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									Arkansas State University
Local Licensed Vendors
Licenses issued as of: 08/20/10

Local License:
A Local License is available to smaller companies that wish to manufacture collegiate products for
up to five in-state institutions.
                                                  The Collegiate Licensing Company

8/17/2010 3:16:54PM                                        Local Licensees
                                                          Licensed as of 8/2010

Arkansas State University

Local License                                     01A (Men's/Unisex T-shirts)
                                                  01B (Men's/Unisex Outerwear)
 Design Shoppe (38792)                            01H (Men's Fashion Apparel)                Houndstooth Clothing Co. (AR) (32125)
 2607 E Nettleton Avenue                          01J (Men's/Unisex Fleece)                  29 N. Block Ave.
 Jonesboro, AR 72401                              01N (Men's/Unisex Structured Closed        Fayetteville, AR 72701
 Mr. Morris Hoffman Jr.                           Back Headwear)                             Ms. Ashley Mears
 Phone     870-933-8363                           01O (Men's/Unisex Structured Stretch Fit   Phone      479-443-0078 7
 Fax       870-933-2027                           Headwear)                                  Fax        479-443-0407                          01P (Men's/Unisex Unstructured Closed
 Spec Agr Disclosed: 02/02/2010                   Back Headwear)                   
                                                  01Q (Men's/Unisex Adjustable Wool          Spec Agr Disclosed: 10/21/2009
 Distribution Channel(s)                          Blend Headwear)
    Campus/Local Channel                          01R (Men's/Unisex Adjustable Non-Wool      Distribution Channel(s)
                                                  Headwear)                                     Related Retail/Direct
 Product Categories                               03D (Housewares)
    01A (Men's/Unisex T-shirts)                   05D (School Supplies)                      Product Categories
    01B (Men's/Unisex Outerwear)                                                                01A (Men's/Unisex T-shirts)
    01C (Men's/Unisex Other Headwear)                                                           01B (Men's/Unisex Outerwear)
    01G (Youth Apparel)                        Full Line Sportswear (49571)                     01C (Men's/Unisex Other Headwear)
    01H (Men's Fashion Apparel)                677 CR 428                                       01G (Youth Apparel)
    01I (Women's Apparel)                      Jonesboro, AR 72404                              01H (Men's Fashion Apparel)
    01N (Men's/Unisex Structured Closed        Mr. Scott Holloway                               01I (Women's Apparel)
    Back Headwear)                                                                              01J (Men's/Unisex Fleece)
                                               Phone      870-972-1418
    01O (Men's/Unisex Structured Stretch Fit                                                    01N (Men's/Unisex Structured Closed
                                               Fax        870-972-1418
    Headwear)                                                                                   Back Headwear)
    01P (Men's/Unisex Unstructured Closed                                                       01O (Men's/Unisex Structured Stretch Fit
                                               Spec Agr Disclosed: 10/02/2009
    Back Headwear)                                                                              Headwear)
    01Q (Men's/Unisex Adjustable Wool          Distribution Channel(s)                          01P (Men's/Unisex Unstructured Closed
    Blend Headwear)                               Campus/Local Channel                          Back Headwear)
    01R (Men's/Unisex Adjustable Non-Wool                                                       01Q (Men's/Unisex Adjustable Wool
    Headwear)                                  Product Categories                               Blend Headwear)
    04C (Signage Products)                        01A (Men's/Unisex T-shirts)                   01R (Men's/Unisex Adjustable Non-Wool
                                                  01B (Men's/Unisex Outerwear)                  Headwear)
                                                  01G (Youth Apparel)                           02A (Jewelry)
 Elite Graphics (AR) (39405)                      01H (Men's Fashion Apparel)
 PO Box 17294                                     01J (Men's/Unisex Fleece)
 Jonesboro, AR 72403
 Mr. Kim Edens
 Phone    870-935-5364                         Gibson's Sign-Mart Inc. (74290)
 Fax      870-935-2519                         1021 Neil Drive                               Jonesboro, AR 72401                               Mr. Larry Gibson
 Spec Agr Disclosed: 01/13/2010                Phone     870-972-8693
                                               Fax       870-935-6537
 Distribution Channel(s)
    Campus/Local Channel                       Spec Agr Disclosed: 12/17/2009
    Related Retail/Direct
    Restricted Channel                         Distribution Channel(s)
                                                  Related Retail/Direct
 Product Categories
                                                  Restricted Channel

                                               Product Categories
                                                  03B (Furniture/Furnishings)
                                                  04A (Automobile Products)
                                                  04C (Signage Products)

                                                  The Collegiate Licensing Company

8/17/2010 3:16:54PM                                        Local Licensees
                                                          Licensed as of 8/2010

Arkansas State University
 Lloyd Sales Co (12137)                           03D (Housewares)
 PO Box 1800                                      05A (Stationery)
 North Little Rock, AR 72115                      05D (School Supplies)
 Mr. Walter Lloyd
 Phone      501-376-3111
 Fax        501-376-3155                       Small World Souvenirs & Gifts (12055)                        PO Box 6367
 Spec Agr Disclosed: 02/05/2010                Van Buren, AR 72956-2093
                                               Mr. Randy Pendergraft
 Distribution Channel(s)                                479-474-0439
    Campus/Local Channel                       Fax      479-474-6865
    Grocery/Drug/Convenience Stores  
    Sporting Goods/Sports Specialty/Fan
    Shops                                      Spec Agr Disclosed: 06/23/2010
    Super Center/Wholesale Clubs
                                               Distribution Channel(s)
 Product Categories
                                                  Campus/Local Channel
    01A (Men's/Unisex T-shirts)                   Grocery/Drug/Convenience Stores
    01N (Men's/Unisex Structured Closed           Restricted Channel
    Back Headwear)                                Specialty Mass/Value Catalog
    01O (Men's/Unisex Structured Stretch Fit      Super Center/Wholesale Clubs
    01P (Men's/Unisex Unstructured Closed      Product Categories
    Back Headwear)                                01A (Men's/Unisex T-shirts)
    01Q (Men's/Unisex Adjustable Wool             01B (Men's/Unisex Outerwear)
    Blend Headwear)                               01H (Men's Fashion Apparel)
    01R (Men's/Unisex Adjustable Non-Wool         01I (Women's Apparel)
    Headwear)                                     01J (Men's/Unisex Fleece)
    02A (Jewelry)
    02C (Personal Accessories)
    03A (Domestics)
    03D (Housewares)                                        8 Licensees
    04A (Automobile Products)                               8 Special Aggrements
    04D (Gifts & Novelties - Miscellaneous)
                                                            8 Disclosed
    05A (Stationery)
    05D (School Supplies)
    06C (Toys)

 Pruitt Promotions (39471)
 PO Box 1093
 Jonesboro, AR 72403
 Ms. Kathleen Pruitt
 Phone    870-972-5431
 Fax      870-972-5198
 Spec Agr Disclosed: 01/22/2010

 Distribution Channel(s)
    Campus/Local Channel
    Restricted Channel

 Product Categories


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