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Performance Management Group
  How We Got Here (Prior To PeopleSoft)

• March 1999 - Vantive Help Desk Module Installed.

• January 2003 – PeopleSoft Help Desk Live

• Groups using PeopleSoft include:
   –   IT
   –   HR Benefits
   –   Operations Hotline
   –   NACP
               Vantive Application Issues
• Application was purely for ticket tracking and escalations; no real
  knowledge management was available.

• Resolution management was unwieldy and unfriendly to use.

    – Resulted in large amounts of excess data further exacerbating the
      problem of not easily being able to look-up existing solutions. Newer,
      poorly written ones were constantly being added.

• Report categorization schema was not easy to use and led to
  duplications and not the level of detail we needed.
    – Root and cause analysis was unable to be performed with any great
       Key Moment and Turning Point
• In December 2000, the Vantive Corporation was purchased by
  PeopleSoft, Inc.

   – Vantive Help Desk was slated for integration into PeopleSoft’s
     CRM Suite.

   – Support would continue for a short time, no further Vantive
     upgrades would be available.
Where We Went Next
System Architecture
             System Architecture
• 1,400 Tables, 3,400 Views and Growing!

• Careful about frivolous customizations - stayed with OOTB,
  and Best Practices, where possible:

   – Created our own notification scripts at times when workflow was
     not able to trigger certain events.

   – Added a new object in regard to escalation requirements as well as
     appropriate PeopleCode.

   – Customized the case screen and inbox functionality with
     PeopleCode to more closely mirror how Arrow uses these features.
                System Architecture
• System upgrades can take an average of four months
  depending on the level of customization.

   – We are in the research phase of the upgrade from CRM Help Desk
     8.4 to 8.9.
What We Own
                   What PeopleSoft Offers
• No code on the client, accessed via a web browser.
     – No java applets, windows dll’s or browser plug-in’s required
• Self-Service
     – Via PlanetArrow users will be able to submit issues/requests, check on
       statuses and provide updates to their logged cases.
     – Currently, forms such as the Telecomm eform are now “self-service” and
       others are in production, such as the hardware/software request form.
•   Enhanced knowledge management and libraries that can be searched
    and customized .
•   Internal application workflow to process items like service and asset
     – This includes Virtual Approver for electronic approvals.
•   Multiple integration points with legacy systems and other applications
    such as LDAP.
                    Some Statistics
• There are 58 internal active support groups designated within
  PeopleSoft with an overall user count of 400!

• 2002: There were 82K cases created and the average was
  approximately 6,700 cases per month.

• 2003: There were 138,803K cases created with
  approximately 15,600K average cases per month.

• 2004: January to April there were 53,078K cases created with
  approximately 12,500K average cases per month.
                        Some Statistics
•   34,055 resolutions were entered in Vantive during its lifetime.

     – However, what was cleaned up and ported over to the new
       system was only 1,336 (January 2003)!

     – Of the 1,336 solutions ported, 747 were not used and/or retired
       (January 2003).

     – Since January 2003, there has been an ongoing effort by the KA’s
       to meet with the queue managers for solutions review of

•   The need for the role of knowledge analyst is key in managing the use
    of the valuable knowledge that Arrow staff generates in their work.
              Knowledge Analysts (KA’s)
•   As a tool, PeopleSoft may be used to:
     – find solutions to issues, log service calls, track trends, help with
        quality assurance, help orient new employees, store information
•   Enter the role of the KA’s:
     – Arrow’s gatekeepers of information (knowledge\solutions) entered
        into PeopleSoft’s knowledge database.
     – Their role is to set standards in knowledge management and to
        assist PeopleSoft users in getting the most out of their knowledge
•   KA’s meet with PeopleSoft queue managers as part of their role and
•   Additionally, the KA’s help manage the self-service process as it
    relates to the IT Help Desk.
               At The End of the Day
• All current Vantive users were converted to PeopleSoft CRM 8.4
  on 01/06/2003.

• Whatever was available in Vantive is now available in
  PeopleSoft and since that time other requested functionality has
  been enabled.
            What’s In Store For 2004
• Self-Service Forms

   – Telecom form hosted on PlanetArrow opens up a PeopleSoft case to be
     processed in their worklist (queue). That went live on March 24th,

   – Other forms now in production include: Networking, Systems Access,
     Hardware/Software Request, Video Conferencing Request and others.

   – We took various forms from the mainframe SYSM system and
     combined where appropriate and reduced the number of forms
     necessary for requests.

   – We develop forms that open cases in PeopleSoft to leverage its
     routing to multiple levels and groups.
             What’s In Store For 2004
• Self-Service (continued)

   – Dedicated Knowledge Analysts are cultivating a vast knowledge
     repository within PeopleSoft with comprehensive solutions that
     reach across Enterprise Support.
   – Views of this knowledge can be made available to end users for
     self help resulting in lower support costs.
   – End users will have the ability to create and check status on cases
     for common IT problems from the intranet using the same
     technology powering our request forms.
             What’s In Store For 2004
• Work Order Replacement System.

   – Begin to integrate current WOS functionality into PeopleSoft CRM.
     This will include a purchasing component.

   – New system will have:

       • a shopping cart look & feel,
       • be easy to use, and
       • have one place to submit all requests.

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