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               Rules and Guidelines

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                                            GUIDELINES FOR MYA CHEERLEADING

MYA Cheerleading will follow implemented rules and guidelines of the McDonough Youth Association and Henry County Youth
Football League. These rules have been implemented to ensure each child has a safe and enjoyable cheerleading experience.
Due to the increased athleticism and stunt difficulty in the sport of cheerleading; safety is a priority! MYA will follow the HCYFL
rules for safety: HCYFL Cheerleading shall be based on the National Federation of Georgia State High School Association
( rules, including any addendums added since book release and/or any HCYFL rules and guideline amendments.
HCYFL Cheerleading Division Rules and Competition Guidelines supersede all other rules and/or guidelines. Each MYA
Cheerleading coach should review thoroughly in order to be aware of their responsibilities to the Association.


    MYA is under the direction of a Board of Directors. The MYA Executive Board of Directors meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each
     odd month at 7:30 at Alexander Park. Everyone is invited to attend.
    MYA Cheerleading Board is headed by the Director of Cheerleading. Board members are appointed by the Director of
     Cheerleading which consists of parents, coaches and others desiring to volunteer their time for the Cheerleading Program.


    Coaches are on a volunteer basis. Please encourage and support your child’s coach. Negative remarks made to and
     around the participants will only make for a miserable time.


      Rules and Guidelines

    Coaches are expected to be familiar with the Rules and Guidelines set forth by HCYFL Cheerleading and MYA
     Cheerleading. Anyone representing MYA is to follow and support the guidelines.
    MYA Cheerleading shall be based on the National Federation of Georgia State High School Association ( rules,
     including any addendums added since book release and/or any HCYFL rules and guideline amendments. MYA will provide
     one copy of the rule book to each squad.
    Coaches are responsible for being familiar with these rules.


    Each coach is required to complete the MYA Cheerleading Coach’s Application which will be kept on file by MYA. MYA will
     provide an I.D. to each Coach and Assistant Coach which is required to be visible while on a football field or cheer related
    Each person including coaches, team moms/dads, etc. having contact with participants will be required to have a criminal
     background check. Anyone with a criminal record involving the endangerment of children will not be allowed to coach for
     MYA. Each person having contact with participants is required to sign a waiver giving permission to MYA for background
    Each coach is required to be certified. The cost of certification will be determined a later date; however coaches will be
     responsible for this cost. Only certified coaches are allowed to work with the participants and perform stunts at
     practice, games or competition; no exceptions.
    Coaches not abiding by the rules and guidelines set before them will appear before the cheerleading board and can be
     subject to dismissal.


    The use of alcohol/tobacco products by a coach during the time cheerleading participants are under the coach’s instruction
     (practice, games, competition, etc) is prohibited.
    The use of profanity will not be tolerated!

      Coaches’ Meetings
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     Head coaches are expected to attend all monthly meetings. If a head coach is unable to attend, a representative from the
      squad must be present. If the team is not represented then the coach will be subject to removal from the team.



     Head coaches are required to work at least 2 days of registration. (One weekday and one Saturday)
     Participants will register by the league they are age eligible.
     Once a league is full, we will start a waiting list.
     Returners will be given the opportunity to register before registration is open to the public.
     Once open registration begins, it is first come, first serve. Returners can not be guaranteed a spot at this point.
     Registration fee is due in full at the time of registration.
     Cost: $225 which includes: Uniform, briefs, shoes, T-shirt, shorts, county impact fees, registration cost, gate fees,
      insurance, clinic cost, referee cost, and utilities cost, “league” fundraiser – you keep the proceeds from the ticket sales!
     Registration Fee DOES NOT INCLUDE: pom poms, hair accessories, socks, sweat suits, competition fees, etc

    T-shirt & Shorts

     League t-shirt and shorts will be provided to each participant at registration as quantity permits or an order placed and
      provided to the participant with the shoes.
     League t-shirts and shorts are available for coaches/parents to order at registration. The cost is $15.00 per set.


     Uniforms package includes a shell, a skirt, a pair of bloomers and shoes. It takes approximately 10 weeks; from the time
      the order is placed for MYA to receive the uniforms. The participant will be measured at registration and parents are
      responsible for the size ordered for their child.
     Any additional items desired are the responsibility of each individual squad. NOTE: Parent can not be required to pay
      for any accessories above and beyond socks and hair ribbons/bows, unless the parent has agreed to the purchase.
      Additional accessories need to be voted on by the parents and majority rules.
     Uniforms will be handed out to the head coach. Uniforms will not be provided to those participants with outstanding
     Shoes will be handed out at the July coach’s meeting. Extra shoes are ordered for swapping; however the cannot be dirty
      or worn. Shoe exchanges must take place the first week of practice, no exceptions.
     Alterations are the responsibility of the parent. If uniforms have not arrived by Jamboree, squads are required to wear their
      MYA t-shirt and shorts.


     Coaching Priority

     Squads are awarded to those desiring to coach in the following manner:

    (1) Returning coaches may return to the same squad at the same level (this is only if football has a team returning) and will
        have any eligible Returners.
    (2) Returning coaches moving up a weight class will have first choice of any squad that has an opening for a coach. (Coaches
        will choose squads according to seniority.) There will be no Returners. Squad will be formed by freezes due prior to
        placement clinic.
    (3) Squads without a returning head coach will be abolished and girls are eligible to be frozen.
    (4) Returning coaches in the same division of play where the team has been dropped from the league may take an open team
        in the same age division and carry over their Returners (if available after placement clinic) to the new squad.

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  (5) New coaches are awarded squads that are available according to the order they will be filled by football. This is a first
      come, first serve basis.

  Squad Formation

  MYA Cheerleading Squads will be formed as follows:

     Tiny Mite and Mighty Mite will be held in one day.
     Blazer, Pony, Colt, Mustang, Bronco and Stallion will be held 4 days.
     Recreational squads will be formed once Select squads are in place.
     Recreational squads returning status is only valid if child is not placed on a Select squad.
     Transportation tags will not be honored. ONLY sister/sister tags and sister/brother tags (as long as football is in agreement)
      will be honored.
   Coaches are provided with 12 freeze forms. This includes the coach’s child. Only 12 freezes are allowed per squad.
      Freezes will be adjusted based on the number of registrations received for each level. Any participant not taking part in the
      placement clinic will be a hat pick and is ineligible to be frozen or return to their previous squad (if eligible).
   The Coach is responsible for notifying each participant on his/her squad within one (1) week of the draft.
   Freeze forms must be submitted (this includes coaches child) the day prior to the beginning of the placement clinic. (NO
   Once a cheerleader has been placed on a squad, she may not change squads.
  (1) Every squad will have a First Round Draft pick. (this will not apply to squads with a FULL freeze list)
  (2) Then the team with the fewest participants will have the first pick or will pick to bring the team even with the team with the
      next fewest participants.

                     EXAMPLE: Team A begins with 10; team B begins with 7 and Team C begins with 3.

                     1st Round: Team C picks (4) first putting it even with team B (7/7)
                     2nd Round: Team B picks (1) and then team C picks (1) (8/8)
                     3rd Round: Team B picks (1) and then team C picks (1) (9/9)
                     4th Round: Team B picks (1) and then team C picks (1) (10/10)
                     5th Round: Team A picks (1), then B picks (1), team C picks (1), (11/11/11/)

   Location/date/time for placement clinic:
  To be announced at registration.

  Tiny Mite and Mighty Mite Placement Clinic
     Location TBD
     May 19, 2011

  Blazer, Pony, Colt, Mustang, Bronco and Stallion Placement Clinic
     Location TBD
     May 16, 17, 19, and 20, 2011



  Medical Release

   Coaches are required to have a completed medical release for each participant with the squad at all times and readily
    available in the even of an emergency.

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   The practice schedule and location will be set by each individual coach. Time limitations are outlined in the Henry County
    Football Cheerleading Rules. Coaches are required to follow these guidelines. Practice cannot begin before Monday, July
    25, 2011
   Tiny Mites are only required one practice per week but not limited too.
   Practice location is at the discretion of the coach; however, you must remain within Henry County. Coaches should take
    into consideration driving distances for your individual squad.
   Practices are limited to twelve (12) hours per week before the start of school and six (6) hours per week after the start of the
    school year. A week being seven (7) consecutive calendar days. Additional practices will be allowed the week before the
    Cheerleading Competition. This being eight (8) hours of practice the week of competition. Cheerleaders missing three (3)
    or more practices slotted for competition will not be allowed to participate in competition. (3 unexcused tardies;
    represents 1 unexcused absence.)
   Practices are first and foremost to be fun!! The teaching of cheerleading skills and working as a team is the main objective
    of practice. Make practices fun and productive.
   Organization is the key to a successful practice. Always go to practice with a plan.
   Positive reinforcement is a must! Each child’s ability will be different and they are all to be encouraged to do their best.
   Participants are expected to attend all practices. When girls are absent it affects the entire squad. If a child is going to be
    late or absent; please contact the Coach or Team Parent so adjustments can be made accordingly. Do not hold the child
    responsible for situations that are out of their control; they are under the guidance of their parents.
   Practice requires 100% attention from all participants. No socializing with friends or boyfriends during this time; which
    includes no cell phones.
   Proper attire is required for participants and coaches for practice and games. No halter-tops, short shorts, cut off shirts,
    jeans, overalls or inappropriate shoes, i.e., sandals, flip flops, etc.
   Participants are not allowed to wear any part of their uniform to practices. These are for games only. Cheerleading t-shirt
    and shorts are for practice.
   Participants 7 and under should always have a parent or guardian present at practices and games. However, parents
    should keep a reasonable amount of distance while practice is in session. Coaches need the cheerleaders’ undivided
   Participants should be picked up promptly at the end of each practice and/or game. Every participant should be picked up
    prior to leaving the practice or game area. Coaches should always make sure an adult has picked up every child before
    leaving the practice area.
   Participants should bring water or sports drink to every practice and game.
   No food or candy will be allowed in the practice or cheering area. NO GUM, this is a choking hazard.
   The coaches will schedule a time for bathroom and water breaks during a practice session. At games; half-time will provide
    time for bathroom breaks.
   No jewelry of any kind is allowed. This means no watches, rings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces and metal barrettes.

  Games/Special Events

   Head Coaches are expected to attend all games. If a head coach is unable to attend a game, they are required to have an
    adult, 21 years or older, overseeing the squad that has passed a background check. Teenagers are NOT to be left
    responsible for the squad.
   Participants are expected to attend ALL games; including any playoff games and super bowl. Seventy-Five (75%) percent
    of the squad is required to cheer at all regularly scheduled football games, including Opening Day and Post Season games.
    There will be a $100.00 fine for not participating. Fines to be paid to HCYFL Cheerleading.
   Participants and coaches should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to game time. Stretching is required before the game.
   Coaches are required to remain for the entire game with their squad and until all participants are picked up by an adult.
   Squads are to cheer for the entire game with a 3-minute break immediately following half time; 3 minutes into the
    3rd quarter the squad should be on field and in place. Since time is limited, have any snacks ready for the participants
    when they come off the field (remember those items that will stain and ruin uniforms…mustard; red dye drinks).
   A half-time performance is required for EVERY game; which includes Opening Day. Half-time routines will be performed at
    the 50 yard line. Home teams will allow for the Visiting team to perform first. The Home team will then perform their routine
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      facing the Visitors. If there is enough time left, the Home team may then turn around and perform their routine for the Home
     Run through signs are required for every game. Have a parent volunteer to take on this responsibility.
     Mascots are not allowed in MYA. Younger siblings must stay out of the cheering area and are not allowed to participate in
      the half-time cheer/performance. Only Coaches and Assistant Coaches with the appropriate badges will be allowed
      in the cheering area.
     No food or candy will be allowed in the cheering area. (This is for the safety of the girls) Water bottles/drinks are allowed in
      the cheering area.
     Absolutely no colored hairspray or glitter will be allowed.
     Uniforms must be clean and pressed. Shoes and socks are to be kept clean and only worn during games and competition.
      Wear only official team hair bows, ribbons, etc.
     Captain and Co-captain for each squad are optional. It is left up to the head coach if these titles are to be given. If so
      desired, titles will be given based on the following criteria:
      * Willingness to put the team first
      * Willingness to help others without being told
      * Displays a positive attitude
      * Aggressive and confidant


   Stunts are a part of cheerleading. For safety purposes, NO stunts will be allowed without the direct supervision of a
    Certified Coach. Parents should not comment negatively about the degree of difficulty involved in routines, unless safety is
    being jeopardized. If there are any concerns are suggestions please meet with the Coach prior to or after a practice.
   Equal opportunity is to be given in regards to different stunting positions. Final decision is for the head coach to make. Do
    not place a child’s safety in jeopardy!



   Coaches are not required to tolerate un-sportsman like conduct or disrespect from participants or parents. Coaches and
    Cheerleaders must display a good attitude at all times and be respectful towards one another. The coaches may attempt to
    correct any discipline problems by speaking to the child and asking the child to correct the problem. If discipline problems
    continue then the child is to be directed to their parents for correction. If a problem persists, the coach may sit the
    cheerleader out for one or more quarters of the game/or 10 minutes of practice time. If a discipline problem continues, the
    cheerleading director will be contacted to meet with the coach, parent and child.
   Exercise should not be used as a form of discipline.
   All parent’s complaints and/or suggestions will be addressed by the Coach. This should be handled at a scheduled time
    before or after practice, but not in front of the participants. When addressing complaints/problems, there should be an
    impartial third party present. This is for protection of all parties involved.
   The Director of Cheerleading will become involved in any situations that remain unresolved after the parent/coach meeting.

  Team mom/dad

   Coaches should recruit a team mom/dad (dad’s can make some of the best team parents!)
   A team mom/dad is there to assist with keeping the team organized, i.e. organizing fundraisers, purchases for the team and
    distribution of information, etc.
   The team mom/dad is accountable to the head coach and final decisions are the responsibility of the head coach.



   Squads may obtain sponsors to help offset cost of additional items for the participants.

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     Sponsor forms are provided for use by the association. Sponsor checks should be made out to the individual squad.
     All sponsor money goes directly to the squad. MYA does not require a portion of sponsor money.
     Sponsors are to be given a plaque or thank-you letter as a token of gratitude for their support.
     Sponsor signs/banners can be hung at each game, but must be removed at the conclusion of the game.

      Financial Statements

      It is the responsibility of the Head Coach to provide a monthly Financial Statement to the MYA Cheerleading Board at every
      coach’s meeting for the months: August, September, October and November. The failure to provide the monthly
      Financial Statement will result in discipline which may include dismissal from MYA.

     Season budget is due MYA Cheerleading Board by July 10, 2011.
  o   Set aside money for the banquet and trophies FIRST.
     Monthly financial statements are required for the months of August, September, October and November.
     August & September statements are required before competition.
     Financial Statements are to be signed and provided to the MYA Cheerleading Board

  Cheerleading accounts are subject to audit at MYA’s request at any time.


   Competition should be a fun and exciting event for the all involved. MYA every squad to participate; however,
   Parents not desiring their child to participate in competition are asked to inform the coach no later than September 1 of such
   If you have children not going to competition, you are required to provide practices that do not center on competition. These
    children are entitled to practices that involve their participation.
   Any cheerleader not attending an adequate amount of practices slotted for competition can be cut from performing at
    competition. Any cuts must be approved by the Director of Cheerleading.
   Certification Books are required for competition. Coaches will be supplied the materials for assembly of the book. Books
    will be due by 2nd Sunday in September.
   Tiny Mite League may perform at competition; however they do not compete.
   Mighty Mites will be excluded from the tumbling score. MM restrictions are as follows:
  o No stunts higher than a half
  o No Full Allowed
  o Front & Back spotters are required each half
  o No shoulder stands
    Both feet MUST remain in spotters/bases hands
    Shoulder sits are permitted

  Communication, Communication, Communication is a priority with parents! The head coach is responsible for making sure
    parents are well informed with what is happening with the squad and with the association. Parents want to hear from the
    coach, not always the team mom/dad.

  Cheerleading is a TEAM sport and everyone plays an important role!

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