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                                   HOW TO GET AND

          STAY HEALTHY
                                                   DURING THE

       Holidays                                                     and Beyond

       Free healthy eating and physical activity guide
       by Toiya Honoré

               he holidays are upon us, and for    changes in your diet; you'll be surprised   Participants start small and build strength
               most that means good company        at how much you can do to improve your      and endurance over 90 days to encourage
               and lots of good food.              nutrition. The site includes videos of      making exercise a habit. Participants are
       Unfortunately, all too often we end up      professional chefs preparing tasty,         encouraged to plan for 150 minutes of
       with a few extra pounds on our              healthy meals from the American Heart       moderate-intensity physical activity a
       waistlines. Being overweight puts us at     Association/ American Stroke                week and can choose one of two
       increased risk for heart disease, stroke    Association’s “49 Healthy Soul Food         workouts. The first focuses on working
       and other risk factors such as high blood   Recipes” cookbook. While you’re at it,      out at a gym or workout facility. The
       pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.    browse the Nutrition Center for articles    second has advice for working out at
          A great way to avoid these risks is to   and tools for healthier eating.             home or in a hotel.
       burn more daily calories than you take in      Also, whether in the gym, at                                  Ladies, are you letting
       with physical activity and healthful        home or on the road traveling,                           your hair come between you
       eating. The sooner you get started, the     learn how to make physical                               and a healthy lifestyle?
       better, so why not start now and make a     activity a daily habit with the                          Exercising is great for your
       pact with your family and friends to be     Association’s FREE online                                health. But it's not so great
       health conscious during the holiday         exercise program. Through the                            on your hair. So, to help you
       season and beyond.                          Power Fitness Plan,                                      get fit and look fabulous, we
          The American Heart Association/          participants are guided                                  have partnered with stylist
       American Stroke Association can help        through daily exercises for 12                           Krystal Landfair to give you
       you begin. Available FREE online from       weeks to help reduce the risk                            tips that will help keep your
       the Association’s Power To End Stroke       of heart disease and stroke.                             hair looking good while
       cause campaign is a Healthy Eating          “We’ve included a lot of                                 working out.
       Guide. The guide includes tips for          variety so participants don’t get bored,”   If you're prone to sweating, don't work
       reducing your caloric intake and may be     said Andrea “Dre” Nichols-Everett, the      out with your hair under a scarf or hats
       referenced for holiday and daily meals.     certified fitness expert who created the    this only causes more irritation to your
       Good nutrition is essential for your        plan. “The plan begins with light cardio    finished results by locking in moisture,
       family's health. Explore the Power          to build endurance, then weights are        leaving your hair wet. Cotton scarves,
       Nutrition Plan and start making small       added to increase lean muscle mass.”        hats and headbands, can cause friction on
PT_HOLIDAY_Final:PTSRRING_ 11/13/11 9:47 AM Page 45

       your hairline that which over time         weekly workout plan. It's important to
       leads to breakage. If you use              note that the base of your hair
       something to hold your hair in place,      extensions should be completely dry
       make sure it's made of satin or silk -     before styling in any manner.
       materials better suited for your hair.
          Schedule a training session with
       your salon hair care professional to
       create a style that works for your life
       - one that includes your workout
       schedule. Schedule this appointment
       on the last day of your workout week
       to allow the stylist to see your hair at
       its worst to help to get the most
       longevity from your style. If you plan
       to maintain your haircare you may
       want to use a professional hair care          If you wear your hair natural but
       line and styling tools to help you         pressed, tie a two-inch wide satin
       obtain salon quality results for a         band around the hairline while
       longer period.                             working out and leave it in place until
          If you wear your hair in a straight     the hairline dries; this will help keep
       style, wrapping it up with a breathable    that area smooth.
       hair net works best. This keeps your          Hair accessories are your friend.
       hair in place, while allowing the          Hats, scarves, headbands, ponytail
       perspiration and heat created at the       holders, barrettes and clips can rescue
       scalp area during your workout to          and update your style after a workout.
       escape. It's also best to keep your hair   Stop fighting your hair. If it curls up
       tied up until your scalp area has fully    after your workout, use a product that
       dried.                                     will help enhance and manage your
       If you wear a curlier style, pin curling   curl and go with it. If it falls flat, try a
       your hair while you exercise and           product to create the lift you want.
       leaving them in place until your scalp     Make your hair and your workout
       dries will help your curls' durability.    work for you. Remember, it's about
       If you workout in ponytails, be sure to    being healthy - that's what makes you
       move the position of the ponytail          beautiful.
       around; keeping your ponytail in the          Heart disease is the number one
       same spot may cause breakage over          cause of death and stroke is the
       time.                                      number three cause of death for all
          If you wear hair extensions,            Americans, and African Americans
       thoroughly rinse and shampoo your          are at increased risk due to high
       scalp area on the last day of your         incidences of high blood pressure,
                                                  diabetes and obesity. Find out how
                                                  healthy you really are by completing
                                                  the My Life Check quiz at
                                          Through the
                                                    tool, you will find out how close            For more information and tools to help you to get and
                                                     you are to ideal health and receive         stay healthy, visit Power To
                                                      information to help you improve            End Stroke is nationally sponsored by the Bristol-
                                                       problem areas.                            Myers Squibb/Sanofi Pharmaceuticals Partnership.
                                                                                                 Visit for additional information
                                                                                                 about heart disease and stroke.

                                                                                                 Toiya Honoré is Senior Communications Manager at
                                                                                                 the national center of the American Heart
                                                                                                 Association. She is currently supporting initiatives
                                                                                                 that reach African-American audiences

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