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					 452                       Personal Protection Equipment   Accessories

  Braces 574PP
  Made of polypropylene. Adjustable in front and elastic at back to max length
  115cm. Extra strong clips.

  Stock         Colour
  207901042       Red
  207901067      Black
  207901075    Navy blue

  574PP   Price £16.50

  Boxer Shorts 599B Black
  Boxer shorts in cotton and elastan for extra comfort. Jaquard woven elastic and
  extra soft inside.
  Stock          Size
  800024200       XS
  800024218       S
  800024226       M
  800024234        L
  800024242       XL
  800024259      XXL
  800024267      XXXL

  NEW! 599B   Price £12.90

                                   Personal Protection Equipment   Headwear

  Woolly Hat 563A
  Embroidered front. Material: 100% acrylic
  Stock       Colour
  207912494   Black
  207912502    Red
  207912510   Yellow

  563A   Price £4.30

  Cap 591B Black
  L.Brador embroidery. Adjustable strap. Material: 100% cotton.
  Stock         Size
  207904061    one Size

  591B Black   Price £3.70

  Cap 587B Black
  100% cotton. Adjustable strap.
  Stock         Size
  207900309    one size

  587B Black   Price £3.40

452                                              All prices exclude VAT and are subject to availability.
                                            Personal Protection Equipment   Headwear                         453

Cap 592P Black
Adjustable strap. Material: 100 % polyester
Stock          Size
207911454     One Size

592P Black   Price £3.70

Cap 292PB Yellow
Adjustable strap. Reflector details.
Material: 60% polyester, 40% cotton
Stock          Size
207910274     One Size

292PB Yellow   Price £6.90

Teng Tools Baseball Cap Red
Red baseball cap. Embroidered with Teng Tools logo.
P-CAP5        Red

P-CAP5   Price £9.90

Hood with/without Insulated Lining Black
Cotton with flannel lining. With or without insulating lining.
A Velcro closing and specially made for hard helmets.
Stock         Size       Description      Price
343202230     S/M         flanel lined    £3.50
343202248     L/XL        flanel lined    £3.50
343202297     S/M            lined        £3.90
343202305     L/XL           lined        £3.90

Hood Black  

Balaclava 709FR Black
Antiflame balaclava. In very soft and comfortable Merino wool.
Material: 70% Merino wool, 30% Protex-M. Weight: 210 g/m2.
Complies with EN 531 and ENV 50354
Stock          Size
207913401     one size

Balaclava Black   Price £24.90

                                                   All prices exclude VAT and are subject to availability.    453
 454                       Personal Protection Equipment   Headwear

  Balaclava 731PBA
  Material: 65% polyester, 29% cotton, 6% polyamide. Weight 220 g/m2.
   Stock         Size
   485303309    one size

   731PBA   Price £14.90

  Fleece Hat 561P Black
  Windproof, water repellent and breathable fleece hat.
  Material: 100% polyester. Weight: 300g/m2.

  Stock        Size
  207911413    S/M
  207911421    L/XL

  561P Black   Price £12.90

  Fleece cap 588P Grey
  100% polyester. Adjustable. One size fits all.

  Stock          Size
  207901422     one size

  588P Grey   Price £2.40

  Hat 564PW Checked
  Hat with ear flaps. Material: 80% polyester, 20% wool.
  Lined with wind stopper and warm imitation fur.

  Stock          Size
  207913690      S/M
  207913708      L/XL

  564PW Checked   Price £8.20

454                                                All prices exclude VAT and are subject to availability.
                                            Personal Protection Equipment   Headwear                         455

Hat 562A Black
Knitted hat, lined with imitation fur. Material: 100% acrylic.
Stock          Size
207914342     one size

562A Black  Price £14.90

                         Personal Protection Equipment   Disposable Protection

Disposable Overall DC10 White
A lightweight, airy disposable overall in polypropylene/non-woven material.
The DC10 ‘breathes’ and is comfortable to wear even during long shifts.
Developed and manufactured as a less complex protective overall for use in
environments where non dangerous substances are around.
Elasticated sleeves, hood, waist and legs.
Complies with CE protection level 6, category 3.

Stock           Size
294500012        M
294500020         L
294500038        XL
294500046       XXL
294500053       XXXL

DC10 Overall White   Price £2.50

Disposable Overall Microguard 1500 Red
Disposable overall for protection against particles and limited splashing. Features 3
threaded seams for better rip protection and longer service life. The overall is developed and
adapted for use by those working with asbestos decontamination. This overall is coloured
red to identify/distinguish the wearer at the workplace.
Complies with CE, protection level 5 and 6, category 3.
Stock           Size
452505217        M
452505225         L
452505233        XL
452505241       XXL
452505258       XXXL

NEW! Microguard 1500 Red   Price £6.50

                                                   All prices exclude VAT and are subject to availability.    455

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