internet/TV/Catalog
 Mr. John Richey                                 03A (Domestics)                               Related Retail/Direct
 Phone    806-795-8649                           03B (Furniture/Furnishings)                   Specialty Mass
 Fax      806-792-3869                           03C (Office Products)                         Specialty Mid-Tier
 jwgerichey@aol.com                              03D (Housewares)                              Sporting Goods/Sports Specialty/Fan
 Spec Agr Disclosed: 09/13/2010                  04A (Automobile Products)                     Shops
                                                 04C (Signage Products)                        Super Center/Wholesale Clubs
 Distribution Channel(s)                         04D (Gifts & Novelties - Miscellaneous)
    Related Retail/Direct                        04E (Holiday Accessories)                  Product Categories
                                                 05A (Stationery)                              04D (Gifts & Novelties - Miscellaneous)
 Product Categories                              05C (Paper Products)
    02A (Jewelry)                                05D (School Supplies)
    03A (Domestics)                              05E (Publishing)                           Texas Tech Federal Credit Union
    03C (Office Products)                        06A (Sports Equipment)                     (43578)
    04D (Gifts & Novelties - Miscellaneous)      06B (Balls)                                PO Box 41072
    04E (Holiday Accessories)                    06C (Toys)                                 Lubbock, TX 79409-1072
                                                 06D (Games)                                Ms. Ellen
                                                 07B (Consumables)                          Phone
 Scarborough Specialties Inc (23415)             07C (Health/Beauty)                        Fax
 10501 Indiana Ave                               07E (Footwear)
 Lubbock, TX 79423
 Minority/Woman Owned                                                                       Distribution Channel(s)
 Mr. Jay Jacobus                                                                               Restricted Channel
                                              Stuart's Jewelers (24420)
 Phone    806-792-9925                        3419 82nd Street
                                                                                            Product Categories
 Fax      806-792-9927                        Lubbock, TX 79423
 www.Scarspec.com                             Ms. Jeannie Stuart
 jay@scarspec.com                             Phone     806-792-2110
 Spec Agr Disclosed: 10/01/2010               Fax       806-792-2188
 Distribution Channel(s)
                                              Spec Agr Disclosed: 09/25/2010
    Campus/Local Channel
    Grocery/Drug/Convenience Stores           Distribution Channel(s)
    Restricted Channel                           Related Retail/Direct

                                                  The Collegiate Licensing Company

9/23/2011 12:09:51PM                                       Local Licensees
                                                          Licensed as of 09/2011

Texas Tech University
 Thacker Jewelry (53042)                       U Dawg Graphics (45587)               W Promotions (31355)
 4210 82nd St. #202                            5011 Slide Rd.                        906 Austin
 Lubbock, TX 79432                             Lubbock, TX 79414                     Waco, TX 76701
 Mr. Joe Thacker                               Mr. Michael Kahn                      Ms. Beverly Bawcom
 Phone    806-794-7766                         Phone    806-788-8982 100             Phone    254-753-3411 11
 Fax      806-722-2306                         Fax      806-793-0595                 Fax      254-753-3441
 isaiah2@nts-online.net                        www.Udawggraphics.com                 www.Wpromotions.net
 Spec Agr Disclosed: 09/20/2009                mkahn@mo-coinc.com                    beverlybawcom@wpromotions.net
                                               Spec Agr Disclosed: 03/22/2011        Spec Agr Disclosed: 05/23/2011
 Distribution Channel(s)
    Related Retail/Direct                      Distribution Channel(s)               Distribution Channel(s)
                                                  Related Retail/Direct                 Campus/Local Channel
 Product Categories                               Specialty Mid-Tier                    Off-Price
    02A (Jewelry)                                                                       Related Retail/Direct
                                               Product Categories
                                                  01A (Men's/Unisex T-shirts)         Product Categories
 Treasures For You (54122)                        01B (Men's/Unisex Outerwear)           01A (Men's/Unisex T-shirts)
 PO Box 16592                                     07E (Footwear)                         01B (Men's/Unisex Outerwear)
 Lubbock, TX 79490                                                                       01C (Men's/Unisex Other Headwear)
 Ms. Mary Pierce                                                                         01F (Infant/Toddler Apparel)
 Phone    806-891-4874                         University Mosaics LLC (88486)            01G (Youth Apparel)
 Fax      806-897-1234                         6557 Rutherford Road                      01H (Men's Fashion Apparel)
 www.Attitude-graphics.com                     Plano, TX 75023                           01J (Men's/Unisex Fleece)
 marypierce5@yahoo.com                         Mr. Clinton Surginer                      01N (Men's/Unisex Structured Closed
 Spec Agr Disclosed: 12/15/2010                Phone     214-799-2594                    Back Headwear)
                                               Fax       817-278-8490                    01O (Men's/Unisex Structured Stretch Fit
 Distribution Channel(s)                       www.Universitymosaics.com                 Headwear)
    Better Dept Stores/Boutiques               clint@universitymosaics.com               01P (Men's/Unisex Unstructured Closed
    Campus/Local Channel                       Spec Agr Disclosed: 09/10/2011            Back Headwear)
    Grocery/Drug/Convenience Stores                                                      01Q (Men's/Unisex Adjustable Wool
    Related Retail/Direct                      Distribution Channel(s)                   Blend Headwear)
    Specialty Mid-Tier                            Campus/Local Channel                   01R (Men's/Unisex Adjustable Non-Wool
                                                  Related Retail/Direct                  Headwear)
 Product Categories                                                                      03D (Housewares)
    01A (Men's/Unisex T-shirts)                Product Categories
                                                                                         04E (Holiday Accessories)
    01B (Men's/Unisex Outerwear)                  05E (Publishing)                       07D (Infant Products)
    01F (Infant/Toddler Apparel)
    01G (Youth Apparel)
    01H (Men's Fashion Apparel)                Varsity Jewelers (44395)
                                                                                     Coach Tommy Tuberville
    01I (Women's Apparel)                      1311 University Avenue
    01J (Men's/Unisex Fleece)                  Lubbock, TX 79401
                                                                                     Licensing Program
    01L (Men's/Unisex Performance              Mr. Randall Phelps
    Apparel)                                   Phone     806-747-0929
    01O (Men's/Unisex Structured Stretch Fit   Fax
    Headwear)                                  www.varsityjewelers.com
    01R (Men's/Unisex Adjustable Non-Wool      varsityjewelers@aol.com
    Headwear)                                  Spec Agr Disclosed: 03/09/2011
    02C (Personal Accessories)
    07D (Infant Products)                      Distribution Channel(s)
                                                  Related Retail/Direct

                                               Product Categories
                                                  02A (Jewelry)

                                                  The Collegiate Licensing Company

9/23/2011 12:09:51PM                                       Local Licensees
                                                          Licensed as of 09/2011

Texas Tech University
 Advanced Graphix Screenprinting                  01A (Men's/Unisex T-shirts)                   01A (Men's/Unisex T-shirts)
 (10031)                                          01B (Men's/Unisex Outerwear)                  01J (Men's/Unisex Fleece)
 520 23rd Street                                  01C (Men's/Unisex Other Headwear)             01N (Men's/Unisex Structured Closed
 Lubbock, TX 79404-1008                           01E (Jerseys/Uniforms)                        Back Headwear)
 Mr. Steve Massengale                             01F (Infant/Toddler Apparel)                  01O (Men's/Unisex Structured Stretch Fit
 Phone    806-744-9998 16                         01G (Youth Apparel)                           Headwear)
 Fax      806-744-2888                            01H (Men's Fashion Apparel)                   01P (Men's/Unisex Unstructured Closed
 www.Advancedgraphix.net                          01I (Women's Apparel)                         Back Headwear)
 stevem@advancedgraphix.net                       01J (Men's/Unisex Fleece)                     01Q (Men's/Unisex Adjustable Wool
 Spec Agr Disclosed: 08/26/2011                   01K (Men's/Unisex Loungewear &                Blend Headwear)
                                                  Sleepwear)                                    01R (Men's/Unisex Adjustable Non-Wool
 Distribution Channel(s)                          01N (Men's/Unisex Structured Closed           Headwear)
    Campus/Local Channel                          Back Headwear)                                02C (Personal Accessories)
    Restricted Channel                            01O (Men's/Unisex Structured Stretch Fit
 Product Categories
                                                  01P (Men's/Unisex Unstructured Closed      Cardinal's Sport Center (41759)
    01A (Men's/Unisex T-shirts)                   Back Headwear)                             6524 Slide Road
    01C (Men's/Unisex Other Headwear)             01Q (Men's/Unisex Adjustable Wool          Lubbock, TX 79424
    01F (Infant/Toddler Apparel)                  Blend Headwear)                            Mr Brad Wyatt
    01G (Youth Apparel)                           01R (Men's/Unisex Adjustable Non-Wool      Phone    806 765 6645
    01H (Men's Fashion Apparel)                   Headwear)                                  Fax      806 763 3927
    01I (Women's Apparel)                         02A (Jewelry)                              bwyatt@cardsports.net
    01J (Men's/Unisex Fleece)                     02C (Personal Accessories)                 Spec Agr Disclosed: 07/19/2011
    01N (Men's/Unisex Structured Closed           03A (Domestics)
    Back Headwear)                                03B (Furniture/Furnishings)                Distribution Channel(s)
    01O (Men's/Unisex Structured Stretch Fit      03D (Housewares)                              Related Retail/Direct
    Headwear)                                     04A (Automobile Products)                     Restricted Channel
    01P (Men's/Unisex Unstructured Closed         04D (Gifts & Novelties - Miscellaneous)
    Back Headwear)                                                                           Product Categories
                                                  05A (Stationery)
    01Q (Men's/Unisex Adjustable Wool             05C (Paper Products)                          01A (Men's/Unisex T-shirts)
    Blend Headwear)                               05D (School Supplies)                         01F (Infant/Toddler Apparel)
    01R (Men's/Unisex Adjustable Non-Wool         07C (Health/Beauty)                           01G (Youth Apparel)
    Headwear)                                     07D (Infant Products)                         01I (Women's Apparel)
    03C (Office Products)                                                                       01J (Men's/Unisex Fleece)
    04D (Gifts & Novelties - Miscellaneous)
    06A (Sports Equipment)                     California T's (23334)
    07D (Infant Products)                      1611 University Avenue
                                               Lubbock, TX 79401
                                               Mr. Steve Taylor
 Aztec Promotional Group LP (54948)                     806-763-1071
 2815 Manor Road                                        806-763-5053
 Austin, TX 78722                              steve@californiat.net
 Minority/Woman Owned                          Spec Agr Disclosed: 12/08/2010
 Ms. Patti Winstanley
 Phone    512-744-0195                         Distribution Channel(s)
 Fax      512-744-0196                            Related Retail/Direct
 patti@aztecworld.com                          Product Categories
 Spec Agr Disclosed: 09/12/2011

 Distribution Channel(s)
    Campus/Local Channel
    Restricted Channel

 Product Categories

                                                  The Collegiate Licensing Company

9/23/2011 12:09:51PM                                       Local Licensees
                                                         Licensed as of 09/2011

Texas Tech University
 Scarborough Specialties Inc (23415)
 10501 Indiana Ave
 Lubbock, TX 79423                             W Promotions (31355)
 Minority/Woman Owned                          906 Austin
 Mr. Jay Jacobus                               Waco, TX 76701
 Phone    806-792-9925                         Ms. Beverly Bawcom
 Fax      806-792-9927                         Phone    254-753-3411 11
 www.Scarspec.com                              Fax      254-753-3441
 jay@scarspec.com                              www.Wpromotions.net
 Spec Agr Disclosed: 10/01/2010                beverlybawcom@wpromotions.net
                                               Spec Agr Disclosed: 05/23/2011
 Distribution Channel(s)
    Campus/Local Channel                       Distribution Channel(s)
    Restricted Channel                            Campus/Local Channel
 Product Categories
                                                  Related Retail/Direct
    01A (Men's/Unisex T-shirts)
    01B (Men's/Unisex Outerwear)               Product Categories
    01C (Men's/Unisex Other Headwear)             01A (Men's/Unisex T-shirts)
    01H (Men's Fashion Apparel)                   01B (Men's/Unisex Outerwear)
    01J (Men's/Unisex Fleece)                     01C (Men's/Unisex Other Headwear)
    01K (Men's/Unisex Loungewear &                01F (Infant/Toddler Apparel)
    Sleepwear)                                    01G (Youth Apparel)
    01M (Clothing Accessories)                    01H (Men's Fashion Apparel)
    01N (Men's/Unisex Structured Closed           01J (Men's/Unisex Fleece)
    Back Headwear)                                01N (Men's/Unisex Structured Closed
    01O (Men's/Unisex Structured Stretch Fit      Back Headwear)
    Headwear)                                     01O (Men's/Unisex Structured Stretch Fit
    01P (Men's/Unisex Unstructured Closed         Headwear)
    Back Headwear)                                01P (Men's/Unisex Unstructured Closed
    01Q (Men's/Unisex Adjustable Wool             Back Headwear)
    Blend Headwear)                               01Q (Men's/Unisex Adjustable Wool
    01R (Men's/Unisex Adjustable Non-Wool         Blend Headwear)
    Headwear)                                     01R (Men's/Unisex Adjustable Non-Wool
    02A (Jewelry)                                 Headwear)
    02C (Personal Accessories)                    03D (Housewares)
    03A (Domestics)                               04E (Holiday Accessories)
    03B (Furniture/Furnishings)                   07D (Infant Products)
    03C (Office Products)
    03D (Housewares)
    04A (Automobile Products)
    04C (Signage Products)                                37 Licensees
    04D (Gifts & Novelties - Miscellaneous)
                                                          36 Special Aggrements
    04E (Holiday Accessories)
    05A (Stationery)                                      36 Disclosed
    05C (Paper Products)
    05D (School Supplies)
    05E (Publishing)
    06A (Sports Equipment)
    06B (Balls)
    06C (Toys)
    06D (Games)
    07B (Consumables)
    07C (Health/Beauty)
    07E (Footwear)


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