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									Harris Salander
20 Holin North Road,
New Jersey, NJ 6544
(435) 989 3342.


A challenging position in inventory management with a successful and
growing company to show my inventory management related skills.

Educational Qualification:

    Completed High School Diploma from Albion College, MI (1988)
    Completed training of Supply Systems, Storage Management, and
Logistics Organization etc.

Work History:
Acropetal Technologies Inc, Los Angeles, NY (2000 - Present)
Senior Inventory Manager

Duties Performed are:

    Managed the requirements of company for general running of the
    Kept the bills of material with their original copies
    Checked out whether the list of materials and equipment are as per
order or not
    Handled all staff of company by providing their requirements on daily
    Created reports of inventory, accounting, and purchasing
    Handled the maintenance of equipment and materials in given budget

Silverstone Technologies Inc, New York, GA (1989 - 1999)

Duties Performed are:

    Ordered supplies and tracking inventory control by developing
innovative system
    Trained, scheduled, and motivated as many as 60 employees
    Kept records of supplies and materials with the help of computer to
which help to refer in future


    Able to keep records of received materials with the help of computer
    Responsible for bills of order
    Strong experience as inventory manager in well known company
    Good English communication skills
    Uncommon ability to manage delivery of required material
    Able to provide all requirements in given budget.

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