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					    Welcome to
NOVEL/Thomson Gale
  Beginner Level
 Database Training
What is NOVEL?
• NOVELNY is New York's first statewide online virtual library.
  NOVELNY is a collection of electronic databases that provide access
  from library, home, school, or office to thousands of full-text
  national and international newspapers and magazines, health and
  medical resources, business collections, Spanish language materials,
  and age-appropriate materials for youngsters.
• New York State residents can currently access NOVELNY via their
  local public library, academic library or school library.

• Your library must register with NOVEL to receive free access to the
  databases available.
What is Thomson Gale?

 Thomson Gale™ ( is a world leader in e-
 research and educational publishing for libraries, schools
     and businesses. Best known for it’s accurate and
  authoritative reference content as well as its intelligent
organization of full-text magazine and newspaper articles,
    the company creates and maintains more than 600
  databases that are published online, in print, as eBooks
                      and in microform.

   Thomson Gale provides NOVEL with 11 databases.
Thomson Gale databases available through
      These databases are most popular in K-12 libraries

• Custom Newspapers
• New York State Newspapers
• InfoTrac Junior Edition
• Health and Wellness Resource Center with Alternative Health
• Informe
• Twayne Authors Series
   – World, English, and U.S.
• Gale Virtual Reference Library
Gale Virtual Reference Library (e-books)
•   American Civil War Reference Library, 5v, 2000
•   American Revolution Reference Library, 5v, 2000
•   American’s At War, 4v, 2005
•   Business Plans Handbook, Vol. 5-10, 1998 -2004
•   Encyclopedia of Small Business, 2nd Ed., 2v, 2002
•   Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East and North Africa, 2nd Ed., 4v, 2004
•   Europe, 1450 to 1789: Encyclopedia of the Early Modern World, 6v, 2004
•   Fashion, Costume, and Culture: Clothing, Headwear, Body Decorations, and
    Footwear Through the Ages, 5v, 2004
•   Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine, 2nd Ed., 4v, 2005
•   Gale Encyclopedia of Cancer, 2v, 2002
•   Gale Encyclopedia of E-Commerce, 2v, 2002
•   Gale Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders, 2v, 2002
•   Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine , 2nd Ed., 5v, 2002
•   Gale Encyclopedia of Nursing and Allied Health, 5v, 2002
•   History Behind the Headlines: The Origins of Conflict Worldwide, 6v, 2001
•   Major Acts of Congress, 3v, 2004
Also available
• National Newspaper Index
• Health Reference Center Academic
• Business and Company ASAP
• Business and Company Resource Center
How can the databases help you meet your
Information Fluency Continuum?
• “Students have equitable access to the library and its
• “Current technology is available and operable to support
  multiple learning experiences in the library and remote
  access to library resources”
   – Thomson Gale databases are available 24/7.
• “Standard 1, Inquiry Phase Connect: Connects ideas to
  self; finds personal passion”
   – Custom Newspapers provides access to local New York City
How can the databases help you meet your
Information Fluency Continuum?
• “Standard 1, Inquiry Phase Wonder: Makes predictions
  about the kind of information needed to answer the
  questions and the sources that will be most likely to have
  the information.”
   – Make sure that students are aware of the NOVEL databases and
     where they can find in them.
• “Standard 1, Inquiry Phase Investigate: Uses successful
  information and technology strategies for locating
  sources of information.”
   – Librarians can use InfoMarks to guide students to appropriate
How can the databases help you meet your
Information Fluency Continuum?
• “Standard 1, Inquiry Phase Investigate: Uses information
  strategies to locate information within a source.”
   – Students use basic and advanced searching strategies to locate
     relevant articles.
• “Standard 1, Inquiry Phase Investigate: Evaluates
  information to determine value and relevance for
  answering questions.”
   – Students use critical thinking skills to evaluate search results.
• “Standard 1, Inquiry Phase Express: Uses standard
  language and citation conventions.”
   – Databases offer tool box and “How to cite” features.
How can the databases help you meet your
Information Fluency Continuum?
• “Standard 2, Personal Exploration: Uses technology to
  solve real-world problems. Locates reliable information
  for personal growth.”
   – Once students are aware of what’s available to them from NOVEL
     databases they will continue to access them for reliable,
     trustworthy content.
Let’s take a look!

      You can log into your own account
         use this account (today only)
  Password (if needed): empirelink
A student is looking for articles on the planet
• Use Junior Edition.
  – Use Subject Search
  – Search Term: MARS
  – Use subject headings to locate articles.
A student is looking specifically for articles
about water on Mars.
• Use Junior Edition
  – Use Keyword Search
  – Search terms: MARS AND WATER
  – Remove checkmarks from boxes beneath search box.
  – View results.
  – Use relevance and full text options with the same
    search to see the difference.
A student needs help writing a topic
• Use Junior Edition
• Use Toolbox on left side navigation bar.
A student is looking for the current issue of
• Use Junior Edition
  – Use Advanced Search
  – Search string:
Let’s cross search!

• From the database menu choose to search in all
  databases available and click Submit.
• You are now searching
   – Custom Newspapers
   – New York State Newspapers
   – Gale Virtual Reference Library
   – Health Reference Center Academic
   – Informe
   – Business and Company ASAP
A student is looking for a biography on
Abraham Lincoln.
• Use Basic Search
  – Search string: ABRAHAM LINCOLN
  – Limit to documents with full text.
  – View the results on the Reference Tab. You’ll find
    biographies, topic overviews and primary documents.
  – Check out the Magazines Tab for a recent article
    that takes a fresh look at the Gettysburg address.
A student is looking for a current event topic
to bring to class.
• Use Publication Search
  – Search string: NEW YORK TIMES.
  – Limit to documents with full text.
  – Select a recent date from the issues list to view that
    day’s paper.
A student needs a video source for her report
on diabetes.
• Use Health and Wellness Resource Center.
  – Select DIABETES from the Healthology Health
  – A new window will open to video and brief articles
    regarding diabetes.
  – Use Health and Wellness Resource Center basic
    search to find more reference and magazine articles.
With the recent release of a film about Beatrix
Potter a student is interested in learning more about
her life and works.
• Use Twayne Authors Series.
  – Use Authors A-Z.
  – Select Potter, Beatrix from the list.
Thomson Gale Customer Support

• Stacey Knibloe x1919
• Electronic Search Assistance
   – Offers search and content help for any Thomson Gale product
   – Available Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm EST
• Technical Support
   – Help for usage statistics, database configuration, remote access, etc
   – Available 24/7

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