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Tommy Butler
Email: ace@tommybutler.me

Job Objective
I am seeking work as a Linux Engineer or Linux Systems Administrator. I have about a decade of real-world
experience in IT with a focus on system engineering/administration, and I have solid programming and
development skills as well. I am an enthusiastic self starter and a very fast learner, a results-driven real team
player. I’m an excellent communicator and I love people. Most of all, I never cease striving to learn and master
new technologies in order to be an asset to the community I work with. I love information technology and I
approach every project with that passion, that excitement, and that positive upbeat can-do attitude. My treatment
of others and fun sense of humor make me a person that others want to work with. I’m imaginative, resourceful,
and quick on my feet. I am a problem solver who brings solutions, not excuses. I am honest, respectable, and
humble. I’m adaptable. I’m persistent. I’m a leader. I am durable and hard working… and I want to work with

6/08 – 3/09               Mosso, Rackspace Cloud Division San Antonio, TX
Sr. Linux Administrator
Worked with Zeus load balancers, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Debian Linux, Apache, MySQL
clusters, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, Hyperic and other technologies to power the
Rackspace Cloud Computing division. Programmed heavily in Python, Perl, and shell script to
develop custom tools for the automation of administrative tasks across the cloud. Worked in
an advanced team of Linux and Windows administrators who were responsible for maintaining
the uptime for hundreds of servers, several load balancers, and multiple Netapp backend
storage appliances serving thousands of customers worldwide. Won two awards from the
company in recognition of my outstanding performance and programming contributions.

9/06 – 6/08               YourStore, LLC                San Francisco, CA/Denton, TX
CONTRACT Administrator of Systems and Networks— Linux, Windows, Cisco
Personally built and rolled out an entirely new datacenter infrastructure and network with Cisco
ASA firewalls with VPN and 4980 series switches, BigIP f5 load balancers and LTMs, IBM quad-
core Xeon servers, Adaptec Snap NAS, Promise VTrak SAN, Barracuda Spam Firewall, IBM
Netbay KVM over IP. On the software side I deployed Debian Linux Stable, clustered MySQL
database, clustered Zend Platform PHP on Apache 2.2, fully virtualized Postfix/Dovecot mail
system on MySQL database with Postfix Admin behind a Barracuda spam firewall, Nagios NMS,
Subversion source control, Samhain, Tripwire, Bastille Linux, Hardened Linux, patch
management and enterprise system security, segregated networks and network security, NIC
teaming, bonding, and network load balancing.

7/06 – 9/06               Aragio, Inc                                           Richardson, TX
CONTRACT System Administrator— Linux, Windows, Solaris
60 day CONTRACT. Supported small business Linux/Solaris infrastructure and extensive
network filesystems for this computer chip design firm. Consolidated network filesystems onto
EMC Clarion, integrated Active Directory 2003 with existing NIS infrastructure. Migrated tape
backup system to EMC storage. Assisted in deploying Microsoft Project server. Heterogeneous
environment with Microsoft servers, Sun midrange hardware, and EMC.

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8/04 – 5/06           Small Community Airlines, Inc                             Dallas, TX
Director of IT
Director of IT for entire company’s operations. Administrated company network, maintained
security at both network and workstation level. Rolled out and administrated company LAN and
WAN. Provided daily 24x7 support for all company IT operations and projects. Designed,
developed, and maintained air traffic scheduling and online reservations system and database
in addition to company time clock system and electronic inter-office messaging system.

2/04 – 8/04           American Web Host                                      Addison, TX
CONTRACT System Administrator— Linux, Windows, CobaltOS
180 day CONTRACT. Handled Red Hat Linux, Fedora, and Cobalt server administration,
computer networking, tech support, and programming services for mid-size hosting company.
Performed miscellaneous repair and installation of server hardware and software. Carried out
hardware assembly, repair, upgrades. Installed, set up, and configured servers on multiple

6/03 – 2/04           Colo 4 Dallas                                             Dallas, TX
Sr. Network and Technician and Systems Administrator— Linux, Windows
Provided tech services of all kinds, such as network and server installation and maintenance.
General operating systems and hardware guru. Developed a Perl-MySQL driven online
helpdesk application for the company data center. Performed miscellaneous repair and
installation of server hardware and software. Carried out hardware assembly, repair, upgrades.
Installed, set up, and configured servers on multiple networks. Used Perldesk support desk
ticket system to respond to customers.

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6/03 - 12/05                     ITT Technical Institute
Associates of Applied Science from ITT Technical Institute, majored in Computer Networking Systems.
Plan to continue my education up to a Masters of Computer Science.

Currently pursuing the following certifications— MCSE, RHCE, NCLP, A+, CCNA, CCNP.

       Certification                    Date            Authority

                                     2006-05-02         Brainbench

Unix Administration (Solaris
        9), figure 1
         Figure 1                    2006-05-02         Brainbench
         Figure 2
Unix Administration (Solaris)
   Linux Administration
     (Genera), figure 1
         Figure 3                    2006-05-11         Brainbench
  Linux Administration 1
      HTML, figure 1
         Figure 4
         HTML 1                      2006-05-11         Brainbench

 Computer Fundamentals
     (Win XP), figure 1
         Figure 5                    2006-05-11         Brainbench
 Computer Fundamentals                                                   *Brainbench Transcript ID: 3403355
English Vocabulary, figure 1
        (Win XP) 1
Currently pursuing many other certifications as well.

                                 English                 Fluent - Full Knowledge
                                 Spanish                 Fluent - Wide Knowledge

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Skills Sheet
Software                                                   Operating Systems
  º Network management and monitoring                       º   Linux
         SNMP and RMON, DMI, MRTG, Cacti, Nagios, etc               Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SuSE Enterprise -
 º Systems Security                                                 Novell, Debian, Fedora, CentOS, Mandrake,
         Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems, Bastion            Gentoo, Knoppix, etc
         Servers, Bastille                                  º   Microsoft Windows
  º Intrusion Detection Systems, Disaster Recovery                  9x, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Advanced Server,
  º VMware Enterprise Environment 2x and 3x                         Active Directory Networks
  º iSCSI                                                   º   Mac OS X
  º Apache                                                  º   VMware ESX Enterprise Server and ESX Cluster
         mod_ssl, mod_php, mod_python, mod_proxy,           º   DOS
         mod_wsgi, mod_perl, even mpm-ITK                   º   FreeBSD, BSD
  º LDAP                                                    º   Solaris (Sun Microsystems)
  º Legato                                                  º   HP-UX
  º Veritas                                                 º   Cobalt OS
  º DNS (Linux/Unix Bind, Windows DNS)                      º   Cisco IOS (for Cisco network appliances)
  º Microsoft IIS
  º Microsoft SQL Server
  º Microsoft Active Directory
  º Mail Servers IMAP, POP, SMTPS                           º Servers of all kinds
         Postfix, Exim, Spamassassin, ClamAV server-              web servers, network storage servers, blade
         side antivirus, Courier, DSPAM, SASL, Project            servers, tower servers, clusters (mainly Linux
         Honey Pot                                                load balancers with keepalived, or HPC with
  º Support desk/ help desk                                       Beowulf and MPICH), mail servers, database
         Perldesk, OTRS, various in-house systems                 servers, print servers, X86 32bit and 64 bit
         Atlassian Jira and Confluence, RT                        architectures – Intel, AMD, RISC Architectures –
  º Hyperic                                                       IBM zSeries (mainframe), iSeries
  º Vim, Vi                                                       (AS400/midrange), Sun
  º CVS, Subversion, RCS                                    º Network appliances
  º CA eTrust, CA AutoSys                                         f5 BigIP, Cisco routers, Cisco switches, Cisco
  º Package management, patching systems                          firewalls (PIX, ASA), Zeus load balancers, Spam
         up2date, apt, yum, rpm, FreeBSD make                     firewalls (Barracuda), Lynksys, D-Link, Netgear,
  º Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, Visio,                3Com, Nortel, Thunderstone, Etherfast, many
    Project                                                       others
  º Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator                   º HBA (Emulex, Qlogic, Adaptec, LSI) for SAN
  º Corel Paint Shop Pro                                    º SAN (EMC Symmetrix, Promise VTrak, Netapp)
  º Macromedia Flash and Actionscript                       º Ethernet, Token Ring, Fiber Optics cabling
                                                            º Hard disk recovery, data recovery

Programming                                                 º RAID
                                                            º Desktop and notebook PC hardware
  º Perl expert, Perl CGI guru                              º Wireless Networks
  º SQL expertise
         MySQL, MS SQL Server, Postgres, etc
  º Microsoft Visual Basic
  º basic C, C++
  º strong Python programmer
  º basic Ruby
  º able to troubleshoot PHP
  º Shell (bash, sh, awk, sed, DOS)

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