Acupuncture points on the feet by mamafarhan


acupuncture points on the feet is a method of treatments

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									Acupuncture points on the feet

Acupuncture point Foot is very useful, among other problems: the lungs, heart, colon, stomach,
  tenggookan, kidneys, joints, head, small brain, thyroid gland, pancreas, urinary tract, lymph
nodes, forehead, eye, fetus breech, ears, back of the head, scrotum / testicular, bladder and much

 You can just do the Acupuncture point Foot massage using the tool itself that ends blunt to the

 Sure it hurts, it means that there are problems. Gently massage with the pressure of 2-4 Kg. If
              you do a scrub, use cooking oil or lotion to avoid blisters on the skin.
Acupuncture point Foot Given this, hopefully we can all become a doctor for yourself.

          Acupuncture points on the feet

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