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					                                                     Hertford Heath Primary School & Nursery
                                                                             Woodland Road
                                                                              Hertford Heath
                                                                                  SG13 7QW
                                                                          Tel: 01992 583622
Head Teacher: Mrs Janice Smith                      

                                        Newsletter 5              Wednesday 18th April 2012
Head’s message                                  different schools, the largest spread of recent
I hope you all enjoyed the Easter break. We     years; Simon Balle, Presdales, Richard Hale,
are now two thirds of the way through the       John Warner, Sheredes, Chauncy, Sele and
school year and have the summer term ahead      Haileybury.
– a super time of year. Hopefully we can        Teachers from the County secondary schools
look forward to some warm weather and           will be visiting our Y6 during this term and
learning activities that make the most of our   the children will attend their new school on
school grounds. Please make sure that as the    Thursday 12th July for a whole day’s visit.
weather improves you send your child into
school with a clean, fresh water bottle and a   School dinners
sunhat. On any sunny days please apply          Following the success of our Olympic
suncream to your child/children before they     themed school dinner fortnight when
come to school.                                 children were given a choice of meal and
                                                wore coloured bracelets to distinguish their
During the Easter break our Year 1 classroom    choice, we shall be starting a ‘Pupil Choice’
was fitted with new flooring; most of the       system on 30th April.
room is now carpeted with a small area of       Children who have a school dinner will bring
vinyl flooring.                                 home the ‘Pupils’ Choice 3 week Menu’
                                                over the next couple of weeks where you will
School uniform                                  be able to look through the menu choices in
Please ensure that your child wears the         advance.
correct school uniform every day. During the    Children will have a daily choice of 3
summer term girls may wear blue and white       options:
checked summer dresses and boys may wear             • a hot meat/fish meal (red bracelet
dark grey short trousers.                                band)
Accessories should match the school dress            • a hot vegetarian meal (green bracelet
code:                                                    band)
     • white socks for girls                         • a packed lunch (yellow bracelet
     • blue and white hair bands/hair ties               band)
     • white, black or dark blue sandals        All these 3 options will be prepared on the
     • dark colour trainers (no fluorescent     day in the school kitchen. Therefore once a
         yellows, greens, oranges or reds)      child has chosen which option they would
We have been disappointed to see some girls     like and the numbers have been sent to the
wearing large flowers in their hair or          kitchen at morning register (9:00am), the
elaborate, colourful headbands. Please ensure   child will not be able to change his/her
all hair accessories match the school colours   mind/choice because the kitchen will work
(blue and white).                               with exact numbers and prepare the meals
Secondary School Allocations                    Children in Reception, Y1 and Y2 must
All Y6 children have now been allocated a       choose their meals at home in advance
secondary school for the autumn term. Our       whereas children in Years 3-6 will choose
children will be joining a large number of      their meal option on the day, at morning

registration. Hopefully this will result in       There will be an Open Afternoon on 9th July
minimal disruption to the start of the school     where you will have the opportunity to visit
day.                                              school with your child and spend time with
                                                  them looking round their classroom and the
Parking problems                                  whole school.
You will be fully aware that school staff,        Children will receive their annual report on
governors and pupils are very concerned           11th July.
about the safety of our children and families
at drop off and collection times. The Police,     Head Lice
the Highways Department and the Parish            The number of cases of headlice seems to
Council are also actively involved in seeking     have decreased since my last newsletter.
your assistance with this problem.                Parents have given positive feedback re. the
Unfortunately some parents are still parking      effectiveness of the products we/you
dangerously and inconsiderately outside the       recommended. Please continue to check
school. Once again I appeal to you to leave       your child’s hair thoroughly each week and
the area opposite and around the school gates     treat with the recommended preventative
free from parked cars. Please drive               products.
cautiously in Woodland Road; slowly and           Vosene products and other products
without mounting the pavements. Please do         containing tea-tree oil seem to be the most
not drop your child off from your car whilst it   successful.
is unparked and waiting temporarily in the
middle of Woodland Road.                          Appointments during school time
The School Council (your children) are very       Please note that if children are taken out of
concerned and are actively involved in trying     school during the day (between 8:50-3:15)
to prevent a dangerous accident. They are         for a hospital/medical appointment we need
appalled “at some of the adults’ behaviour”.      to be notified in writing, either by email or
Many have witnessed ‘near-misses’.                letter. We need to have requests for any
We shall continue to monitor the situation and    absence recorded, even if it is only for part of
the School Council will be taking action; by      the school day.
reporting car registrations to the authorities
involved in this concern and by writing           Lost property
directly to you.                                  Children often remove their
                                                  sweatshirts/cardigans during the summer
School Clubs                                      term whenever and wherever they feel warm
Multi-sports, Gardening Club and Book Club        – inside and outside! Therefore it is even
will continue this term. The first multi-sports   more important for you to name their
club will be next Tuesday after school on 24th    clothing/property either with sew-in name
April.                                            tags or by using permanent marker pen.
Many thanks to Mr Higgins who has recently        Then, when found, it can be returned to the
started an after school netball club for Year 3   owner rather than the Lost Property tub.
and 4 pupils. Hopefully this will prepare the
children well for future netball events and       Swimming
familiarise our pupils with the game of netball   Years 4 and 1 will be swimming this term.
(positions, rules etc.) before they reach upper   Lessons start next week on Wednesday 25th
KS2.                                              April and continue until Wednesday 11th
                                                  July. Please remember to send in weekly
Parents’ Consultation Evenings                    swimming money as we cannot afford to
It was pleasing to see so many of you at our      provide swimming lessons and coach
recent parents’ evenings. 95% of parents          transport without your contributions.
attended the meetings with their child’s class
teacher. It is essential for home and school to   Olympic theme week
work together in order for your child to make     We recently had an Olympic topic week in
progress. Thank you to all of the parents who     school, which included a visit from an
attended.                                         Olympic gymnast. The children thoroughly

enjoyed this week and I am sure they have        This is a statutory assessment that is
told you many of the things that they            designed to confirm whether individual
learned/experienced.                             children have learnt phonic decoding to an
Thank you to everyone who sponsored our          appropriate standard. Children who do not
children’s participation in The Sports Relief    achieve the appropriate standard will
mile and mini-mile fundraising events. The       continue to work on their phonic decoding so
day was a great success; the children had        that they improve and they will be expected
great fun. Once we are notified of the total     to retake the phonics screening check the
monies raised by our school we shall let you     following year.
know.                                            The phonics screening check comprises a list
We shall be continuing to keep the children      of 40 words that children read one-to-one
informed of events connected with the            with a teacher. The list is a combination of
forthcoming Olympics and are looking             both real and pseudo-words.
forward to our Olympic themed sports day         The results of the assessment will be shared
later in the term. Parents will be invited to    with parents and will also be submitted to
watch their children participate and compete     County. School results will be published
against each other in various activities         nationally.
appropriate to the age of the child. We shall
send you more information nearer the time.       Voluntary help needed
                                                If any parents are able to offer their help
Diamond Jubilee                                 during the school day, we would be delighted
Our topic week this half term will be linked to with ‘an extra pair of adult hands’. Mrs
the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.       Clements (Nursery), Mrs Burston
We shall be holding a school Diamond            (Reception), Mrs Lord (Year 1) and Miss
Jubilee tea-party on the last day of this half  Moring (Year 2) are particularly looking for
term, Friday 1st June. If you are able to help  assistance in their classrooms. Please either
with the event or have some imaginative         contact the specific class teacher or the
ideas/expertise please contact your child’s     school office. It is school policy that you do
class teacher; we shall be looking for red,     not work/help in the same class as your
white and blue items e.g bunting, flags, and    child.
asking for volunteers to bake cakes and help
with the organisation of the day.               Casual/relief cleaner wanted
We have all produced a form of self-portrait    If you know anyone who would be willing to
for the Face Britain art project organised by   be registered with us as a casual/relief
the Prince’s Foundation – where every child     cleaner to cover for our cleaning staff
in Britain is encouraged to submit a self-      absence, please contact the school office.
portrait. Each one will become part of a        The hours are from 2:00-6:00p.m Mondays
record-breaking mosaic of the Queen, beamed to Fridays, term time only.
onto Buckingham Palace to launch her
Diamond Jubilee celebrations.                   School Term Dates
Teachers uploaded each child’s self-portrait    Please consider term time dates carefully
onto the Face Britain website at the end of     when booking any holidays for the year.
last term.                                      We strongly encourage families to book
More information can be found on                any holidays during school holiday or         periods, not during term time.                          For a full list of term/holiday dates
                                                 please see the website or collect a hard
Year 1 phonics screening                         copy from the school office.
National screening of all Year 1 pupils, their
ability to use phonics, has been introduced by
the government and will take place for the       Important dates this term:
first time this year. Year 1 pupils will be      14-18th May 2012 : SATs week for Y6.
assessed by their class teacher during the w/b   PLEASE ENSURE THAT CHILDREN
18th June.                                       ARE AT SCHOOL DURING THIS

PERIOD.                                          spend the morning with their new teacher
21st- 25th May: Years 5 and 6 PGL                in their new classroom, Y6 spend the day at
residential school journey to Caythorpe          their secondary school.
Court.                                           Friday 13th July: Sports day,( reserve day
27th – 29th June: Years 3 and 4 camping          17th July).9:15a.m Circle Sports for
                                                 Reception-Year 6.
trip to Tolmers.
                                                 1:15p.m Track events for Years 3-6.
                                                 Monday 16th July: 9:30a.m dress rehearsal
Please note these dates in your diary so that    of ‘The Tempest’ to rest of the school.
you are aware of future school events. As
                                                 Tuesday 17th July: 7p.m KS2 performance
additional dates are arranged we shall
                                                 ‘The Tempest’.
notify you via Parentmail/hard copy.             Wednesday 18th July: 7p.m KS2
Tuesday 17th April: children return to school.
                                                 performance ‘The Tempest’ followed by
Wednesday 18th April: Y5 K’Nex Challenge
                                                 presentation of the Hertford Heath Award.
(in school class activity).
                                                 Thursday 19th July: Break up for summer
Thursday 26th April: p.m Tag rugby
                                                 holidays at 2:00pm.
tournament at Hertford Rugby Club.
Thursday 3rd May: SATs meeting for parents
of children in Y6 at 7pm.
Monday 7th May: Bank Holiday Monday.
Thursday 10th May: 7:00p.m meeting for                                         Janice Smith
parents re. Y5/6 school journey to Caythorpe                                  Head Teacher
w/b Monday 14th May: KS2 SATs week.
w/b Monday 21st May: Y5/6 school journey to
Caythorpe Court.
Wednesday 23rd May:4p.m Cross Country
Tuesday 29th May: p.m Y3/4 to sports activity
events at Pinewood school.
Thursday 31st May: 3:30pm meeting for Y3/4
parents re. Tolmers camping trip.
Friday 1st June: Diamond Jubilee tea-party.
Break up for half-term at 3:15pm.
Monday 4-Friday 8th June: Half term
Monday 11th June: INSET Day.
Tuesday 12th June: children return to school.
Thursday 14th June: PTA Fathers’ Day stall
at morning playtime.
Friday 15th June: 2:30p.m parents meeting
for Y1 parents on Sex & Relationships
Education to be covered during latter part of
this term.
Wednesday 27th June-Friday 29th June: Y3/4
camping trip at Tolmers.
Friday 6th July: Bags2school collection.
Monday 9th July: 2-4pm Open Afternoon.
Wednesday 11th July: a.m FS Sports (Nursery
and Reception classes). Reserve day 18th
Wednesday 11thJuly: annual reports to go out
to parents.
Thursday 12th July: swap over day – children


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